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The three factors that will determine your future wealth

The keys to any financial plan.

Vehicle finance: The cost of balloon-payment contracts

They allow for lower monthly payments, but the ‘residual value’ – the portion of the capital amount of the loan that will be paid later – can hit where it hurts.

What it takes to ‘retire’ at 45: Part 2

There are some important takeaways from the FIRE movement, whether you think financial independence at a young age is a realistic goal or not.

Retirement saving needs to start sooner than you think

Save first, then spend.

Second hand goes the distance

But make sure you know the difference between a warranty and a service or maintenance plan.

Accessing your RA in the case of a permanent disability

It is possible to retire early from a fund if you can present medical evidence.

Developed markets winning the race

‘Your job as an advisor is to find the best possible investment opportunity for your client. You have no obligation to be loyal to the local market,’ says Mduduzi Luthuli.

Top tips to secure your financial future

Starting your savings plan the right, less painful way.

A will: the most important document you’ll sign

Kobus van Schalkwyk of Standard Bank Wealth explains the importance of having a will and regularly updating it at different life stages.

Two smart financial decisions I’ve made this year

I’ll easily be saving more than R20 000 over the next 12 months …

Become saving savvy ahead of the festive season

Be ahead of your budget, with smart saving tips.

10 tips to spring clean your budget

If the last time you reviewed your budget was in January, consider the significant changes that have taken place since then.

South African expats get access to international living annuity

New product limits SA exposure for South Africans living abroad.

Financial goals for the decades

Every decade brings its own financial challenges, here's how you can plan for them.

What happens to your crypto in divorce or death?

Despite technology moving ahead of legislation, ordinary estate rules apply.



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