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What it takes to retire at 45

The Stig of financial blogging unpacks his journey towards financial independence.

How can I access part of my annuity?

I was retrenched in August 2015 and need to buy a property with some money left in my RA.

Can I use tracker funds as part of a living annuity portfolio?

A combination of offshore index trackers, active funds and income funds can be a winning long-term strategy in a living annuity.

How do I get started with my financial planning?

Is it advisable to join the company's prescribed medical aid and retirement plans?

How do I get my pension to last?

My pension resides on a Lisp via a living annuity. How do I achieve 5-8% growth, net of costs?

Concern about proposed maximum drawdowns for ‘default’ living annuities

FSCA hopes to provide retirees with some basic protection.

Protecting capital through diversification

Mags Heystek explains how important diversification is in the current bull run.

‘Few retirement funds have implemented defaults’

Trustees are grappling with post-retirement risks, say industry insiders.

How South Africans perceive their retirement

Research highlights gaps between expectations and reality.

Could you stomach a 70% reduction in lifestyle?

The dire reality some retirees are facing.

You could be leaving a negative inheritance

How to build an optimal post-retirement portfolio that protects both you and your family.

How to improve SA’s pension system

Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index highlights various shortcomings.

Retirement: It’s not just about the money

Financial advisors have a bigger role to play than just getting a financial portfolio right.

What Asisa’s average living annuity drawdown rate reveals

And what investors need to keep in mind.



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