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Which unit trusts should my children invest in?

4 Apr 2019 /  Mags Heystek  
Having a long-term view and being overweight in offshore funds is probably best.

What conversation do you really want to have with your advisor?

28 Mar 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   25
Is it about you, or your money?

Millennial women are feminists, except when it comes to money

6 Mar 2019 /  Lananh Nguyen and Michelle Kim, Bloomberg  
Millennial women defer to spouses on financial decisions.

How do I get started with my financial planning?

13 Dec 2018 /  Alexander Babich  
Is it advisable to join the company's prescribed medical aid and retirement plans?

How do I get my pension to last?

12 Dec 2018 /  Trevor Lee  
My pension resides on a Lisp via a living annuity. How do I achieve 5-8% growth, net of costs?

Don’t just plan for retirement, plan for a long life

5 Dec 2018 /  Ciaran Ryan  
And let your post-retirement savings get to work for you.

Protecting capital through diversification

3 Dec 2018 /  Ryk van Niekerk   1
Mags Heystek explains how important diversification is in the current bull run.

Three key points about offshore investing and estate planning

15 Nov 2018 /  Ingé Lamprecht   4
The dos, the don’ts – and the 'bottom drawer' trust.

Your man should not be your retirement plan

13 Oct 2018 /  Sohini Castille   3
Report shows that a majority of women do not have a retirement plan, suggesting that the gender inequality gap will continue.

How to build a valuable financial advice practice

3 Oct 2018 /  Ingé Lamprecht   4
Lessons from the Big Five.

Would you like to inherit my e-books?

28 Sep 2018 /  Ingé Lamprecht  
Freedom of testation is a challenging issue in the digital world.

Has your advisor considered a worst-case scenario?

27 Sep 2018 /  Patrick Cairns   8
The financial planning reality check.

Master moves to alleviate estate headaches

26 Sep 2018 /  Ingé Lamprecht   5
Envisages policy change to hold 'agents' accountable and speed up the finalisation of estates, Fisa conference hears.

Independent advisors concerned about ‘conflict of interest’ at Discovery

5 Sep 2018 /  Ingé Lamprecht   28
But the product provider says new contracts aren't dependent on business volumes.

South Africans overestimate their risk of permanent disability or death

29 Aug 2018 /  Ingé Lamprecht   12
But underestimate their risk of temporary illness or injury – survey.

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