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Bracing for a big-bubbles burst

Key takeouts as we move from one defining decade to the next.

Exploding interest payments? Blame Zuma

Has SA decoupled from financial reality? The markets seem to think so.

Sausage trees, teachers and Zim’s education crisis

The cost of living in Africa's former 'breadbasket' is dire.

The ANC’s 108th birthday bash: A masked ball

A splendid distraction from SA's socio-economic realities.

The sitting duck in the corruption fallout

GEPF has questionable investments.

Regulators, tech giants and politics

It’s going to be a case of capitalism versus democracy this year. We will be watching to see who the real heavyweights are.

Will SA take advantage of emerging market opportunities in 2020?

It's doubtful - the signs are not good.

Prasa has shown itself to be the ultimate gravy train

The Passenger Rail Agency's 2019 financials are shameful.

Traditional labour policies are hurting SA

The country needs a leader who will tell unions that reforms will be short-term, but must – and will – happen.

The party pooper

Have the fiscal warriors thrown down the gauntlet to unhappy workers?

A frenzy of feasting and opulence while Zimbabwe starves

Many Zimbabweans are wishing for a new year with more rain and less corruption.

Eskom and SAA: The SOE project has failed

Tough love doesn’t work – let them go!

Why politics is holding SA back from the rest of the globe

The contortions of South Africa’s politics oblivious to the continuing globalisation and shifts occurring in the global economy and markets.

Is SAA trading under insolvent circumstances?

Default clauses may be triggered in contracts and agreements.

Drowning in debt and much more to come

Passing the buck to future generations.

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