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How to keep yourself in and out of hot water

Geysers account for up to 50% of a typical electricity bill.

Do accountants need help with their own financial planning?

How CAs can get the best ‘savings start’ so they don’t have to play catch-up down the line.

Does your spouse know how much you earn?

Consider how much you are sharing about your finances.

Three powerful tips to boost your savings

The key is to work smarter, not harder.

Time really is money

Can converting money to units of time influence our habits?

Should you buy life insurance for your domestic worker?

Technology is making it cost-effective.

‘Independence is one of the most important aspects of any advisory firm’

Why Crue Invest prides itself on being fiercely independent.

Instant gratification, future regret, and one way to strike a balance

Saving and investing needn’t feel like a drag. Understanding why it can, and what to do about it, can change the trajectory of your life.

A good financial advisor ‘eats their own cooking’

'It’s really shocking how few people have a proper will in place' - Andre Basson, Brenthurst Wealth Management.

Combatting longevity and sequence risk in retirement

How to guard against the two.

Commandments of a Cheapskate: The grand finale

Trying to escape the craziness of the wedding industry unscathed.

Help! A young person’s experience of looking for car insurance

Why car insurance premiums for young people are so high and how you can negotiate a better price.

How much is enough?

Three steps to achieving financial freedom.

The best way to finance your car

Six financing scenarios for a vehicle priced at R200 000 show how short-term ease of repayment can translate into substantial pain later.



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