How did the Brits get into this mess and does it matter?

In the meantime, South Africans have their own votes to cast.

5 examples of devices the smartphone is displacing

Smartphones have become the go-to device for so many things we do each day.

Value investing and the fine art of negativity

Asking what could go wrong – thinking negatively – helps to reduce the impact of bad decisions and improves the overall returns of a portfolio.

Squaring the circle

Expectations of global economic growth are being cut, but equity markets both here and abroad have zoomed ahead this year.

Impending changes to the taxation of foreign employment of SA residents  

The change only impacts individuals who are South African tax residents.

Treasury might want to ease up on Sars

Consistently setting unachievable revenue collection targets is unlikely to help the turnaround.

Barloworld launches Khula Sizwe public BEE offer

Investors urged to adopt 15-year investment horizon to fully benefit from deal.

The unloved, post-crisis bull market holds lessons for investors

Market participants are worried it has run for too long.

‘We never pay for our mistakes’

Rising entrepreneurs have taken small concepts by dis-intermediating ideas and changed industries forever.

Building resilience in a time of increasing risk and uncertainty

Insurers have the responsibility to protect people’s lives and homes in times of increased climate risk.

Pay and performance – flops and successes in sports

Although talent and reputation influence the demand for players within the IPL the price paid does not guarantee performance.

Nero fiddles, while the prospect of load shedding continues …

It appears the DoE, Nersa and Eskom have hardly grasped the depths of the power problem.

A better quarter despite the uncertainty

Global markets recovered and came to the rescue of emerging and local markets.

MultiChoice: Emancipated or abandoned?

Factors influencing the decision to throw out or add to these odd-lot shares.

Brulpadda: Let’s not squander the ‘money toad’

The economy could take off – if South Africa responds with single-minded focus.



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