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Where the real returns have been for the SA investor

Most international stock exchanges, when measured and converted into rands, beat SA inflation.

Some clarity from the IDC would be nice

Makes significant investments in the chemicals and petroleum industries.

Nedbank shows the mountain incumbents have to climb

Enabling self-service is not as easy as the upstarts make it seem.

What’s needed to save Cell C

What’s becoming increasingly clear is that a major overhaul is needed to put Cell C onto a sustainable footing.

Discovery Bank’s complex pricing

Layers of choice behind its ‘three simple accounts’ means there are actually 12 different pricing options.

Long-term return data sheds light for investors

In rand terms, gold has best maintained its value over the last 50 years.

An unemployment reality check

The impact of behaviour on the unemployment crisis.

The poison of politics is a risk to us all

The state is being reduced to a tool in the hands of those with sinister intentions.

Car rental body wants to hear complaints

It should consider creating an ombud.

When politicians ignore the rulebook…

Years of shrugging off responsibility is manifesting in the actions of citizens.

Car renter, beware!

Consumers should think long and hard before hiring a vehicle.

Eskom’s risk profile poses challenges for debt restructuring

Its ‘chief restructuring office’ will need a proper understanding of the utility’s real loss. What would a rating agency do?

Land reform in academic la la land

A look at what the presidential advisory panel is advising …

Public protector’s errors swamp any merits of Bankorp investigation

Ordered to pay 15% legal costs at attorney-client scale.

How government can achieve its ‘entrepreneurial state’ vision

Provide two key elements – flexibility and stability. And leave the risk-taking to others.



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