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Zimbabwe has a plan to end 20-year standoff with creditors

The only problem is that it is racing against time as nationwide protests loom.

Zimbabwe on edge as opposition challenges protest ban

Police ban MDC street demonstration saying it would result in violence.

Namibia follows SA rate cut to boost shrinking economy

This is the first rate cut in two years.

Good news for chocolate lovers as rains boost Africa cocoa crops

The Ivory Coast and Ghana, which combined account for more than 60% of global cocoa production, are preparing for their annual cocoa harvests.

Nigerian president to meet with Ramaphosa in October for talks

Leaders to reportedly discuss xenophobic attacks in SA, and trade and investment matters.

Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa speaks of ‘truly remarkable’ progress

Says jobs and economic progress on their way to the troubled country.

Mozambique indicts 20 people over $2bn hidden-debt scandal

Charges include corruption, money laundering, criminal association, possession of prohibited weapons, blackmail, among others.

Eskom begins 400MW power supply to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe owes Eskom over R349m in unpaid bills.

Zimbabwean banks plan to fight $100m Paynet lawsuit

The case relates to a dispute over payments.

Three Gorges has nothing on China-backed dam to power Africa

The Grand Inga Dam hydroelectric project in Congo could be the solution to Africa's power crisis.

UN raises aid appeal for Zimbabwe to $331.5m, many face starvation

UN says 2.3m people in rural Zimbabwe need emergency food aid now.

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe hospitalised in Singapore since April

The country's current president says Mugabe is 'responding very well to all treatment'.

Zimbabwe, the country we don’t know how to survive

What’s next? That’s what we all want to know.

Mozambique sets up checkpoints for Ebola along Malawi border

Ebola, one of the deadliest diseases on Earth is among a handful of illnesses governments consider a threat to national security.

Zimbabwe reaches ‘tipping point’ as inflation blacked out

Economic crisis in the African state is rapidly worsening.



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