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LATEST Retirement  

Could you stomach a 70% reduction in lifestyle?

The dire reality some retirees are facing.

You could be leaving a negative inheritance

How to build an optimal post-retirement portfolio that protects both you and your family.

How to improve SA’s pension system

Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index highlights various shortcomings.

Retirement: It’s not just about the money

Financial advisors have a bigger role to play than just getting a financial portfolio right.

What Asisa’s average living annuity drawdown rate reveals

And what investors need to keep in mind.

Your most important asset

Is a large pot of money really better than a monthly income?

How about giving dad a gift that keeps giving this Father’s Day

It is never too late for your dad to potentially improve his retirement outcome.

6 retirement pitfalls to watch out for

Navigating a landscape fraught with landmines.

RA top up or tax-free savings account?

Should I use the RA tax benefit, as allowed by Sars, before investing into a tax-free fund?

The world isn’t prepared for retirement

New data show people all over the globe don’t understand basic concepts of investment and inflation.

Does a lump sum at retirement age make sense?

The primary need in retirement is to have an inflation-adjusted income for the remainder of your life.

The real returns required to sustain your income in retirement

Highlights the need to include growth assets in portfolios.

Is this how we solve the retirement crisis?

Default regulations ‘not a compliance exercise’.

How much is ‘just enough for’ elderly care?

Based on calculations, pensioners require R20 500 per month for essential expenses.



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