SA extends its Vat net to cover the globe

Services provided electronically are now in Sars’s crosshairs.

A nationwide blackout and other myths busted

Help in understanding the crisis …

Insurer held liable for indemnity claim related to failed Sharemax scheme

Financial advisors and their insurers should take note.

The chokehold of politics on the economy

A ‘wall of money’ is heading to emerging markets, but investors are selling off their SA stock.

Aspen: are the execs drinking their own Kool-Aid?

The market appears to think so.

Queen bees and red flags

Keeping up appearances in Zimbabwe is becoming increasingly difficult.

Inclusivity: The possible dream

The biggest breakthrough for South Africa can come from labour.

The CIPC opens with an aggressive gambit

Novel approach, but is the CIPC backed by the Companies Act?

Young, unemployed – and the greatest threat to our survival

A thriving youth population is good for a country’s future. We don’t have that.

Technical glitch in the zero-rating of sanitary products

Strangely narrow definition in pending legislation will limit the intended relief and cause problems for retailers and the customs system.

Steinhoff news trickles out in dribs and drabs

Debt levels, liquidity status and ongoing litigation remain priorities.

Little room for higher taxes, plenty for improvement

Now is a good time for Mboweni to act on recommendations, tax practitioners say.

Can Ayo deliver, that is the question

The deal has been done, but is the PIC’s controversial asset capable of using the R4.3bn productively and profitably?

Load shedding need not be so predictably shambolic

Why is there no coordinated management of this crisis?

Social inequality, like investment, must be addressed

Those at the bottom of society reflect a country’s health – and right now, South Africa is gravely ill.



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