Searching for economic optimism

We can never recover the lost years but there are signs that economic reality has finally dawned on those leading SA.

Our broken moral compass

Sound values are as much an economic health issue as a social one.

Is Denel battling to meet the going concern test?

Deep in the mire, facing severe cash constraints.

We are feeding the wrong animals

Let’s support productive economic activity.

Did Gartner do a Double Irish on Sars?

Sars inquiry prises open Pandora’s Box.

Designing a new Sars

Disbanded units to be re-established.

Corporates with outstanding tax returns may face penalties

Returns must be submitted by the end of November if penalties are to be avoided.

The SABC’s break-up value is greater than its future

Government should ruthlessly focus on more crucial projects.

Without common purpose, there won’t be job creation

Jobs Summit interventions need labour to stop behaving as a beneficiary rather than a contributor.

Mboweni’s appointment the best for SA

Nene should be remembered for his defiance of the Zuptas.

The PIC and the myth of its unlimited resources

The government guarantee may yet turn into an oxymoron.

The Mining Charter’s lesson

Policy shouldn’t be changed without careful prior assessment, especially in an industry so intrinsically linked to global market unpredictability.

Dramatic change in financial visibility aids tax authorities

Multinational groups will now have to explain how and why they charge for services and goods, to and from subsidiaries.

Will the Jobs Summit deliver?

It will certainly give us an indication of whether government knows what it’s doing or not.

The reign of Bain is on the wane

Consulting firm still has a lot of explaining to do.



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