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The pitfalls of emotional investing: Part 1

29 Feb 2020 /  Albert Louw  
Time in the market, rather than timing the market is far more valuable to investors.

The effects of shareholders now having a voice

29 Feb 2020 /  Bryden Morton and Chris Blair  
The inclusion of the Yes/No votes on policy and implementation has given rise to shareholder activism on executive remuneration.

‘Sometimes just sitting on your hand is also a decision’

28 Feb 2020 /  Eleanor Becker  
Martin de Kock of Ascor Independent Wealth Managers discusses the impact of the new expat tax, tax avoidance, prescribed assets, local investment opportunities and more.

Good budget, risky strategy

27 Feb 2020 /  Nazmeera Moola and Sisamkele Kobus  
Spelling out the good and the bad.

Bright young minds tell government: ‘Act now and we can recover’

26 Feb 2020 /  Farhad Sader   7
The top concern among tomorrow’s economic leaders: the high levels of corruption in government and what it's doing to SA's investment prospects.

Beware of that ‘attractive’ 96-month car loan offer

22 Feb 2020 /  Faisel Mkhize   27
Although longer-term loans may address affordability concerns, there are also other factors to consider.

How long to financial freedom?

17 Feb 2020 /  Stealthy Wealth    22
It depends on your spending habits.

Three common ways we destroy our wealth

16 Feb 2020 /  Yanga Nozibele   3
And how to avoid them.

The decade that was – where to now?

15 Feb 2020 /  Alwyn van der Merwe   3
Might the new decade be even more tumultuous than the last one?

South Africans describe the pain of unemployment

14 Feb 2020 /  Melinda Du Toit   41
A lack of social support by the community and public social welfare agencies make the experiences worse.

How to merge your finances as a couple

14 Feb 2020 /  Nelisiwe Ndlovu   3
Being open and honest can strengthen your money management skills as well as your relationship.

Budget trepidation

13 Feb 2020 /  Dave Mohr and Izak Odendaal   18
Taxpayers shouldn’t expect much in terms of respite.

Competition Commission loses three cases before tribunal in two months

8 Feb 2020 /  Pieter Steyn   10
This is what it means for the statutory body.

The impact of Coronavirus for investors

6 Feb 2020 /  Morningstar Investment Management   3
'Watch and wait' - Morningstar shares its expectations for its portfolios.

20 investment tips for 2020

2 Feb 2020 /  Preston Narainsamy   12
The early bird gets the worm - even when investing.



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