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5 smart money moves for the ‘slasher’ woman

Managing multiple income streams presents unique challenges and risks that need to be carefully managed.

Innovation gone wrong?

Investors complain about Stash, Liberty's digital savings app.

Your most important asset

Is a large pot of money really better than a monthly income?

Millennials face R15 trillion insurance shortfall

Invincibility complex and present bias may come back to bite, new research shows.

Top five mistakes to avoid when buying a car

Research your options and don't make haste decisions.

Millennials, millennials. Everyone is talking about them

And for good reason.

10 questions to ask your tax practitioner

From knowing who to go to, to what you should do when handling your taxes.

Which option is best when applying for a home loan?

Should I use my savings as additional payments with 100% bond or pay the savings as deposit, then request a bond?

Financial affairs: How much should your spouse know?

Richus Nel shares his views on a financial advisor’s role in estate planning, market volatility and the current economic environment.

RA top up or tax-free savings account?

Should I use the RA tax benefit, as allowed by Sars, before investing into a tax-free fund?

How can I invest for good returns, but with low risk?

Are unit trusts or fixed deposit accounts the better option?

Time to rethink foreign trust structures

The cost of maintaining both local and foreign trusts has risen since tax authorities started giving more attention to the issue.

I am emigrating, what happens to my unsecured debt?

I have credit cards and personal loans - can I still do a financial emigration?

Does a lump sum at retirement age make sense?

The primary need in retirement is to have an inflation-adjusted income for the remainder of your life.

Airbnb: What you need to know about ‘airing’ your property

Top tips on how to make your property Airbnb-ready.



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