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Revised Sars Service Charter pleases some, but not all

20 May 2022 /  Amanda Visser
Document is far more detailed than 2018 version.

Tax Court condones Sars’s tardiness

18 May 2022 /  Barbara Curson
Finds a one-month delay to be 'short'.

Rigid penalty regime drives taxpayer compliance

16 May 2022 /  Amanda Visser
But many of those who do comply see it another ‘revenue generator’.

Questions asked by South African expats returning home

15 May 2022 /  Chris Nel
Am I prepared for the shift?

Does tax residency status impact your ability to receive an SA inheritance?

15 May 2022 /  Victoria Lancefield and Martin Bezuidenhout
Expatriates will need to show proof of their non-tax residency and compliancy status.

How much personal tax is too much tax to pay?

13 May 2022 /  Bryden Morton and Chris Blair
The tax-paying citizen is not an endless supply of funding.

Sars disallowed over 60% of home office claims last year

10 May 2022 /  Amanda Visser
The rules regarding the deduction of these expenses are clear, but taxpayers should know their options if Sars gets it wrong.

Small scale fuel distributor battling to get fuel levy refund

9 May 2022 /  Barbara Curson
Full bench identifies errors by Sars and errors in earlier judgment as taxpayer’s eight-year wait continues.

Oppenheimer leads a complex lifestyle, but where is he resident?

5 May 2022 /  Barbara Curson
The competition between countries for taxing rights is fierce.

Sars and the never ending cycle of inappropriate verifications

4 May 2022 /  Amanda Visser
Taxpayer complaints of this nature are now classified as systemic.

Non-compliance with employee taxes negatively impacts individuals

3 May 2022 /  Amanda Visser
There is talk of rights for employees to compel their employers to comply.

New landmark study for tax professionals

2 May 2022 /  Roxanna Naidoo
With a view to improving the level of support provided by industry bodies and expediting often-onerous interactions with government tax agencies.

Sars is flexing its muscles

29 Apr 2022 /  Barbara Curson
Successful search and seizure operation carried out by Sars, the SAPS and the Hawks.

Sars wins appeal against adverse high court judgment

28 Apr 2022 /  Barbara Curson
PAJA review applications must be made within prescribed period.

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