You want me to do what?

Complex financial arrangements have to be brought into the books.

Retailers beware: The gift card and tax

Gift cards can land business owners in trouble if they aren’t accounted for properly.

Lessons from the elections: Adapt or die

SA’s political parties are at a crossroads.

Changes to anti-avoidance rules putting BEE deals at risk

Lack of guidance is creating uncertainty around otherwise probably innocent transactions, says Sait.

Taxpayers and their powerful vote

Tax system must apply pressure in the right places or may find its power eclipsed by that of a disillusioned taxpayer base.

Reflections on the road to elections

After a weekend of unconvincing political rallies, what’s a voter to do?

Messing with money

‘The greatest monetary experiment in history’ is underway. Where is it taking us?

No, Mr Patel, market failure is not to blame for high data prices

Policy positions, government bungling have impeded development of the sector.

Standard Bank branch cuts are long overdue

When last did you visit a bank branch? And when last did you go into one for anything other than stamped bank statements?

When tax becomes a turning point for people to stay or leave

A change to the taxation of foreign trusts means any repatriated income or capital gains will now be taxed.

White collar work is going to be affected by 4IR

South Africa, be warned – you won’t like it.

‘Corruption has become a culture, a normalised act’

Corruption Watch upholding democracy report indicates.

Between hope and despair

The impact of electioneering on our widening trust deficit.

Reflections on the road to May 8

The economy could float or sink and Mr President must take risks.

Why hasn’t Coega published its annual report?

The hapless AG seems to be taking the brunt of the blame.



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