KPMG and the loss of ethics

How can we bemoan a loss of ethics when the standards have no meaning to us?

Is Namibia following in SA’s footsteps with downgrade?

The country has recently been downgraded by Moody’s, with another downgrade by Fitch on the cards.

Better to bet with Buffett than against him

The greatest investor of our era is trying to teach us all a lesson.

Emerging markets may be due for their comeback

We’re at the beginning of a turning point in the cycle where this asset class outperforms US shares.

Is the new iPhone designed for cybersafety?

Some of the iPhone’s innovations have made users less secure.

The US bull market and meteoric rise of FANGs

FANG stocks have been the market leaders this year, outperforming the S&P 500 and JSE.

KPMG learns hard lesson: Don’t get caught!

South African citizens are fed up with corruption.

Real economic transformation: Don’t mess around

Meaningful black empowerment structures are required.

Is sentiment the new fundamental?

Fear and greed have a role to play in market movements.

Politician joins Sars executive in media briefing

How safe is taxpayer information from political allies?

What US decline? The world still watches the Fed

The US wields plenty of soft power, just ask central bankers in Poland and South Africa.

What last week tells us about bitcoin

It will take time to understand the currency’s full array of costs and benefits.

Falsehood, gossip, libel, rumour, slander

KPMG’s tangled web.

Lessons from Mauritius on making companies more accountable

Recent World Bank/IMF report has praised Mauritius as an ‘international leader’ on board practices.

Offshore considerations when it comes to your will

Ownership of assets and the choice of jurisdiction is important.



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