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Investing offshore to finance your child’s international qualification

Factors to consider before making the necessary provisions.

Will technology save independent financial advice?

By allowing advisors to do more for less.

How technology is changing wealth management

Whether it is a threat or an opportunity depends on your perspective.

Exam results shock

The FPI responds.

Concern, shock about financial planning exam results

Only 17% of students pass the FPI’s Professional Competency Examination (PCE).

How do I invest for a R20 000 monthly income?

Three of the biggest risks someone close to, or at retirement faces: longevity, inflation, and the underlying investment assets.

Will your financial advisor be replaced by a machine?

How will they stay relevant?

Traditional financial advice is no longer enough

Technology is changing what customers want.

Slaying investment myths with market reality

Dr Adrian Saville, CEO at Cannon Asset Managers, puts six issues under the spotlight.

DIY: Financial ‘self-help’ plans

I want to start a share portfolio but don’t want to rush. What do you make of my share picks?

I’m 22 – how do I choose a low-cost annuity?

Retirement annuities: the difference between those offered by life insurance companies and LISP platforms.

The value of active investing

The biggest benefit is the ability to mitigate risk – Sasfin Wealth.

Are my financial advisor’s fees justified?

Am I under an obligation to give 1% of my funds to the broker who I originally took the investment out with every time I make a deposit?

How do I invest for a R38 000 pm income?

I will have R7.2 million in a pension fund when I retire in April 2019.



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