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Dung beetles and MPs who are ‘pink pigs’

2 Dec 2021 /  Cathy Buckle   2
After hearing they would get US dollar bonuses, Zimbabwe’s civil servants have been left disappointed yet again.

What AVI shareholders made of the Mondelēz news

29 Nov 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   1
The market was probably right to sell AVI’s share price down.

The great educational hope crusher

18 Nov 2021 /  Mike Schüssler   5
We're more educated than ever before, and more unemployed.

Dear Treasury, in SA’s case a surplus isn’t indicative of an economy doing well

17 Nov 2021 /  Mamokgethi Molopyane   3
There is a danger in stubbornly pursuing a budget surplus when it is not focused on a stimulus to recharge the economy and, ultimately, the public good.

Walking with elephants

15 Nov 2021 /  Cathy Buckle   3
While the world came together at COP26 and talked about protecting our planet, slowing emissions, stopping deforestation and controlling pollution we hung our heads in Zimbabwe.

What weakens one PGM miner strengthens the rest

15 Nov 2021 /  Keith McLachlan  
Thoughts on Northam cornering Implats: the surprise Royal Bafokeng Platinum deal.

Mantashe and Ramaphosa differ on the just transition from coal

12 Nov 2021 /  Mamokgethi Molopyane   3
Will the contradiction define South Africa's energy security?

Only Moneyweb Gold subscribers will be able to comment under articles

3 Nov 2021 /  Ryk van Niekerk  
The decision follows the deterioration of the quality of comments.

The sounds of Zimbabwe

2 Nov 2021 /  Cathy Buckle   5
How rich Zimbabwe is, how much we have to share, if only …

A look at how EOH’s turnaround is going

2 Nov 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   3
It’s likely the group still needs to sell assets to degear.

Moneyweb editor physically and forcefully denied entry to Nova’s AGM

22 Oct 2021 /  Ryk van Niekerk   31
Security guard says he was tasked to ensure he does not gain entry to the venue.

The problem with the Presidential Employment Stimulus strategy

20 Oct 2021 /  Mamokgethi Molopyane   20
Its focus is on creating more taxpayer-funded jobs in the public sector (and it’s succeeding in that).

‘Zim dollar now in real peril’ … back on the slippery slope again 

18 Oct 2021 /  Cathy Buckle   34
Scores of foreign currency traders arrested in recent weeks – but what is the alternative?

Who’s bidding for Long4Life?

18 Oct 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   9
Time will tell, but here's a possibility....

The country manufacturing the destruction of SA manufacturing is … South Africa

6 Oct 2021 /  Mike Schüssler   77
Hard talking ahead, and not the usual nonsense – action is needed.

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