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Tips for investing in volatile surroundings

Focus on building and maintaining a sound investment plan instead of attempting to predict what markets will do.

What is your relationship with risk?

Your perspectives on risk may impact your ability to create wealth.

Don’t trust retirement advice from anyone under 65

The finishing line has been moved.

The risk that many people ignore

Any asset is only worth what you can sell it for.

Rise of ‘grey’ divorce is forcing a financial reckoning after 50

Report finds 85% of married women aren’t active in making long-term financial decisions, saying their spouse knows more about financial issues.

Be entirely truthful when taking out a policy or reporting a claim

Failing to disclose material facts to the insurer may result in a cancellation of your policy with effect from the start date.

A retirement plan few will tell you about

Start early, don’t cash out money earmarked for retirement, ignore all the media noise.

Get a bigger chunk back from the taxman

Your best defence against the VAT increase is to become tax savvy.

It’s almost wedding season, and this one may cost you thousands

Planning your finances for your best friend's wedding.

Pick n Pay and Absa launch new stokvel solution

The move, which allows for stokvels to earn interest on savings, may prompt other retailers to follow suit.

Youth just wanna have funds

Once you start saving, acknowledge that you are on the right track. Once you are invested, stay invested.

Don’t underestimate saving and a side hustle

Saving in your 20s starts from your first pay cheque. The earlier you start putting money away, the longer your funds will have to grow. But this doesn't mean you can't also have fun.

The benefits of dividend investing

It's about more than just the dividend.

7 ways to better invest in CSI

Investing in social development plays a vital role in increasing opportunities and ensuring sustainability for all South Africans.



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