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New credit act leaves lenders exposed

23 Mar 2015 /  Hanna Barry  
National Credit Regulator coy on approach to non-compliance.

Rand firms by 1% on emerging markets rally

20 Mar 2015 /  Reuters  
Propelled by a strengthening European currency.

SA losing out on generic cost savings

19 Mar 2015 /  Letitia Watson   6
Some medical schemes want the cheapest generics used, but doctors and pharmacists resist them.

Eskom wants as many skilled people as possible – Ramaphosa

18 Mar 2015 /     1
Voluntary retrenchments process has been stopped.

SA remains in the now ‘Fragile Three’

17 Mar 2015 /  Simon Kennedy, Bloomberg  
India and Indonesia may have dodged the bullet.

Unsecured lending plummets as mortgages recover

17 Mar 2015 /  Hanna Barry  
Mortgage advances more than double in 2014.

Unsecured lending plummets as mortgages recover

17 Mar 2015 /  Hanna Barry  
Mortgage advances more than double in 2014

Current account deficit shrinks in fourth quarter

17 Mar 2015 /  Hanna Barry  
Fewer strikes and a weak rand help boost exports.

Five key economic themes

17 Mar 2015 /  Ingé Lamprecht  
That will shape the macro landscape this year.

Credit act amendments only effective if enforced

17 Mar 2015 /  Hanna Barry  
Will the NCR rise to the occasion?  

Credit life insurance remains uncapped in latest credit act amendments

16 Mar 2015 /  Hanna Barry   1
Small credit providers not required to register with regulator either.

SA’s current account battle is falling short

16 Mar 2015 /  Mike Cohen, Bloomberg  
Commodity prices, power shortages conspire against it.

Cape Town files claim against World Cup stadium builders

16 Mar 2015 /  Janice Kew, Bloomberg   3
'We don’t have to prove collusion, we just have to prove the amount the city is owed - Deputy Mayor.

Amendments to the National Credit Act now effective

16 Mar 2015 /  Hanna Barry   3
Unsecured lending will dry up, says debt-counselling firm.

Medical specialists: cost cowboys or just given a bad rap?

16 Mar 2015 /  Letitia Watson   5
Specialists say pricing guidelines aren's cost-based, DoH wants a closer look.

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