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Nigeria faces challenges of politicking, mounting debt in 2020

The currency is also at risk of being devalued.

Zimbabwe imports corn as catastrophic hunger looms

As many as eight million people are suffering from hunger in Zimbabwe.

Ghana determined to join West African neighbours’ new currency

The new currency, 'Eco', is expected to replace the CFA Franc.

At least 90 people killed in Mogadishu checkpoint blast – international organisation

This is the latest in a string of deadly attacks in Somalia.

Zimbabwe drought, hunger likely to run into 2020, Fewsnet says

Some regions are facing a 'phase 3' food crisis, just two steps down from a full-blown famine.

Zambia energy regulator allows state power utility to hike prices

Zambia is seeking investment into power generation.

From medicine to recycling, 6 African start-ups doing business for good in 2019

Social enterprises are growing with the emergence of tech hubs and accelerators across developing nations.

The top African markets to watch in 2020

The year that passed proved to deliver positive returns for investors, but 2020 may present a new set of risks.

Rhino poaching at record levels in Botswana

Botswana says it will step up efforts to address poaching.

Christmas dinner in Nigeria this year misses one key ingredient

The cost of imported rice is soaring in Nigeria.

A tiny African kingdom wants to export its cannabis to the world

The cannabis industry in Lesotho is taking off after becoming the first African country to legalise the drug for medicinal use.

FDA approves Ebola vaccine with 100% effectiveness

The company that developed the vaccine is working on ramping up production of the vaccine to be available in the third quarter of 2020.

New big solar project to light up Madagascar

Groupe Filatex teams up with Canada’s DERA Energy.

Lagos building luxury homes in face of affordable housing crisis

Nigeria has a housing deficit of 2.5 million units.

Botswana submits $102.5m supplementary budget

Allocates additional funds to cater for increases in civil service and armed forces wages and pensions.



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