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SA’s current account battle is falling short

16 Mar 2015 /  Mike Cohen, Bloomberg  
Commodity prices, power shortages conspire against it.

Cape Town files claim against World Cup stadium builders

16 Mar 2015 /  Janice Kew, Bloomberg   3
'We don’t have to prove collusion, we just have to prove the amount the city is owed - Deputy Mayor.

Amendments to the National Credit Act now effective

16 Mar 2015 /  Hanna Barry   3
Unsecured lending will dry up, says debt-counselling firm.

Medical specialists: cost cowboys or just given a bad rap?

16 Mar 2015 /  Letitia Watson   5
Specialists say pricing guidelines aren's cost-based, DoH wants a closer look.

Weak rand, cheap oil fall short on South African current account

16 Mar 2015 /  Mike Cohen, Bloomberg   1
Efforts to shrink the current-account deficit are falling short.

Franchising on a budget

16 Mar 2015 /  Morgan Barnard  
How much capital do you need to get into the game.

South Africa farm loan books still growing

13 Mar 2015 /  Ed Stoddard, Reuters   2
Despite government's aim to speed pace of land reform.

Funding aplenty for small businesses

13 Mar 2015 /  Sungula Nkabinde  
But SMEs need information and to tick all the necessary boxes to access funding.

Abil’s demise could mean a new ‘boom time’ for securitisations

13 Mar 2015 /    
SA Home Loans and SA Taxi may benefit the most - Futuregrowth CIO.

Banking opportunities in Africa look less rosy

13 Mar 2015 /  Hanna Barry   1
SA banks face low growth here, weak commodity prices abroad.

Is local e-commerce growing up?

13 Mar 2015 /  Jessica Hubbard   1
SA’s e-tailers are eyeing a fast-maturing market.

The future of self-driving cars

13 Mar 2015 /  Ingé Lamprecht  
Could be more than two decades before it gets going – KPMG survey.

Winds of change in global trade

13 Mar 2015 /  Sasha Planting   1
Only the most competitive will win.

Digital migration is not just about TV

13 Mar 2015 /  Patrick Cairns  
It will be a boost for mobile broadband.

Interest rates likely to rise in Q4

12 Mar 2015 /  Vuyani Ndaba, Reuters  
Earlier than thought.

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