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SA scientists who discovered new Covid-19 variant share what they know

22 Jan 2021 /  Willem Hanekom and Tulio de Oliveira   7
A group of leading virologists, immunologists, vaccinologists and other specialists has formed a consortium to address questions.

Lockdown: Devastating economic consequences are avoidable

18 Jan 2021 /  Busi Mavuso   8
Government needs to be more transparent in its decisions - and consider long-term impact - BLSA CEO.

Obtaining residency and doing business in Mauritius

15 Jan 2021 /  Jaco van Zyl   22
Recent legislative changes have made it easier for foreigners to live and work in the country.

The trends likely to shape the global economy this year

15 Jan 2021 /  Andrew Duvenage   2
From lockdowns to crypto, regulators are going to have to perform quite a balancing act.

How auditors can get too close to clients

12 Jan 2021 /  Chris Hughes, Bloomberg Opinion   2
Deloitte's informal dealings with a fallen UK tech darling exemplify this.

Mr President, your Covid strategy is not working

12 Jan 2021 /  Mamokgethi Molopyane   65
Forget the notion of riding out the storm – we need to navigate the waves and phases because this virus could be with us for another 24 months.

Can Twitter survive banning Donald Trump?

11 Jan 2021 /  Tae Kim, Bloomberg    14
Social media platform's future is complicated.

You can’t breathe, but you can’t come in …

11 Jan 2021 /  Cathy Buckle    8
Unless you have a letter from a government official.

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines could vanquish Covid today, cancer tomorrow

10 Jan 2021 /  Andreas Kluth, Bloomberg   12
The best news about the mRNA shots from BioNTech and Moderna is that the same technique could also defeat many other diseases.

Takeovers: a tidal wave of buyouts is coming in 2021

10 Jan 2021 /  Karl Schmedders and Patrick Reinmoeller   2
Here’s what it means.

The hows and whys of car insurance

9 Jan 2021 /  Karabo Kopeka   7
Your burning questions answered.

The removal of directors from a company

9 Jan 2021 /  PJ Veldhuizen   3
I think you’ll find it’s more complicated than you think

Finding space for both wind farms and eagles in SA

9 Jan 2021 /  Megan Murgatroyd   11
Research finds 36% of birds killed by wind turbines were birds of prey.

Retrofitting unused spaces can help SA cities adapt to climate change

9 Jan 2021 /  Jan Hugo and Chrisna du Plessis   6
There are two approaches to dealing with climate change: slowing it down, and adapting to it. The first is about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and absorbing more carbon. The second is about resilience to the impacts of climate change. Cities, which house more than half of the global population, have a big part to play

Common wealth planning mistakes and how to avoid them

9 Jan 2021 /  Louis Jooste   1
One of the most underrated consequences of death is the need for liquidity, for your loved ones to meet the financial obligations of your estate.

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