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Is it worth paying school fees annually in advance?

31 Dec 2014 /  Actuarial Society of South Africa  
Outstanding debt is often a deciding factor.

New Year’s is best for resolutions, really

31 Dec 2014 /  Cass Sunstein, Bloomberg View  
The 'fresh start effect' shows at certain times people refocus and reorient themselves.

The best and the worst of markets in 2014

30 Dec 2014 /  AlphaWealth  
AlphaWealth also shares its experience and expectations.

Ten facts of investing life worth learning

29 Dec 2014 /  Noah Smith, Bloomberg View  
A writer’s aphorisms gleaned from years of financial writing.

Nedgroup Investments’s major branding problem

18 Dec 2014 /    
What does the label say?

A tale of two loaves

15 Dec 2014 /    
The scary prospect of having fewer choices.

Ex-Sharemax investors should ask: What is this all about?

12 Dec 2014 /    
Is there more at play than a fight between Moneyweb and Nova?

South African investments in context

1 Dec 2014 /    
Those who predict that the rand will never recover should reconsider their views.

Bloodbath in Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF

30 Nov 2014 /    
At least 100 MP’s and 10 Ministers facing the ‘political wilderness’.

Let’s be honest about offshore investing

28 Nov 2014 /    
Call me stupid; call me fat, but don’t call me a figjam.

Money is a personal thing

25 Nov 2014 /    
Test-driving 22seven and taking control of personal finances.

Small caps: five lessons learnt

25 Nov 2014 /    
Investing in illiquid small caps is a long-term game.

Telkom finally ‘gets’ convergence

24 Nov 2014 /    
ADSL, data, line rental, calls and mobile SIMs for under R600 a month.

What can you do if you’re overwhelmed by debt?

20 Nov 2014 /    
Reader's question answered.

South Africa is not on the verge of a precipice

19 Nov 2014 /    
Constitutional democracy will survive the threat of an ANC-in-crisis.



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