Dancing with death

And marvelling at the reminder of what our humanity is capable of.

Sars versus the taxpayer

‘We will come for you.’

The diminishing importance of Cosatu – can it be renewed?

The union needs to undergo an extreme leadership makeover.

The issue of ingrained unemployment

There is no scenario where long-term unemployment can simply be shrugged off – it’s toxic to the economy, scars society, and is inherited by the next generation.

The tax ombud – a beacon of light

Sars to give reasons for not following recommendations.

Ramaphosa’s ‘oh hell’ moment

Hopefully the dreadful GDP number will change the ANC’s thinking.

South Africa: A country where honesty is a scarce commodity

Are our economists failing us?

A high tax burden does have consequences

Social infrastructure enjoyed by highly developed countries is absent in South Africa, even though our tax-to-GDP ratios are similar.

The Sars restructure triggered paralysis in decision making

The new structure has broken the organisation.

More options for those who prefer to ‘defer’ retirement

Proposed changes to the tax treatment of retirement funds will give retirees greater flexibility when it comes to transferring and withdrawing their benefits.

Nightmare on Maude Street

Investment returns that keep me awake at night.

Rising unemployment and poverty: not mere wrinkles in the economy

There’s no arguing that we have the lowest labour participation rate since the advent of democracy. Can it continue without consequences?

The IDC is gradually eroding its capital base

Increasing funding commitments are forcing reliance on external loans.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned

Hell hath no fury like a vested interest threatened.

The American lesson for South Africa

Public policy must be nimble enough to react to economic uncertainties and external changes.



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