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The illusion of return

21 Sep 2015 /  Craig Gradidge   9
Review your portfolio at least once a year.

Do China’s ghost cities offer a solution to Europe’s migrant crisis?

19 Sep 2015 /  Wade Shepard, Reuters  
There are between 20 and 45 million unoccupied homes across China.

‘Woolworths’ bans white wine and barefoot Afrikaners

18 Sep 2015 /  Elizabeth Conradie   4
The retailer is facing its worst nightmare on Twitter.

Africa is on the verge of becoming an emerging market

18 Sep 2015 /  Noah Smith, Bloomberg View   1
The most striking positive trend in Africa is the rise in education.

Index tracking via ETFs vs unit trusts

18 Sep 2015 /  Magda Wierzycka   6
A beginner’s guide.

Which industry employs the biggest crooks?

18 Sep 2015 /  John Stebbing   9
The good, the bad and the underwriters.

The story behind the emerging market meltdown

17 Sep 2015 /  Noah Smith, Bloomberg View  
In the long run, the emerging-market growth story seems strong. These things come in waves.

Strategy similar to smoking in a dynamite factory

17 Sep 2015 /  Johannes Wessels  
A world record in co-operative failure.

Computers look like an obstacle to learning

16 Sep 2015 /  Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg  
A report shows that increased computer use in classrooms leads to lower test scores.

Active vs passive investment debate makes a comeback

16 Sep 2015 /  Chantal Marx, FNB Securities  
An efficient market fully incorporates all available information into asset prices.

Phuthuma Nathi’s BEE shareholders score

15 Sep 2015 /  Riaz Gardee  
Just a 2000% return.

Compliance is the new tax planning

14 Sep 2015 /  Greig Sinclair   3
The dangers of getting compliance wrong can be crippling.

Achieving outperformance: the challenge of cyclical returns

14 Sep 2015 /  Grant Watson and Saliegh Salaam  
Diversification becomes an attractive proposition.

Greece, the world’s best investment. No joke.

13 Sep 2015 /  Matthew A. Winkler, Bloomberg  
Greece beat every publicly-traded asset as its bonds increased in value from their lowest point in July to their highest today.

The reward of intervention is worth the wait

10 Sep 2015 /  Leisl Algeo  
A letter to Pam Green, whose 'dream ended' when Joseph Phukube returned to the streets of Johannesburg.

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