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LATEST Financial Planning  

Stick with credible operators, say crypto providers in response to FSCA health warning

19 Mar 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan   5
FSCA says it has over 170 open investigations on the go, many related to possible crypto scams.

Community of property: dealing with a spouse’s estate after death

15 Mar 2021 /  Nompu Siziba  
Eric Jordaan – Director, Crue Invest.

Unpacking SA’s tax changes, loop structures and exchange control shifts

11 Mar 2021 /  Moneyweb  
'Ultra-high net worth clients definitely want to explore opportunities with the new relaxations'.

How can I ensure my life policies and pension get paid into a testamentary trust?

9 Feb 2021 /  Rick Briers-Danks   1
There's no perfect solution, but here are some options....

LATEST Personal Finance  

I want to withdraw R55k from my global account. What’s the best way to use it?

13 Apr 2021 /  Jesse Morgans   7
Reader's options include: investing in a TFSA or EasyEquities account, investing directly offshore, or paying a lump sum into their car loan.

How to improve your relationship with money

29 Mar 2021 /  Nastassia Arendse   1
Eunice Sibiya – Independent financial educator, Sibiya Coaching.

South Africans: Know your consumer rights

20 Mar 2021 /  Carla Oberholzer   1
Especially when applying for new credit.

Grocery shop showdown

20 Mar 2021 /  Sarah Nicholson   11
Which retailer offers the cheapest groceries?

LATEST Retirement  

Under the new pension regulations, can you borrow money from your provident fund?

15 Apr 2021 /  Toy Meyer   2
You can borrow funds to buy a property, renovate a property, pay off a housing loan, or to guarantee a housing loan. You cannot use the funds for any other purpose.

Can I transfer my GEPF pension fund into a private living annuity at retirement?

14 Apr 2021 /  Michael Haldane   13
If so, are there any tax consequences to consider?

Your checklist a year before retirement

10 Apr 2021 /  Asavela Gwele   7
Even if you are looking forward to the end of your working life, the idea of retirement can be daunting.

Can changes to Regulation 28 be a panacea for our ailing economy?

5 Apr 2021 /  Tanya van Lill   22
A welcome proposed change is that private equity was delinked from hedge funds.


The global breakdown of citizens’ government expectations

19 Apr 2021 /  Simon Brown   5
Andrew Bradley of Fiscal outlines how many countries are increasingly losing the tax income they need to be able to provide necessary services.

Can salaried workers now also claim home office tax relief? 

17 Apr 2021 /  Elizabete Da Silva    5
Due to Covid-19, the work environment was forced to make certain changes more rapidly. 

A case of collectables: Important considerations around NFTs

16 Apr 2021 /  Suzanne Smit and Gina Lazarides   2
Non-fungible tokens are unique trading tokens; an asset held digitally with a unique code attached to it.

Banks’ tax-free cash account interest rates compared

16 Apr 2021 /  Moneyweb   22
Two banks beat all others hands down.

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