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People save little, but have high expectations of retirement income

Highlighting the importance of awareness and careful planning.

Are you protecting your most valuable asset?

Your own ability to earn an income.

A new approach to financial advice

Here's one way in which advisors can reimagine what they have to offer.

Where is it best to invest R3m?

Several things need to be considered; staying focused on your long-term objective – retirement – is important.

The big question for financial advisors: ‘Are you worth it?’

How will you deliver the value your clients are paying for?

This retirement threat is also one of the hardest to manage

Poor returns at the wrong time can upset your plans.

Trusts: do I have funds due to me as a beneficiary?

Sign a letter of authority and send it to all investment providers to ascertain if there are any investments in your name.

Should I take up government’s early retirement offer?

A major concern when considering an annuity income relates to the growth rate assumptions.

Most women play no role in financial planning

'Everyone is just surviving day to day, not really thinking about the future and, therefore, not really saving or planning.'

‘Women make better investors’

Crue Invest's Devon Card on women's wealth-building challenges, retirement savings, employees pension funds and building emergency funds.

What’s keeping clients up? Debt, debt and more debt

Crue Invest director Gareth Collier on cutting debt, savings tips, succession planning and why schools must teach financial literacy.

CPD extension will do more ‘harm than good’

Industry largely disappointed, while CPD providers face admin challenge.

‘Independence is one of the most important aspects of any advisory firm’

Why Crue Invest prides itself on being fiercely independent.

A good financial advisor ‘eats their own cooking’

'It’s really shocking how few people have a proper will in place' - Andre Basson, Brenthurst Wealth Management.



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