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Employee or independent contractor?

Incorrect classification could trigger significant tax penalties, interest.

Relief, concern about revised expat tax proposal

Will mitigate worries, but employer cost, tax credit headaches could be significant.

Does it make sense to contribute after-tax money to a pension fund?

The pros and cons of contributions beyond the R350 000 cap.

‘SMEs need bolder tax concessions’

Questions remain about abuse and tax gap in the sector.

Rich people from these nations hide the most offshore wealth

The top 0.01% isn’t paying a big chunk of its tax bill.

Will a donation to my spouse trigger capital gains tax?

I’m married out of community of property and would like to donate unit trusts to my spouse.

Sars sees serious slippage in compliance culture

Revenue service faces pressure to up its game.

Treasury’s massive fiscal dilemma

Without economic growth, it is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Missed the special voluntary disclosure deadline?

Normal regularisation progress could still be an option.

The tax implications of investing offshore

Comparison of hard currency and rand-based investment.

TFSAs: Do transfers, dividend reinvestment affect limits?

Does selling one ETF to reinvest in another, reinvesting dividends or withdrawing affect TFSA limits?

Sars unduly delays tax refunds in some cases, Ombud finds

Concern that situation may not improve.

Penalties on non-submission of returns reversed

Many taxpayers were not required to file returns as they were below the income threshold.

Concern about introduction of tax legislation ‘by press release’

Creates uncertainty and could deter investment, practitioner warns.



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