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These 15 SA companies employ 1 million people

9 Jun 2015 /  Ciaran Ryan   4
'Many companies likely to simply ignore new BEE codes and fall back on the Constitution.'

SA needs a national entrepreneurial revolution

9 Jun 2015 /  Max du Preez   3
Talent is more important than money.

What the world needs now are better bribes

8 Jun 2015 /  Charles Kenny, Bloomberg  
The irony of the World Cup is that the biggest losers from the bribery are the host countries themselves.

​Investors already pricing in ratings risk

8 Jun 2015 /  Donwald Pressly  
A downgrade to sub-investment grade unlikely to translate into 'a massive blowout' in terms of the rand - Nomura Bank economist.

Omega’s Cooperman says there is no bubble in US stock market

7 Jun 2015 /  Michelle Kaske, Bloomberg  
"If there’s a bubble, it’s in the bond market.”

Insider traders made some easy money on stock offerings

4 Jun 2015 /  Matt Levine, Bloomberg  
Insider trading is illegal not because it is unfair but because it is theft.

Wealth psychology: instant gratification vs long-term gain

3 Jun 2015 /  Michael Field   1
Part 2 of a behavioural economics series.

You’re ending your e-mails wrong

2 Jun 2015 /  Rebecca Greenfield, Bloomberg   1
Why “best” is actually the worst.

Turn FIFA into a public company to salvage soccer

2 Jun 2015 /  Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg   1
If FIFA was a public company, its shareholders would be in revolt by now.

Citizenship by investment in Malta

1 Jun 2015 /  Mel Roberts  
Applicant ceiling expected to be reached by end 2016.

Why do people under-save for retirement?

27 May 2015 /  Michael Field   3
Narrowing the intention-behaviour gap - part 1 of a behavioural economics series.

Chinese government blows its debt bubble bigger

27 May 2015 /  Willie Pesek, Bloomberg  
The country isn't showing the requisite tolerance for pain.

What’s really driving income inequality

26 May 2015 /  Peter R. Orszag, Bloomberg   1
Companies are becoming ever less similar to one another.

Getting the most from your share options

25 May 2015 /  Warwick Lucas, CIO at Galileo Capital  
How do you get out optimally?

Why blacks need their own Broederbond

25 May 2015 /  Sipho Ngcobo   16
There are excellent lessons to learn from the past, writes Sipho Ngcobo.

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