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LATEST Soapbox  

A change-up at Kusile

25 Mar 2015 /  Chris Yelland   4
Eskom cancels Alstom’s R1bn Kusile contract and reinstates ABB.

Lurching from one crisis to another

23 Mar 2015 /  Chris Yelland, investigative editor, EE Publishers   3
The electricity sector – understanding the drama and moving forward…

Five things people will be talking about today

18 Mar 2015 /  Emma O'Brien, Bloomberg  
Read this, and know what everybody is talking about.

Outrageous ways to create jobs

16 Mar 2015 /  Mike Schüssler   6
Some may just work.

The bobijon spanner brigade

15 Mar 2015 /  Cathy Buckle  
People aren’t paying their monthly accounts in town anymore, so a delegation of money collectors have hit the streets.

Let’s end ‘black’ and ‘white’ neighbourhoods

10 Mar 2015 /  Max du Preez   23
For a start, build up vacant state-owned land near our cities into mixed-class developments.

The banks are getting better at taking stress tests

8 Mar 2015 /  Matt Levine, Bloomberg  
How many banks should fail the Fed's annual stress tests?

Eskom – new coalface of cadre deployment

6 Mar 2015 /  Mandy de Waal   4
In the past, Eskom leadership kept government out of the engine room because it thought the state didn’t have the skill to run it – Yelland.

RAs and estate duty – rather abolish estate duty altogether

5 Mar 2015 /  Franscois van Gijsen   1
The obsession with estate duty is 'hard to explain'.

How government intends financing the budget deficit

3 Mar 2015 /  Jac Laubscher  
And the implications for the course of government debt.

There’s a big world out there

26 Feb 2015 /  Deon Gouws  
Reasons why any SA investor should prioritise international exposure at present.

Plotting SA’s energy landscape in 2024

25 Feb 2015 /    
The IRR plots the roads SA could take in the next nine years.

How much does it cost to watch a suspected militant?

24 Feb 2015 /  David Wise, Reuters  

You say debt relief, I say theft

22 Feb 2015 /  Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg  
Governments are hardly unsophisticated borrowers, writes Leonid Bershidsky.

Amended BEE codes – it’s beyond a crisis

20 Feb 2015 /  Keith Levenstein, CEO of BEE advisory firm, EconoBEE  
Until all other documents are gazetted the codes remain incomplete and impossible to implement.

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