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Africa CDC warns on vaccine hoarding amid monkeypox outbreak

26 May 2022 /  Bhargav Acharya and Alexander Winning, Reuters
'Vaccines should go to where it is needed the most and equitably, so based on risk, and not on who can be able to buy it,' Ahmed Ogwell Ouma said.

As hunger bites in Somalia, babies start to die

25 May 2022 /  Andrew Cawthorne, Bloomberg
2.8 million people have received aid. Another 3.1 million could be helped if more money came in.

Indian vaccine giant Serum plans African plant in global expansion

24 May 2022 /  Aditya Kalra and Krishna N. Das, Reuters
Poonawalla said he was meeting some African officials in Davos to discuss his plans.

Nigeria shunned OECD-backed tax agreement over revenue concerns

24 May 2022 /  Emele Onu, Bloomberg
While the OECD agreement is not favourable to Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation has developed internal solutions to collect more taxes in the digital economy, according to Nami.

Pollution killing 9m people a year, Africa hardest hit – study

22 May 2022 /  Gloria Dickie, Reuters
Pollution-related deaths up 7% from 2015 to 2019.

African Development Bank starts $1.5bn fund

20 May 2022 /  Prinesha Naidoo, Bloomberg
To wean continent off Russian wheat.

Global warming threatens Africa’s southern yellow-billed hornbill

19 May 2022 /  Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg
The bird is best known for its unusual breeding and nesting habits where the female seals herself in a cavity and stays there for about 50 days to brood and care for chicks.

Driest conditions in 40 years seen continuing in horn of Africa

19 May 2022 /  Samuel Gebre, Bloomberg
Every year, an oscillation in sea-surface temperatures in the western and eastern parts of the Indian Ocean, causes either long droughts or heavy rain in eastern Africa.

Microplastics are rife in drinking water of West Africa’s largest city

18 May 2022 /  Leslie Kaufman, Bloomberg
The tiny particles and flakes, produced when plastic is disposed of improperly and breaks down, seep into the environment where they can be ingested by animals and humans.

Central bank governor ends bid to become Nigeria’s president

18 May 2022 /  William Clowes, Bloomberg
By remaining in the post beyond May 16, the 60-year-old effectively abandoned his short-lived campaign for the highest office in Africa’s largest economy.

Crypto can complement mobile money in Africa, Kenyan banker says

18 May 2022 /  Bella Genga, Bloomberg
'Africa will benefit substantially from leapfrogging on the fourth industrial technologies, and cryptocurrency is one of them,' James Mwangi said.

Zimbabwe abandons bank lending ban that stalled economy

17 May 2022 /  Ray Ndlovu and Godfrey Marawanyika, Bloomberg
Inflation pushed to 96%.

Zimbabwe abandons bank lending ban that stalled economy

17 May 2022 /  Ray Ndlovu and Godfrey Marawanyika, Bloomberg
The measure, the lifting of which was announced by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor John Mangudya on Tuesday, has had little impact on the exchange rate.

African nations want common stance on elephant, ivory trade

17 May 2022 /  Ray Ndlovu and Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg
Zimbabwe and Botswana among countries demanding the right to do as they please with their elephants and ivory stockpiles.

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