Steinhoff ≠ EOH ≠ African Bank

Fear and loathing (again) on the JSE.

Wiese faces his Waterloo moment

International accounting standards are littered with subjective evaluations.

How could they have missed it?

And why is Markus Jooste the only one on the esteemed Steinhoff board to have resigned?

Steinhoff: The morning after

After hundreds of billions wiped out, many more questions than answers.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Then it is a duck. But when is corruption not corruption?

No silver bullet to financial fitness

Admit to yourself that you probably need professional help.

Why we are in the mess we are in

And why it’s going to get worse before it perhaps gets better….

Name, shame and jail

The war against corruption now desperately needs a high profile arrest.

How I paid off my house in under five years

Some common – and ‘not-so-common’ – sense.

Why I paid off my house 15 years early

It’s not just about the R1.2 million saved in (unpaid) interest.

Why trusts need to appoint an independent trustee

When there isn’t one, the whole structure can be deckared invalid or void.

Delay spending, invest and be rewarded

The sooner you save, the more you’ll reap the benefits of compound interest.

Is it too late to panic?

In the case of business, we are back to 1985.

A ruling party in turmoil affects all South Africans

With the poor suffering the most.

Hail stones, disloyalty and sheer greed

This week saw the unceremonious exit of yet another Vice President of Zimbabwe.



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