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Signing surety doesn’t have to be a life sentence

26 Sep 2021 /  PJ Veldhuizen  
But be very sure about what you're signing up for.

Red list ruling ‘significant’ for both UK and SA

20 Sep 2021 /  Busi Mavuso    22
'The UK must take a balanced approach in future considerations of South Africa.'

Understanding the roles of those nominated in your will

19 Sep 2021 /  Christel Botha   1
A look at considerations for minor children, who benefits from a trust and more.

Without a will: What happens to your home when you die?

18 Sep 2021 /  Transaction Support Centre   1
The intended heir may not be the one who ultimately inherits it.

Eskom is being reset: CEO sets out how

17 Sep 2021 /  Anton Eberhard   16
UCT's Anton Eberhard interviews the troubled power utility's André de Ruyter.

Making economic policy in South Africa in hard times

17 Sep 2021 /  Sandra Liebenberg   9
Policymakers can no longer ignore the country’s obligations in terms of international, regional and national human rights law.

Lessons from four top SA hedge fund managers

17 Sep 2021 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   9
How to turn bad experiences into good ones.

Sassa investigating ‘escalating’ fraud cases

15 Sep 2021 /  Kimberly Mutandiro, GroundUp   10
Gauteng beneficiaries report having unauthorised deductions on their new Sassa/Postbank cards.

In SA, female representation at fund manager level has stagnated

15 Sep 2021 /  Angus Foote and Patrick Cairns, Citywire   29
Alpha Female report: Change accelerates but gender parity still a lifetime away.

Rebuild, or cut one’s losses?

13 Sep 2021 /  Busi Mavuso   15
This is the decision facing many SA businesses. Their confidence must be rebuilt, now.

‘You are free to choose – but not from the consequences of your choices’

13 Sep 2021 /  Piet Mouton    122
An open letter to all South Africans from PSG Group CEO, Piet Mouton.

It’s time to set up a land claims court for dispossessed farmers in Zimbabwe

13 Sep 2021 /  Adv Simba Chitando   4
And a fund for the compensation of farmers or their heirs.

9/11 twenty years on: al-Qaida is defeated

11 Sep 2021 /  Christina Hellmich   24
But jihadism is here to stay.

To get the economy moving, rely on retirement funds – not on government

9 Sep 2021 /  Allan Greenblo   22
Forget the concept of partnership with an incoherent administration.

SA pension funds are significantly overweight equity vs peers

8 Sep 2021 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   5
They're also slightly underweight alternatives.

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