Why credit rating agencies are still getting away with bad behaviour

Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s together control 80% of the global rating market.

SA tax implications of emigrating

South Africans who emigrate need to prove that they are no longer resident in SA if they want to be treated as a non-resident for tax purposes.

Community education, training needed to address SA’s skills shortage

Substantial investments and far more ambitious actions are needed.

Will lower service fees provide a better outcome for fund members at retirement?

The industry is moving towards a more integrated service model based on a one-stop investment service offering.

Understanding the importance of asset allocation and stock selection

It’s wise to combine active and passive funds in an investment strategy.

What it takes to be a millennial entrepreneur

Ten tips to help the millennial starting out as an entrepreneur.

How fathers can make Father’s Day count

There’s an opportunity for dad to put the time together to good use.

Form is temporary, quality is permanent

The consumer staples sector was down in 2018, but this year it appears brands are back.

Study shows young South Africans have no faith in democracy and politicians

There’s been a systematic decrease in youth participation in elections.

The investment case for emerging markets

The past decade demonstrates that emerging markets offer economic growth, while developed markets offer earnings growth.

Your portfolio is not the same as gross domestic product

A typical SA balanced fund has much smaller exposure to domestic economic growth (or lack thereof) than most realise.

Why government is being sued

Unacceptable state of affairs in an area declared a ‘priority’ 12 years ago – the evidence in brief.

Global finance chiefs rang the alarm. Nobody cares

Group of 20 finance brass has never been less relevant.

Shareholder resolutions on climate change start to gather steam

The Standard Bank resolution indicates that ESG issues will increasingly be showing up on the corporate agenda.

Reflections running up to the comrades

Steady and sustained work is often the best way to meet long-term goals …



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