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LATEST Financial Planning  

Don’t just plan for retirement, plan for a long life

And let your post-retirement savings get to work for you.

Protecting capital through diversification

Mags Heystek explains how important diversification is in the current bull run.

LATEST Personal Finance  

Top tips to secure your financial future

Starting your savings plan the right, less painful way.

A will: the most important document you’ll sign

Kobus van Schalkwyk of Standard Bank Wealth explains the importance of having a will and regularly updating it at different life stages.

LATEST Retirement  

How do I get my pension to last?

My pension resides on a Lisp via a living annuity. How do I achieve 5-8% growth, net of costs?

Concern about proposed maximum drawdowns for ‘default’ living annuities

FSCA hopes to provide retirees with some basic protection.


Caution needed about the hype around ‘pervasive profit shifting’

Report welcomed, but additional factors need to be considered.

Corporate taxpayers pulling their weight easy targets for Sars

Growing frustration that non-compliant smaller businesses are getting off scot-free.



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