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Bank of Russia seeks to outlaw mining and trading of Crypto

21 Jan 2022 /  Evgenia Pismennaya and Andrey Biryukov, Bloomberg
Citing the dangers posed to the country’s financial system and environment. 

SA bolsters genomics capability to hunt deadly disease

21 Jan 2022 /  Janice Kew, Bloomberg
After leading global efforts to identify new strains of the coronavirus.

Netflix plunges after forecast for new customers disappoints

21 Jan 2022 /  Lucas Shaw, Bloomberg
Shares of Netflix fell as much as 20% to $404.50 in after-hours trading, erasing about $45 billion in market value as investors braced for the prospect that the streaming giant is entering a new phase of slower growth.

AmEx redesigns $695-a-year platinum card with Mehretu, Wiley Art

21 Jan 2022 /  Jenny Surane, Bloomberg
Cardholders can also elect to stick with the card’s classic design.

Chipmakers tumble again in biggest weekly drop since March 2020

21 Jan 2022 /  Ryan Vlastelica, Bloomberg
Among other notable technology and internet names, shares fell 3% and closed at their lowest since March. Apple and Alphabet both fell more than 1%.

Nasdaq 100 enters correction as tech stocks resume slide

21 Jan 2022 /  Jessica Menton, Bloomberg
The Nasdaq 100 dropped 1.3% to close at 14 846.46, pulling it down more than 10% from its November 19 closing record.

Evergrande to hire advisers, starts identifying bondholders

21 Jan 2022 /  Rebecca Choong Wilkins and Alice Huang, Bloomberg
Risk management committee plans to hire additional financial and legal advisers.

There’s a four-year wait list for Toyota Land Cruisers in Japan

21 Jan 2022 /  Tsuyoshi Inajima, Bloomberg
As the automaker struggles to keep up with demand for the iconic sports utility vehicle amid supply-chain disruptions.

Gold set for second weekly advance as inflation, yields in focus

21 Jan 2022 /  Ranjeetha Pakiam, Bloomberg
Spot gold rose 0.1% to $1 841.56 an ounce by 11:28 a.m. in Singapore, and is up 1.3% this week.

Bitcoin’s correlation with tech strengthens as risk appetite returns

21 Jan 2022 /  Akayla Gardner and Emily Nicolle, Bloomberg
Bitcoin is proving once again that its long-touted classification as an uncorrelated asset is more folklore than fact.

Africa CDC says it will talk to Merck about Covid pill, Pfizer talks ‘advanced’

20 Jan 2022 /  Alexander Winning, Reuters
'The Pfizer arrangement is far advanced ... In time, if we narrow this down and finalise ... with Pfizer, I'm sure we'll engage with Merck as well,' he said

WeTransfer, backers seek up to $286m in Amsterdam IPO

20 Jan 2022 /  Swetha Gopinath, Bloomberg
In a key test of investor appetite as the rout in tech stocks deepens.

BHP holders set to back single listing as miner mulls M&A

20 Jan 2022 /  James Thornhill, Bloomberg
A move that could ease the global miner’s return to big deals.

Why the Fed must move fast to tame inflation

20 Jan 2022 /  Stephanie Flanders and Michael Sasso, Bloomberg
When facing an economic crisis, the Fed’s playbook normally skews toward juicing the economy too much rather than too little.

Drug-resistant infections were more deadly than HIV in 2019

20 Jan 2022 /  Irina Anghel, Bloomberg
As common infections that could previously be treated become impervious to existing cures.

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