Should the rise in passive investing provoke a reaction in active managers?

Market distortions caused by passive investing create opportunities for active managers to sell high and buy low, but should they change course?

From crisis to crisis

‘The time to worry is when things are going well’.

A $40bn plan to cash out of bitcoin

The company, Bitmain, that makes a majority of bitcoin’s mining rigs is considering listing on the stock-market.

Sacrifices-and-savings savvy

Use the ‘free deal’ offered by the taxman while you’re young.

Redistributing South Africa’s agricultural land

Clear criteria needed when it comes to selecting beneficiaries.

On becoming a young female entrepreneur

There needs to be a widespread culture shift when it comes to entrepreneurship in South Africa.

2018: The year of the great battle for data

Some predict that within the next two years nearly $19 billion in additional ad dollars will enter the programmatic display space.

A climate change bill that needs changing?

A dedicated regulatory framework to address climate change is required and the bill, as currently framed, needs some work.

Lira plummeting further into crisis ensures a brutal conclusion to eventful week

The rand and Turkish lira are leading the way with losses within the EMEA.

Women’s roles in the African agricultural sector

Women make up a third of total employment in the sector.

Is 2018 the year of optimism that South Africans were hoping for?

Initially, ‘Ramaphoria’ excited us all, but indicators suggest we still have far to go.

5 smart money moves for the ‘slasher’ woman

Managing multiple income streams presents unique challenges and risks that need to be carefully managed.

Tax implications of working overseas

If you are classified as a South African resident you will be liable for tax on your overseas income.

Gen X women face more financial anxiety than men, survey shows

Women historically have more financial woes compared to men, and it starts with the gender pay gap.

Women and civil engineering don’t mix – industry head

But ‘I am your friend’, says Saice CEO.



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