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Most Eskom ‘solutions’ have a fatal flaw

23 Jan 2020 /  Seán Mfundza Muller and Mike Muller   27
The deluge of opinions reflects a variety of corporate and political vested interests.

Six-step game plan to becoming debt-free by December

23 Jan 2020 /  Francois Viviers   8
Begin by making your smallest debt your biggest priority.

Naspers rejig only nibbles at Tencent discount

22 Jan 2020 /  Ed Cropley, Reuters Breakingviews   3
The tech company is promising to but back its own stock.

Pay regulation in SA: how, why and will it work?

22 Jan 2020 /  Bryden Morton and Chris Blair    8
There is a reason companies have had difficulty implementing it.

Landmark court ruling highlights crisis in SA’s cities and towns

20 Jan 2020 /  Joleen Steyn Kotze   50
Court grants an application to dissolve the Makana Local Municipality.

Two weeks into 2020 and already almost 6 000 jobs are on the line

20 Jan 2020 /  Mamokgethi Molopyane   19
Mostly due to politics and poor decisions rather than external factors.

Tips to make your medical aid work for you in 2020  

18 Jan 2020 /  Annelé Oosthuizen   15
Begin by understanding the components of your cover.

No one gets rich simply by cutting personal spending

18 Jan 2020 /  Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg Opinon   17
The spending scolds always make the same errors about personal finance.

The country’s state-owned diamond company is on life support

17 Jan 2020 /  Barbara Curson   23
Alexkor's 2019 financials paint a bleak picture.

Bracing for a big-bubbles burst

17 Jan 2020 /  Jerry Schuitema   19
Key takeouts as we move from one defining decade to the next.

Exploding interest payments? Blame Zuma

16 Jan 2020 /  Mike Schüssler   21
Has SA decoupled from financial reality? The markets seem to think so.

Beware the ides of 2020

14 Jan 2020 /  Roland Rousseau   13
The market is telling us that US earnings expectations are way too high.

Sausage trees, teachers and Zim’s education crisis

13 Jan 2020 /  Cathy Buckle    13
The cost of living in Africa's former 'breadbasket' is dire.

Anglo’s digging a hole for itself in England

13 Jan 2020 /  Clara Ferreira Marques, Bloomberg  
Miner's bid for Sirius would be a gamble.

The ANC’s 108th birthday bash: A masked ball

13 Jan 2020 /  Mamokgethi Molopyane   18
A splendid distraction from SA's socio-economic realities.



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