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SA at risk but not in crisis

17 Aug 2015 /  Jakkie Cilliers, Institute for Security Studies   5
ANC investments will drive growth in the long term.

Make Ramaphosa the CEO of SA Inc

14 Aug 2015 /  Max du Preez   10
Max du Preez’s ideal temporary solution relegates Zuma to chairman.

Brait: A new look at the share price

13 Aug 2015 /  Brad Preston   2
Is the current price reflecting an unrealistic view?

What does China’s devaluation mean?

12 Aug 2015 /  The Editors, Bloomberg  
The devaluation is big by Chinese standards.

First try at European money union didn’t work either

11 Aug 2015 /  Renuka and Rayasam, Reuters  
Politics - not profligate spending - could be the ultimate stumbling block for the euro.

Can Larry Page and Sergey Brin match Warren Buffett?

11 Aug 2015 /  Justin Fox, Bloomberg  
As they become full-time capital allocators.

Sars to waive penalties for voluntary disclosure?

8 Aug 2015 /  Nel Schoeman  
Fears of a VDP application giving rise to a ‘witch hunt’ are ill-founded.

The faltering middle class

7 Aug 2015 /  Jerry Schuitema   5
And the rise of the precariat class.

Lessons for SA from South America

5 Aug 2015 /  Ciaran Ryan   1
Colombia takes the high road, Venezuela the low road .

Gold is still a falling knife, why I remain bearish in the short term

4 Aug 2015 /  Jason Hamlin (GoldStockBull)  
Some investors are getting sucked into thinking this is the bottom – but beware.

Greece is still doomed without debt relief

4 Aug 2015 /  The Editors, Bloomberg   1
Keeping Greece inside the euro system was a questionable decision at best.

Where there’s a will there is a way

3 Aug 2015 /  Mike Becker  
A will forms a crucial part of responsible financial planning.

Will China’s yuan become a global reserve currency?

2 Aug 2015 /  Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group  
Mark Mobius on the rise of the renminbi.

The secret to a great economy

2 Aug 2015 /  Noah Smith, Bloomberg  
Almost nothing in economics is more important, or mysterious, than productivity.

IMF gets smart about Greece

2 Aug 2015 /  Mohamed A. El-Erian, Bloomberg  
Others should follow the IMF’s lead.

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