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LATEST Retirement  

Can I cancel my provident preserver policy and withdraw everything?

10 Jan 2022 /  Michael Haldane
Your options depend on whether you are younger or older than 55.

Allowing withdrawals from pension funds to increase retirement savings

4 Jan 2022 /  Adriaan Kruger
Overall savings expected to more than double under the proposed 'two-pot' system.

SWF and public pension fund assets hit record $31.9trn – report

2 Jan 2022 /  Karin Strohecker, Reuters
While emerging markets fall behind overall.

How sequence risk affects retirees and what choices they have

29 Dec 2021 /  Jean-Pierre Matthews
Income funds are providing lower real returns in the post Covid-19 environment.

‘Two-pot’ system expected to double retirement outcomes for new members

24 Dec 2021 /  Vickie Lange and John Anderson
Thanks to the 'preservation' aspect of the quid pro quo 'short term financial relief' proposal.

Rich business owners are rethinking retirement in pandemic’s fallout

18 Dec 2021 /  Ben Stupples, Bloomberg
Entrepreneurs and families surveyed in the US were more likely than those elsewhere to be considering either delaying and accelerating their plans, report shows.

At 35, would a five- or 10-year RSA Retail Bond be a good investment?

2 Dec 2021 /  Marius Fenwick
Retail bonds are good solutions for retired individuals who need the income and who receive additional tax rebates.

I have had to take early retirement: what are my options?

1 Dec 2021 /  Stephen Katzenellenbogen
Should I focus on investing disposable income in retirement products that reduce my tax profile, or should I invest in growth assets to get back forgone capital then draw an income from there?

Should I cash in my preservation fund to buy a rental property to supplement my income?

30 Nov 2021 /  Marius Fenwick
Advantages and disadvantages of taking this approach.

New Sars approvals on purchasing an annuity at retirement

27 Nov 2021 /  Jenny Gordon
BGR 58 is now final.

A look at the MTBPS’s proposed two-pot retirement system

19 Nov 2021 /  Simon Brown
Blessing Utete from Old Mutual Corporate believes that ‘the proposed forms will improve retirement outcomes ... with lot more preservation in the long term’.

Over 20 000 former government employees have not claimed their pensions

12 Nov 2021 /  Barbara Curson
Unclaimed pension benefits are defined as benefits unpaid for longer than 24 months after the employee's exit date.

Early access to retirement savings in South Africa is a risk: here’s why

10 Nov 2021 /  Bomikazi Zeka
It is expected that the overhaul will come into effect in 2022.

Don’t lose sight of your retirement goals

6 Nov 2021 /  Janine Horn
Amid discussions around early access to retirement funds ....

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