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Thirteen cents an hour in Zimbabwe

23 May 2022 /  Cathy Buckle
‘Economic stabilisation’ measures have had the exact opposite effect.

It will take more than political words to fix mining

13 May 2022 /  Mamokgethi Molopyane
When strong policy orientation intersects with ESG and moves toward a new paradigm, it will signify government understanding that investment and reform go hand in hand.

The crocodiles will take the goats before the children 

6 May 2022 /  Cathy Buckle
Grand promises have started up again ahead of Zimbabwe’s general election, including ‘free primary education'.

Hospitals: Reopening trade overlooked by investors?

3 May 2022 /  Keith McLachlan
At some point the pent-up demand for elective surgeries will need to be met …

ANC ineptness forced its economic policy U-turn

30 Apr 2022 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Don’t get too excited about its SOE investment proposal for the private sector - remember how the ruling party neglected the NDP.

Beneficiaries of rising rates

19 Apr 2022 /  Keith McLachlan
In this tricky market, investors still have places to look.

It is now time to grow food, Zimbabwe

4 Apr 2022 /  Cathy Buckle
It is time to grow food, export food, and help our neighbours like we used to.

The problem with the president’s investment summit

28 Mar 2022 /  Mamokgethi Molopyane
The way decisions are made in government allows the party agenda to mess with the economic wellbeing of the nation.

Three bizarre facts from the JSE

22 Mar 2022 /  Keith McLachlan
… shed light on the wild new world in which we're living.

An inexorable march to becoming a failed state

14 Mar 2022 /  Mamokgethi Molopyane
Countries that have experienced successful economic transformation emphasised meritocratic bureaucracy and the rule of law. Pragmatism prevailed over ideology.

Evil and innocence side by side

7 Mar 2022 /  Cathy Buckle
In Zimbabwe, and now in Ukraine.

Obvious value in Grindrod

7 Mar 2022 /  Keith McLachlan
The group is now almost entirely focused on Ports & Terminals and Logistics – seemingly at exactly the right time.

Zimbabwe’s thuggery methods

21 Feb 2022 /  Cathy Buckle
Teachers are being forced to ‘make deals’, while electricity workers will only work inconsistently due to ‘incapacitation caused by unbearable economic conditions …'

Mr President, focus Sona on the unemployed and vulnerable

8 Feb 2022 /  Mamokgethi Molopyane
South Africa's policy response to the uncertain economic outlook must be nimble and adaptive.

Parts, plants and poultry-beating tech

8 Feb 2022 /  Keith McLachlan
The reason for the recent outperformance in this segment of the market? Good results coupled with low valuations.

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