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We’ve moved to a more conservative strategy, less aggressive

Long-term investing: ‘We tell clients if you stay invested, you will actually work through those losses and get your gains again’ – Suzean Haumann, financial advisor at Brenthurst Wealth.

Stay in the market long term, ignore the noise

Get a good financial plan, good-quality funds, have a long-term investment goal and keep your eye on the prize: Reece Morrison, financial advisor at Masthead Financial Planning.

How do executor fees work?

In the executor’s draft for my late father’s estate settlement, are the 3.5% fees from the total assets or the net assets?

Pro footballers have these problems. So do you

The financial lessons we can learn from sporting careers.

Foreign assets and estate planning: What to consider

Forced succession may come into play.

Grandparent’s funds: A tax- and cost-efficient strategy

I have an ailing grandparent with R20 million, who requires a small monthly income and wants beneficiaries to inherit directly….

What endurance sport can teach about giving financial advice

Kyle O’Haher, founder of Comprehensive Wealth, on bringing sport discipline into business, client relationships, a fixed-income investment product and more.

What do we do with our old Fundisa savings?

Fundisa has been changed to target families earning under R180 000 per annum.

Can I use my pension to buy a house and business?

I’m thinking of resigning and buying two taxis and a mobile salon for my wife. Is this wise?

Why it’s so difficult to pick a winning fund manager

Mere focus on past performance could be detrimental.

Is Regulation 28 detrimental to young people?

Siba Njoba, Masthead financial planner, on constructing a RA for someone in their 30s.

Can I safely invest with FedGroup?

Update: FedGroup responds. ‘I’m a pensioner with R1.5 million to invest – would it be safe with FedGroup’s bond participation scheme?’

Securing the survival of the independent advisor

Why it’s important for independent advice to remain independent.

We high-five when we save one basis point for our clients

Stephen Katzenellenbogen on asset allocation, building a balanced portfolio, NFB’s fee structure and making cost savings for clients.



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