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Death of the rainbow nation – Part 2

19 Feb 2015 /    
Why Jacob Zuma is laughing at us and what some investors are doing.

The kids aren’t alright

16 Feb 2015 /    
A new McKinsey report has a few ideas.

Fat cats or double D’s?

15 Feb 2015 /    
The majority of Zimbabweans have survived for fifteen years on the millions of Diaspora Dollars being sent home.

A chaotic State of the Nation

13 Feb 2015 /    
Uproar in the House before Zuma speaks out about energy and land.

Zuma: be a leader, not a reader

12 Feb 2015 /    
Zuma’s leadership reaches an all-time low.

Sona showdown may shape Zuma and Malema’s political future

10 Feb 2015 /    
Any major confrontation may embarrass South Africa further.

Financial education doesn’t work

9 Feb 2015 /    
‘Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth’.

Investment advice from Stalingrad

3 Feb 2015 /    
Thrift is better than wealth.

ANC do you want private sector investment, or not?

2 Feb 2015 /    
Be consistent in your message.

The pain of cash

2 Feb 2015 /    
This may be why you’re coming up short each month.

Bananas for school fees

1 Feb 2015 /    
How many thousands of bananas must a man sell to put one of his children into school this year?

2015 is going to be a tough year to make money

19 Jan 2015 /    
At least my Rolex has gone up 15% in value this year.

Zim unemployment estimated at close to 90%

11 Jan 2015 /    
People who work outside the country are keeping our country alive, writes Cathy Buckle.

Moments of madness

9 Jan 2015 /    
Some economic foolishness we subject ourselves to.

SA just got very, very lucky – let’s not squander it

9 Jan 2015 /    
How to make friends and influence people: increase the fuel levy now.

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