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My plan to make R1 million on the JSE

Taking a bet on a few forgotten stocks and some that have the potential to recover.

Does the SABC need 12 directors?

SABC's irregular expenditure reaches R5.2bn.

It’s clear Christo Wiese must go

His position as a chairman who is not independent is no longer tenable.

Changing the economic narrative

Putting events and indicators into fuller context.

Development Bank reliant on raising new debt to fund liabilities

Would you invest in this entity?

Government bets on magical thinking

Can SA afford to keep throwing money into education and health systems that have not shown efficiency in using their allocated budgets?

Transport sector contending with the ripple effect

With world trade in its steepest decline in a decade and local manufacturers squeezed by export uncertainty and slow domestic demand, freight operators are under pressure.

Warming up for a taxpayer shakedown

When government wants to take more, it mentions the poor – but does not admit any responsibility for poverty or suffering.

Women feel the pinch as unemployment rises

In a country where the number of economically-inactive people exceeds 15m, young black women are the most blighted by unemployment.

Armscor board not exercising sufficient oversight

Employee-related costs are almost double revenue.

Ego or financial blind spot?

Don't let pride or any other mindset mistakes hamstring your money goals.

The Road Accident Fund is hopelessly insolvent

'There is a material uncertainty relating to whether the RAF is a going concern' – AG.

We need to move from we ‘will’ and ‘must’ to we ‘have and did’

Government needs to pull the trigger on tough decisions.

Icasa presents a hackneyed solution to a problem it hasn’t identified

Creating regulations out of vague and indeterminate descriptions.

PIC fails to provide an exemplary service to government pensioners

Then pays a dividend of R80m to government – off the back of income on assets surely owned primarily by the state employee pension pot?



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