Could you hear us Mr Mugabe?

We all want just one thing: a new Zimbabwe, a free Zimbabwe, a Zimbabwe without the Mugabe’s.

More political shocks

Various contributing factors will affect the local economy in the coming months.

Deeply indebted consumers can expect fuel price hike in December

Consumers have to face the fact that they cannot maintain their lifestyles as they did in the past.

The freedom your final wishes grant

Revising your will regularly could save your loved ones from unnecessary costs and stress.

How shops use tricks to get you spending

They engage with your senses and subconscious.

Blockchain does not eliminate the need for trust

You may have imagined the blockchain would lead to a world without governments or institutions verifying transactions, research shows that it probably won’t.

What to do if you’re running late submitting your tax?

Simple steps to get you ready to file.

Five new jobs for humans if robots take over the world

Welcome to your future.

A 20% return guaranteed: fact or fiction?

How do you distinguish between scams and sound investment options with solid returns?

Naspers has outgrown the South African market

Hong Kong can save the African whale.

Investment positioning ahead of the ANC conference

Three possible outcomes from the crucial conference, their economic impact and how to plan for the most likely outcome.

The good and bad news about Robert Mugabe’s exit

Few will miss Zimbabwe’s autocratic leader — but military coups rarely end well.

Zimbabwe equities are almost more bitcoin than bitcoin

Look before you leap. Zimbabwe’s political shake-up isn’t exactly the first step on the road to investment. 

Half-hearted coup extending Zimbabwe’s reign of terror

If there were justice in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe would be removed from power by a free and fair election.

Bitcoin’s high transaction fees show its limits

The original cryptocurrency may never be a widespread payment instrument.



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