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Why the Fais Ombud finds against financial advisors

Poor recordkeeping at the heart of determinations against FSPs – expert.

It’s not the time to sell

‘Long term in equities is one of the only asset classes where you can comfortably beat inflation, which is the key to long-term investment’ - Jaco Joubert, financial planner at PSG Wealth Sandton.

Post-resignation, what’s the best option for retirement funds?

Reader wants to ensure a safe retirement and to pay the lowest tax possible.

The key to a successful relationship with a financial advisor

It's personal.

Wanted: Car at an inflated price

NYT Sketch Guy on overcoming fear and greed and reaching your investment goals.

I have R200 000 to invest – where to now?

A Moneyweb reader with a ten-year horizon and a total unencumbered portfolio of almost R13 million asks for investment advice.

How do I become financially independent in a decade?

What sort of capital investment and monthly contribution would be realistic in achieving this goal?

We have to plan for the worst-case scenario

Every investment kind of works the same but it’s the discipline to stick to it that’s going to get you to the end: Vick Lallbahadur, financial advisor - Masthead Financial Planning.

Offshore investing: How do I navigate wills and tax?

Are there issues with foreign investments in the event of one's death regarding separate wills and executors, estate duty, and insurance wrappers?

Two investment options for your child’s future

I'm not completely convinced that the education policy route is the best way to go. I’ve reached an impasse.

The investing journey doesn’t stop when times are hard

People are happy to buy things on special at the shops, but not when it comes to investing: Thulisile Nkomo, private wealth manager at NFB Financial Services.

What a financial plan is not

Life insurance cover and retirement planning only a small part of a bigger picture.

How should I invest my R1.5m for retirement?

What kind of investment would you recommend with the lowest costs possible, maximum returns and minimum tax implications?

Estate planning: Should I transfer my farm to company or trust?

I'd like to transfer my farm into a vehicle to preserve it for my children. I'm told trusts are tax unfriendly.



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