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Buhari’s Exxon sale flip-flop risks Nigeria’s oil reform

16 Aug 2022 /  Anthony Osae-Brown, BLoomberg
Buhari’s administration is trying to reverse dwindling production and attract major investment into the sector that generates more than 90% of export earnings.

Not yet uhuru: the African Union has had a few successes but remains weak

14 Aug 2022 /  Adekeye Adebajo
The AU also conducts most of its business through unanimity, making it difficult to reach quick decisions.

Burundi at 60 is the poorest country on the planet

14 Aug 2022 /  André Guichaoua
A look at what went wrong.

Why the IMF visits and what to watch out for

14 Aug 2022 /  Danny Bradlow
The fund regularly – usually annually – sends a staff team to assess the state of each country’s macro economy.

Somalia’s worst drought in 40 years displaces 1m people

14 Aug 2022 /  Mohammed Omar Ahmed, Bloomberg
This year alone, an estimated 755 000 people fled their homes in search of water: UNHCR.

What Ramaphosa’s energy plan will mean for SA

14 Aug 2022 /  Wikus Kruger
And how the regional energy landscape is changing...

Zambia can meet growing food demand

13 Aug 2022 /  Antony Chapoto, Ntombifuthi Tshabalala and Simon Roberts
How to fix what’s standing in its way.

[TOP STORY] Inflation’s impact on emerging markets

12 Aug 2022 /  Simon Brown
‘There are always plenty of good-quality companies with solid fundamentals, especially in the Africa universe’: Rami Hajjar – Allan Gray.

Zimbabwe central bank considers currency board: MPC member

11 Aug 2022 /  Ray Ndlovu, Bloomberg
A currency board must back all units of domestic currency in circulation with foreign currency.

Is there really a paradigm shift in US/Africa relations?

10 Aug 2022 /  Gilbert M. Khadiagala
Why the answer seems to be yes.

US revamps Africa strategy, sounds alarm on China, Russia

9 Aug 2022 /  Mike Cohen, Bloomberg
The US is determined 'to graduate from policies that inadvertently treat sub-Saharan Africa as a world apart'.

Zimbabwe eyes more solar water heaters as power grid struggles

7 Aug 2022 /  Lungelo Ndhlovu, the Thomson Reuters Foundation
The African country has been battling load shedding for years.

Subsidies for African farmers

7 Aug 2022 /  Andrew M. Simons
We’ve designed a tool to guide spending decisions.

China welcomes US rivalry in Africa if it broadens benefits

5 Aug 2022 /  Matthew Hill, Bloomberg
Zambia announced in 2020 it needed to restructure external debts that grew to $17.3 billion by the end of 2021.

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