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‘This year, we fix the fundamentals’ – Ramaphosa

President gives a speech of uncharacteristic boldness.

Did Tiger CEO retire or was he pushed?

Profit warning shocker suggests it was the latter…

Disruptive distrust

Three critical inferences from the latest global trust barometer.

The Zuma spectacle makes one wonder …

If we can't tackle corrupt political practices when brought before the criminal justice system, SA has no chance of holding politicians to account.

Hungry Zimbabwe and the scorpion in the sink

It’s fair to say that Zimbabwe is again in a state of deep failure.

Eskom’s load shedding ‘philosophy’ is nonsensical

The least disruption will come from ensuring that outages are entirely predictable.

Necsa thumbs its nose at reporting obligations

The nuclear company has now received two consecutive disclaimers of opinion from the AG on its annual reports.

Can the state employee pension fund survive a R254bn knock?

Proposed Eskom bailout amounts to a massive 14% haircut.

Rethinking South Africa’s SOEs

The state-owned business model is not working, has not worked, and is a complete failure.

The youth-without-work crisis continues into the new decade

The unemployment epidemic is indefensible.

The costly business of trying to get accountants of the right calibre

There's tension between what the education system delivers and what accounting and tax professions require.

Will our banks be able to withstand the escalating SOE crisis?

South Africa need not wait for the next credit crisis – we're in one.

Manhunt for a biology teacher; Zimbabwe’s shame

As dismal O-level exam pass rate of 31.6% is announced.

Two weeks into 2020 and already almost 6 000 jobs are on the line

Mostly due to politics and poor decisions rather than external factors.

The country’s state-owned diamond company is on life support

Alexkor's 2019 financials paint a bleak picture.

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