Millions of urban Africans still don’t have electricity: here’s what can be done

Energy access is crucial for many basic human needs but these underserved populations also represent a massive commercial opportunity for cash-strapped sub-Saharan African utilities.

Ten common investment mistakes that ruin retirement

Steps to ensure you money doesn’t run out during retirement.

Emerging markets can’t quit Facebook

From Asia to Africa, countries are learning that they need Facebook as much as Facebook needs them — and maybe more so.

From ABCs to ETFs: Getting to know your investment terms

Improving financial literacy can equip newbie investors with tools to take the next step.

Cryptocurrencies and tax

Existing tax framework may need to incorporate cryptocurrencies in a more specific manner.

How to get paid on time

Overdue invoices can be a major strain onto a business. Can they be avoided?

Is travel compensation still worth the chase?

Employers should review Sars’s new rule to ensure their workers are enjoying the best tax and cost benefits.

If the Boston marathon is too easy for you, try these crazy runs

Travel companies expand running packages to the Arctic Circle, Great Wall of China.

Mark Zuckerberg refuses to admit how Facebook works

The CEO and the social network appear uncomfortable with the bedrock of its business.

Be entirely truthful when taking out a policy or reporting a claim

Failing to disclose material facts to the insurer may result in a cancellation of your policy with effect from the start date.

Corporate arrogance: is there an antidote?

There’s a need for South African business owners to practice ethical sensitivity and humility.

Growing concern over the quality of municipal water

The Blue Drop Report provides insights on drinking-water quality.

The future of financial advice is tech and touch

Investment planning needs to be multi-dimensional, incorporating financial advisors and technology.

Tripped up by trade trepidations

The JSE follows global markets lower as volatility makes a comeback.

Executive pay under the microscope

Executive directors within JSE-listed companies enjoyed the largest annual increases in their total guaranteed packages, followed by CFOs.



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