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The ABCs of being financially savvy

14 May 2022 /  Nomi Bodlani
Knowledge is power when it comes to your investments.

Getting personal debt under control

6 May 2022 /  Adriaan Kruger
Shocking revelation: a large portion of the credit-worthy population pay over 70% of their monthly income towards servicing debt.

Take the sting out of housing and transport costs

30 Apr 2022 /  Ester Ochse
Smart moves to manage expenses amid ever-rising costs.

Low credit score? Here’s how to improve it

25 Apr 2022 /  Fifi Peters
John Manyike – Head: Financial Education, Old Mutual

Ways to cut back on household expenses after an interest rate hike

16 Apr 2022 /  Adrian Goslett
Saying goodbye to Netflix might be the answer.

Five ways we fool ourselves about money

16 Apr 2022 /  Lynn Bolin
Too often we forget about expenses or don’t keep an eye on how much is in our bank account.

Is the Nasdaq poised for a reversal?

8 Apr 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
The Nasdaq index, a favourite among professionals, is 12% off its peak, but don’t discount a deeper pullback before the rally returns.

South Africa’s investment future – are we hanging in the balance?

31 Mar 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
Can our market expect a further downturn, are there still risks and what can we do to combat this negative market movement?

Live within your means

26 Mar 2022 /  Sebastien Alexanderson
Tips on managing one’s debt.

Peregrine Capital’s High Growth Fund

24 Mar 2022 /  Ryk van Niekerk
The first fund in South Africa to achieve 100x return on an investor’s initial investment.

Turn off the debt tap and start mopping up your lifestyle

21 Mar 2022 /  John Manyike
Taking the hard decisions and change your lifestyle.

What you need to know about Peregrine Capital’s High Growth Fund

18 Mar 2022 /  Simon Brown
An interview with Jacques Conradie, CEO of Peregrine Capital.

The coming shake-up in the online broking market

18 Mar 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
Some online brokers offering contracts for difference (CFDs) without the requisite licences may have to stop trading – or join a licensed online broker.

Questions to ask your online broker

11 Mar 2022 /  Ciaran Ryan
There’s a big difference between levels of service, and costs, among brokers. Make sure you know which questions to ask.

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