The winners in the Steinhoff mess

Advisors, auditors and lawyers score big …

The enablers of state capture

Deficient, negligent or complicit?

Name, shame and jail

It is time to hold the individuals behind corporate and financial malfeasance to account.

Did Steinhoff’s CFO jump ship, or was he pushed?

Surely all hands should be on deck?

So much for South Africa’s sovereignty

Dirco director-general learnt about the Gupta wedding party’s arrival at Waterkloof Air Force Base when he read about it in the papers.

Addressing deep-rooted challenges urgently

It takes time to solve embedded issues such as poverty, but SA is in need of some quick wins that only collective work on shared goals can achieve.

Orange! Crisis, sunsets and tempers

‘We are again learning to live a completely abnormal life in Zimbabwe…’.

You can’t blame Ramos’s messy exit for everything

Absa’s failure to compete in the entry-level market has nothing to do with its former group CEO …

Solving only half the problems

President Cyril Ramaphosa highlights challenges facing SA. But gives few details on how to deal with them.

Wrestling for a loaf of bread

The monumental shock of going into a supermarket in Zimbabwe for the first time in a fortnight.

Weather the financial storm – or avoid it?

The power of changing some of our economic assumptions.

Labour market change is necessary, and it needn’t hurt

France modified its strict and rigid labour legislation to allow for more private sector flexibility when it comes to working hours and pay – and SA should consider all options.

SOEs demonstrate galling lack of governance

23 SOEs run up irregular expenditure of R178.5bn.

Safcol irregular expenditure ballooned to R592m in 2018

Another SOE failing in corporate governance.

The indaba between SOEs and the president

A fly on the wall …



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