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Will gold finish 2015 with a gain?

21 Oct 2015 /  Frank Holmes (U.S. Investors)  
The yellow metal might do something it hasn’t done for a couple of years.

Chinese card company plans to boost SA’s flagging tourism industry

21 Oct 2015 /  Ciaran Ryan   4
Will promote the country as a destination

Are there still key influencers in the ANC?

20 Oct 2015 /  Mamokgethi Malopyane  
Policymakers cannot wish economic realities away.

Has Wits really made a mistake?

19 Oct 2015 /  Rolling Alpha   8
In answer to Marc Ashton's 'Wits has made a mistake: short-term win but long-term loss.'

Business rescue in SA fails to deliver

19 Oct 2015 /  Amanda Visser   1
Focus on liquidation rather than restructuring is undermining the process.

Where will growth come from?

17 Oct 2015 /  Jac Laubscher   4
SA has to find a better balance between growth and transformation, redistribution.

Rand must decline by 15% and more

15 Oct 2015 /  Mike Schüssler   10
For the survival of SA mining and manufacturing. Commodity slump to persist for a long while.

Popi has hidden benefits for some small companies

13 Oct 2015 /  Dr Peter Tobin  
Evidence that compliance with the personal information law can be affordable.

Companies lie. Some get away with it

10 Oct 2015 /  Stephen L. Carter, Bloomberg   3
Not every company’s reputational capital is dependent on whether it tells the truth.

The world is ending? Invest as if it won’t

10 Oct 2015 /  Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg  
The Economist has assembled the major end-of-world forecasts.

Political corruption: a promises, action mismatch

10 Oct 2015 /  Steve Whiteman   2
The poison of corruption in SA’s body politic is deeply ingrained and actions to deal with it lag far behind public commitments.

El Nino might rescue global growth

7 Oct 2015 /  Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg  
El Nino has different consequences for different nations, SA may be on the losing end.

Facebook is following you

7 Oct 2015 /  Megan McArdle, Bloomberg  
Privacy matters, but privacy is not free.

The battle of Elon Musk versus the taxi meter

6 Oct 2015 /  Therese Raphael, Bloomberg  
Driverless cars are coming sooner than most people think.

India issues its first sovereign gold coin… to curb gold imports

6 Oct 2015 /  Frank Holmes (U.S. Investors)  
Less than 10% of all Indian gold demand is in bars and coins.

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