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File your tax return like a pro

17 Oct 2020 /  Susan Steward   1
Tips for submitting a winning tax return.

Taxpayers have a watchdog in the OTO

15 Oct 2020 /  Amanda Visser   2
But it needs independence.

The three-year rule for tax emigration sticks

15 Oct 2020 /  Amanda Visser   18
Even though there are other ways to test whether people have permanently left the country.

Insufficient PAYE deductions can be costly for taxpayers

14 Oct 2020 /  Amanda Visser   13
They should request a higher rate of PAYE to avoid having to pay in later.

Mining exploration finally gets some love from regulators    

12 Oct 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan   6
Industry wants government to emulate Canada’s hugely successful exploration model to unlock financing.

Tax laws in the time of a disaster

6 Oct 2020 /  Barbara Curson   4
Covid-19 provided a stark reminder that social interest must be balanced against human rights.

Waiting for tax justice … spare a thought for Sars

6 Oct 2020 /  Barbara Curson   18
Incarceration is no excuse for not timeously dealing with tax matters.

Sars – can a leopard change its spots?

5 Oct 2020 /  Barbara Curson   29
Taxpayers struggle to get answers and assistance from the revenue service.

Carbon Tax Act jumps scientific boundaries

30 Sep 2020 /  Barbara Curson   11
The absurdity of a megawatt of capacity resulting in a gaseous emission.

What is the best way to spend my tax refund?

28 Sep 2020 /  Jesse Morgans  
Putting it into an RA, settling debt, investing in a tax-free unit trust, or using it as a deposit for a money market account?

Companies in low- or no-tax jurisdictions must show ‘economic substance’

23 Sep 2020 /  Amanda Visser   8
In countries with low- or no tax, firms must have staff, premises, expenses and activities aligned with the company's nature.

Tax Ombud launches #TaxpayersRightsMatter campaign

22 Sep 2020 /  Barbara Curson   7
Will be focusing on customer-centricity and making it easier for taxpayers to access its services.

Tax move on contract miners will affect the entire sector

18 Sep 2020 /  Amanda Visser   5
Treasury called upon to properly consider the impact of the proposed amendment.

Back to the drawing board on pension pot access for emigrants

11 Sep 2020 /  Amanda Visser   8
Treasury has invited further comment from those who who are against the three-year rule.

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