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Covid-19: Salary cuts and tax impact

6 Jul 2020 /  Amanda Visser   8
The less you earn, the bigger your tax ‘saving’.

Fundamental change to tax filing season

1 Jul 2020 /  Amanda Visser   8
Taxpayers should take note now.

Tax ombud releases report on systemic issues at Sars

24 Jun 2020 /  Barbara Curson   5
Along with recommendations.

Tito’s emergency budget and the harsh realities awaiting SA

11 Jun 2020 /  Amanda Visser   12
The impact of the chokehold on economic activity will be spelt out later this month.

‘Rogue unit’ propaganda slur finally put to bed

11 Jun 2020 /  Barbara Curson   9
Impugned report of Inspector-General of Intelligence reviewed and set aside.

Balancing Sars’s powers and duties with taxpayers’ rights and obligations

8 Jun 2020 /  Barbara Curson   9
In conversation with new tax ombud CEO Thabo Legwaila.

Taxing times

5 Jun 2020 /  Melitta Ngalonkulu   16
It's important to document everything during this period, say the experts.

Sars versus taxpayers

29 May 2020 /  Barbara Curson    26
Revenue service responds to Moneyweb reader experiences.

Covid-19: Taxpayers can apply for a tax debt deferment

29 May 2020 /  Amanda Visser   1
Up to 35% of an employer’s total employee PAYE tax liability may be deferred as well as 35% of its provisional tax liability.

Was the tax calculation on my pension withdrawal correct?

21 May 2020 /  Craig Torr  
You need to determine whether you've made any previous withdrawals that would have impacted how you've been taxed.

Sars abuses wide powers of debt recovery

18 May 2020 /  Barbara Curson   26
A win for a taxpayer as third party notice issued to bank for withdrawal of funds is declared unlawful.

The folly of allowing the economy to ‘informalise’

8 May 2020 /  Amanda Visser   21
Preventing people from being economically active pushes them to start doing so illegally.

Sars issues more Covid-19 relief guidelines

7 May 2020 /  Barbara Curson   7
Attempting to further alleviate the financial stress suffered by companies, but the amendments may not be enough.

Considerations for companies in distress

6 May 2020 /  Amanda Visser   9
‘Massive increase’ in the number of crisis business sales seen as inevitable.

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