Trade to trade well

10 Nov 2014 /    
Failing to understand the psychology of day trading is what screws most of us.

Why I don’t (often) invest in turnarounds

6 Nov 2014 /    
Keith McLachlan lists the 'death list' of companies in turnarounds.

Should you retire and get the pension, or resign and do it yourself?

6 Nov 2014 /    
Reader's question answered.

Three ways for investors to profit from SMEs

4 Nov 2014 /    
Investors can get returns in a variety of ways from their early-stage investments.

The CEO’s dilemma

4 Nov 2014 /    
What does a CEO do when the company’s share price goes through the roof?

Property mistake: The folly of holding on for too long

3 Nov 2014 /    
The price only rises so far.

17 tips for entrepreneurs

28 Oct 2014 /    
Sound advice from Alan Knott-Craig (Jr), with a caveat.

‘Your money is not good enough’

27 Oct 2014 /    
Tsogo Sun plays by its own rules.

Can I choose my own living annuity rate?

23 Oct 2014 /    
Reader's question answered.

Silicon Cape will die

23 Oct 2014 /    
The start-up bubble will burst because we have not addressed the core issues around start-up funding.

Is Tim Noakes running a Ponzi scheme?

23 Oct 2014 /    
Banting’s big fat lie.

HCI suspends Marcel Golding due to Ellies shares

22 Oct 2014 /    
Follows unauthorized purchase of R24 million of shares in Ellies.

Money lessons from Matfield

21 Oct 2014 /    
You don’t get rich making random, impetuous and high-risk-of-failure investments.

What do you need to know to start investing?

16 Oct 2014 /    
Reader's question answered.

Statistically, your idea sucks

9 Oct 2014 /    
Entrepreneurs should not stall progress with ‘my idea.’

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