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How do I get my pension to last?

My pension resides on a Lisp via a living annuity. How do I achieve 5-8% growth, net of costs?

Don’t just plan for retirement, plan for a long life

And let your post-retirement savings get to work for you.

Protecting capital through diversification

Mags Heystek explains how important diversification is in the current bull run.

The ongoing debate around active and passive investment management

Passive seems to be winning.

Three key points about offshore investing and estate planning

The dos, the don’ts – and the 'bottom drawer' trust.

Your man should not be your retirement plan

Report shows that a majority of women do not have a retirement plan, suggesting that the gender inequality gap will continue.

How to build a valuable financial advice practice

Lessons from the Big Five.

Would you like to inherit my e-books?

Freedom of testation is a challenging issue in the digital world.

Has your advisor considered a worst-case scenario?

The financial planning reality check.

Master moves to alleviate estate headaches

Envisages policy change to hold 'agents' accountable and speed up the finalisation of estates, Fisa conference hears.

Independent advisors concerned about ‘conflict of interest’ at Discovery

But the product provider says new contracts aren't dependent on business volumes.

South Africans overestimate their risk of permanent disability or death

But underestimate their risk of temporary illness or injury – survey.

How to get a fair price for your car

Tips to ensure you get the best price for your used vehicle.

What happens to your crypto in divorce or death?

Despite technology moving ahead of legislation, ordinary estate rules apply.



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