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Companies in low- or no-tax jurisdictions must show ‘economic substance’

23 Sep 2020 /  Amanda Visser   8
In countries with low- or no tax, firms must have staff, premises, expenses and activities aligned with the company's nature.

Tax Ombud launches #TaxpayersRightsMatter campaign

22 Sep 2020 /  Barbara Curson   7
Will be focusing on customer-centricity and making it easier for taxpayers to access its services.

Tax move on contract miners will affect the entire sector

18 Sep 2020 /  Amanda Visser   5
Treasury called upon to properly consider the impact of the proposed amendment.

Back to the drawing board on pension pot access for emigrants

11 Sep 2020 /  Amanda Visser   8
Treasury has invited further comment from those who who are against the three-year rule.

The role of incentives in getting SA’s economy going again

10 Sep 2020 /  Amanda Visser   2
Some tax breaks get business booming while others create ghost towns.

The use, abuse and vulnerability of company tax losses

10 Sep 2020 /  Barbara Curson   4
There’s a fine line between raising revenue and disincentivising investment.

A social contract in need of repair

9 Sep 2020 /  Barbara Curson   26
South Africa needs an accountable democracy and ongoing engagement around tax.

Two sectors may be SA’s economic revivers

9 Sep 2020 /  Amanda Visser   5
Mining and agriculture were among the stand-out performers during what is set to be known as the 'pandemic quarter'.

Covid-19: SA will need R3.4trn to recover

8 Sep 2020 /  Amanda Visser   23
Undercollection of revenue blamed on lack of economic activity and tax compliance levels.

Dealing with Sars: Corporate SA’s experiences

7 Sep 2020 /  Barbara Curson   2
Is Sars raising additional assessments as a 'fishing expedition'?

Emigration to be based on tax residency test from next year

26 Aug 2020 /  Amanda Visser   28
But draft legislation needs more clarification.

Limited options for expat taxpayers to cut tax liability

18 Aug 2020 /  Jonty Sacks   7
Investing in a retirement annuity versus a Section 12J investment.

Sars, you, and those auto-assessments

13 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson   20
It starts with 'auto-submission' – Sars filing your return for you – and is only a provisional assessment that you are free to disagree with.

Sars is seeking to criminalise mistakes

4 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson   53
Doesn't believe taxpayers can make honest errors.

Auto-assessments for individual taxpayers kick off

3 Aug 2020 /  Amanda Visser   42
More than 3 million taxpayers will have their tax returns filed by Sars on their behalf this year.

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