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LATEST Financial Planning  

Stay in the market long term, ignore the noise

Get a good financial plan, good-quality funds, have a long-term investment goal and keep your eye on the prize: Reece Morrison, financial advisor at Masthead Financial Planning.

How do executor fees work?

In the executor’s draft for my late father’s estate settlement, are the 3.5% fees from the total assets or the net assets?

LATEST Personal Finance  

The meaning of personal financial planning

In a lifestyle financial planning process, the client is placed at the centre.

The 2017 FPI big drive for Financial Planning

‘Investors want to maximise the return on their savings over their lifetime, whilst minimising risk on those portfolios.’

LATEST Retirement  

Retirement: How much is enough?

It may be time to approach the issue differently.

How does Reg 28 and the grandfather clause affect my portfolio?

My portfolio needs to be rebalanced, as it’s no longer protected under the grandfather clause. What happens if I contravene Regulation 28?


Relief, concern about revised expat tax proposal

Will mitigate worries, but employer cost, tax credit headaches could be significant.

Does it make sense to contribute after-tax money to a pension fund?

The pros and cons of contributions beyond the R350 000 cap.



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