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Energy department to lead nuclear build program

2 Jun 2015 /  Paul Vecchiatto, Bloomberg
Nuclear options for SA currently being explored, despite objections from activists, unions.

Public workers threaten to withdraw from wage deal

2 Jun 2015 /  Reuters
If government fails to meet the previously agreed upon demand.

Mr Price profit gains as clothes retailer focuses on cash sales

2 Jun 2015 /  Janice Kew, Bloomberg
Retailer is 'actively seeking new markets', plans to open stores in Australia.

Harmony plans to minimise job cuts at loss-making mine

2 Jun 2015 /  Reuters
Wage talks in South Africa's gold sector set to begin this month.

New visa regulations a ‘possible mess’ – SATSA

2 Jun 2015 / 
Home Affairs argues against negative tourism outcome.

Rand under pressure as eyes on Greece talks

2 Jun 2015 /  Reuters
Greek concerns 'to remain in focus'.

Turn FIFA into a public company to salvage soccer

2 Jun 2015 /  Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg
If FIFA was a public company, its shareholders would be in revolt by now.

Delta Property Fund to acquire 15 property letting enterprises

2 Jun 2015 /  Reuters
Aggregate net purchase consideration for acquisition is R507m

The 50 best restaurants in the world

2 Jun 2015 /  Tejal Rao, Bloomberg
Two South African restaurants make the top 100.

Chinese ferry with 458 aboard sinks in storm

2 Jun 2015 /  Reuters
Divers pull man, woman alive from upturned hull.

Goldman Sachs asked two of the world’s best-known economists if US stocks are in a bubble

2 Jun 2015 /  Julie Verhage, Bloomberg
It's Shiller vs. Siegel in the battle over equity market valuations.

Will Greece join these deadbeats that missed debt payments to the IMF?

2 Jun 2015 /  Scott Lanman, Bloomberg
The country is at risk of being enshrined alongside Cuba, Cambodia, and Zimbabwe.

Nigeria central bank officials accused of $40m fraud

2 Jun 2015 /  Reuters
Six central bank officials and 16 commercial bank staff accused of currency theft and recirculating notes intended for destruction.

Striking workers at MTN reject performance targets

1 Jun 2015 /  Reuters
Forcing the company to close some of its South African help centres.

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