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The Reg 28 fund that has almost no exposure to South Africa

28 Oct 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   18
The High Street High Equity Prescient Fund – and it's been a top performer over the past year.

There’s a huge amount wrong with SA’s new land reform plan

27 Oct 2020 /  Ben Cousins   23
Focusing on small-scale farmers is the most practical way to create jobs, increase incomes and enhance livelihoods.

How SA mining proved to be resilient in the face of Covid-19

27 Oct 2020 /  Mxolisi Mgojo   1
The industry developed remarkable expertise in dealing with the spread of infectious diseases over the last few decades - Exxaro CEO.

What will Mboweni’s 2020 medium term budget offer?

27 Oct 2020 /  Tendani Mantshimuli   11
Finance minister expected to share the extent of tax revenue deterioration and the impact of unprecedented spending on debt levels.

Retirees: over-exposure to cash-like investments risks disappointment

27 Oct 2020 /  Pieter Koekemoer   16
The expected returns from cash, near cash and income funds will be significantly lower for the foreseeable future.

How to secure reliable, competitively priced power in SA

26 Oct 2020 /  Mariam Isa   14
Creating an independent transmission system and market operator is critical to Eskom’s restructuring.

Parts of the Expropriation Act may be unconstitutional

26 Oct 2020 /  Tania Broughton   4
But future court cases may have to confirm this. One pensioner's battle with a municipality shows up critical flaws.

Positioning SA for a green recovery

25 Oct 2020 /  Premal Ranchod  
Sustainable finance may not yet be as mainstream locally as it is globally, but it is gathering momentum.

The show must go on …

25 Oct 2020 /  Nazrien Kader   9
The need for decisive, urgent action has never been more critical.

Understanding the benefits – and risks – of alternative investments

25 Oct 2020 /  Kuhle Kunene   1
To grow, preserve and diversify wealth.

Agriculture, mining, and the economy

25 Oct 2020 /  Mongezi Veti   2
Could repurposed farmland help create jobs at scale?

What to expect from the controversial, revised Expropriation Bill

25 Oct 2020 /  Marikah Calo   15
Its far-reaching implications must be carefully scrutinised.

Unresolved public sector wage bill clouds MTBPS

24 Oct 2020 /  Nazmeera Moola   20
But detail needed on other spending cuts.

A simple Reg 28 amendment could fuel SA’s economic recovery

23 Oct 2020 /  Tanya van Lill   22
Considerably more investment could be directed towards SMEs.

Money doesn’t talk, it swears – Bob Dylan

23 Oct 2020 /  Jackie Wilken   4
The fact is that we either have our money, or our money has us.

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