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Common wealth planning mistakes and how to avoid them

9 Jan 2021 /  Louis Jooste   1
One of the most underrated consequences of death is the need for liquidity, for your loved ones to meet the financial obligations of your estate.

Leadership in the time of Covid-19

8 Jan 2021 /  George Herman   4
Our futures will be determined by the decisions made by the people in power.

How to use balloon payments to your advantage

7 Jan 2021 /  Ghana Msibi   20
There’s a misunderstanding that a balloon payment makes a car cheaper.

The tax advantages of formal retirement savings are worth exploiting

7 Jan 2021 /  John Anderson   11
Be cautious around advice suggesting cashing in formal retirement savings and investing outside the formal retirement savings system: Alexander Forbes.

Cryptocurrency banking potential in Africa

7 Jan 2021 /  Crispus Nyaga   18
Faced with collapsing local currencies, banks in Africa may be forced to embrace cryptos.

World economy in 2021: who’s likely to win and lose

7 Jan 2021 /  Steve Schifferes   8
Inequality could increase.

How interest cuts effect retirees

7 Jan 2021 /  Grant Alexander   8
As much as a third of their earnings may be gone, which is a large amount of money to do without when living on a pensioner’s budget.

The past decade’s top-performing SA unit trusts

6 Jan 2021 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   10
And the worst-performing funds.

Insurance 101: Claims explained

6 Jan 2021 /  Karabo Kopeka   3
Insurance policies require a level of transparency between parties to remain valid.

The key elements of a good financial plan

6 Jan 2021 /  Gerard Visser   2
Your plan should be updated every year.

Sygnia announces two zero fee funds

5 Jan 2021 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   4
Zero management fees applicable with conditions, until end 2022.

A guide to understanding investment styles and strategies

5 Jan 2021 /  Riccardo Fontanella   4
Different styles of money management excel at different times.

How your love decisions effect you even after death

5 Jan 2021 /  David Knott  
In a few scenarios your last instructions in your will may not be carried out as intended.

Investment jargon: Demystifying the language

4 Jan 2021 /  Sheldon Friedericksen   3
Eight key investment nuances first-time investors should know.

What it takes to be a non-executive director

4 Jan 2021 /  Thuli Nkosi   5
Velvet glove over iron fist – those with soft skills are most likely to gain the trust of ‘difficult’ executives and simultaneously protect the company from self-serving behaviour.

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