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A theory of a tax revolt: Is South Africa on the brink?

South Africans seem increasingly restive about paying taxes to a government mired in corruption allegations.

Some proposals to ‘tighten’ SEZ tax regime withdrawn

But concerns raised by tax and manufacturing experts will have to wait.

Tax practitioners are being told to ‘toe the line’

Or face being deregistered and barred from practicing.

Exactly who is entitled to obtain confidential taxpayer information?

It’s now up to the courts to give clarity on the matter.

Treasury retains cap on investments in venture capital companies

A move that may put the future of some VCCs in jeopardy.

Mboweni says ‘rock the boat’, but there are no waves

Taxpayers must brace themselves for even more increases.

Tax is an important weapon in clawing back ‘ill-gotten gains’

Money received by corrupt means is still income, and is subject to income tax.

SA faces possible tax revenue shortfall of R50-R98bn

Commissioner seen to be making the right moves to restore Sars and get tax-collection targets back within reach, but it might take a while.

Be aware of the tax treatment on restricted shares

Grey tax areas, especially for start-up businesses, are tricky.

Tax ruling against BMW has implications for all

Court rules that tax consulting fees paid by employers should be seen as part of an employee's income and are thus taxable.

Tax-free savings: Check out what the experts hold

SA's personal finance community opens up.

Apple’s odds in tax case of the century may sway in court test

Judges also to rule this week on similar cases involving Starbucks and Fiat Chrysler.

Where is it best to invest R3m?

Several things need to be considered; staying focused on your long-term objective – retirement – is important.

Is there a tax-saving route to financial emigration?

If I proceed with financial emigration to Mauritius, will I still be personally liable for capital gains tax on the shares I hold in a company?



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