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How long does it take to dematerialise and sell shares when winding up an estate?

8 Sep 2021 /  Toy Meyer
It can take several months since the share certificates will be in a holding position while the various processes associated with winding up an estate unfold.

Can a testamentary trust purchase a vehicle for the guardian to drive?

31 Aug 2021 /  Eric Jordaan
If circumstances are such that a car needs to be purchased for the benefit of the minor children, and the powers given to the trustees are wide-ranging enough, it is possible.

International wills – family dynamics are part of the process

11 Jul 2021 /  Jonathan Colclough
How to avoid disputes in inheritance.

Owning assets in a foreign country

3 Jul 2021 /  Rehana Cassiem
Is there a need for a separate Will?

Know the risks involved when getting life insurance

26 Apr 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
‘Our advice is to protect your income while you're alive by purchasing income protection, if you can. Leave your spouse after-death income benefits’: Leza Wells, chief product actuary, FMI.

Stick with credible operators, say crypto providers in response to FSCA health warning

19 Mar 2021 /  Ciaran Ryan
FSCA says it has over 170 open investigations on the go, many related to possible crypto scams.

Community of property: dealing with a spouse’s estate after death

15 Mar 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
Eric Jordaan – Director, Crue Invest.

Unpacking SA’s tax changes, loop structures and exchange control shifts

11 Mar 2021 /  Moneyweb
'Ultra-high net worth clients definitely want to explore opportunities with the new relaxations'.

How can I ensure my life policies and pension get paid into a testamentary trust?

9 Feb 2021 /  Rick Briers-Danks
There's no perfect solution, but here are some options....

Obtaining residency and doing business in Mauritius

15 Jan 2021 /  Jaco van Zyl
Recent legislative changes have made it easier for foreigners to live and work in the country.

Local bond market attractive, but be cognisant of SA-specific risks

15 Jan 2021 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire
Managing duration in fixed income will be key in 2021 – Sasfin.

Your will and the reality of procrastination

9 Jan 2021 /  Brandon Garbutt
Life can be unexpected.

Common wealth planning mistakes and how to avoid them

9 Jan 2021 /  Louis Jooste
One of the most underrated consequences of death is the need for liquidity, for your loved ones to meet the financial obligations of your estate.

Just thinking long term is not enough

8 Jan 2021 /  Anet Ahern
It's important to adjust portfolios to manage risks as they emerge and include future growth drivers.

The key elements of a good financial plan

6 Jan 2021 /  Gerard Visser
Your plan should be updated every year.

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