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If China isn’t a global risk, what is?

17 Jul 2015 /  Willie Pesek, Bloomberg  
Who's right -- Fitch or market players?

China’s economic troubles are starting to spread

15 Jul 2015 /  Willie Pesek, Bloomberg  
Beijing's troubles are now the world's.

Is the ANC going to embrace Thatcherism?

15 Jul 2015 /  Frans Cronje   6
Narrow road: Frans Cronje on the possibility of the party turning to the economic right.

Phased but not confused

14 Jul 2015 /  Francis Marais  
What to consider when deciding whether or not to use phasing-in as an investment strategy.

Manuel, Mogoeng protestations offer some optimism

14 Jul 2015 /  Max du Preez   8
Max du Preez takes on RW Johnson’s dire two-year predictions for the country.

The Davis Committee’s VAT report unpacked

13 Jul 2015 /  Amanda Visser  
What the industry thinks of its first interim report.

Would you lend Greece $60bn?

12 Jul 2015 /  Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg  
If Europe were a bank, it would cut its losses.

Learn to chart, learn to lose less money, learn these books

11 Jul 2015 /  Tom Keene, Bloomberg   1
Technical analysis for the masses.

Africa should lure Bangladesh’s garment industry

10 Jul 2015 /  Megan McArdle, Bloomberg  
If Africa wants to get rich, a good place to start is probably the garment trade.

Chinese stock slide ruins illusion of Xi’s control

10 Jul 2015 /  Noah Feldman, Bloomberg  
Government can’t dictate the market; it can only propitiate.

Trying to make sense of the market routing

9 Jul 2015 /  Gerhard Lampen  
Grexit problems affect JSE All Share.

Africa faces currency crisis as governments turn on spending plug

9 Jul 2015 /  Ciaran Ryan   1
Rand-US dollar exchange rate has weakened 46% in last two years. African countries under pressure to tighten up budgets.

Abuse of tax treaties must end

8 Jul 2015 /  Amanda Visser  
Agreement with Mauritius to be renegotiated.

Before Greece becomes a failed state, here’s how to stop the slide

7 Jul 2015 /  Elias Papaioannou, Richard Portes and Lucrezia Reichlin, Reuters  
Europe needs Greece, and Greece needs Europe, regardless of the results of Sunday’s referendum.

China tries Japan’s approach to a stock bubble

7 Jul 2015 /  Willie Pesek, Bloomberg  
There's little evidence that Beijing really intends on letting markets play a "decisive" role in the national economy.

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