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What’s driving the surge in SA’s fuel price?

20 Jun 2022 /  Jannie Rossouw
A look at what goes into the local fuel price.

UK confronts 1970s-style problems with strikes and inflation

20 Jun 2022 /  Reed Landberg, Bloomberg
UK living Standards are falling at the fastest pace in two decades.

UK is closing in on inflation rate with double digits

20 Jun 2022 /  Craig Stirling, Bloomberg
And other economic highlights from around the world.

5 things to know about the Fed’s biggest interest rate increase since 1994

19 Jun 2022 /  D Brian Blank
And how it will affect you.

Spiraling food crisis hits Sri Lanka as farmers abandon fields

19 Jun 2022 /  Bloomberg News
'I have never seen a situation like this.'

Sri Lanka’s economy grinds to a halt as fuel supplies run dry

17 Jun 2022 /  Bloomberg News
resident Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his family members in government blamed.

War threatens Ukraine’s place in global food security – Ukrainian experts

16 Jun 2022 /  Pavel Polityuk and Natalia Zinets, Reuters
Ukraine is usually a major global grain and oilseed grower, but its exports have fallen sharply since Russia's invasion on February 24

Rising food prices hit poor people the hardest

16 Jun 2022 /  Jannie Rossouw
A close look at inflation in South Africa.

US recession fears set to close funding tap for African startups

16 Jun 2022 /  Samuel Gebre, Emele Onu and Bella Genga, Bloomberg
Fledgling firms will need to run leaner, more efficient operations to survive: partner at pan-African fund TLcom.

World’s central banks got it wrong, and economies pay the price

15 Jun 2022 /  Enda Curran, Bloomberg
Consumers' long-term inflation expectations hit highest since a 2008 oil spike.

Big money in stock market is in mad dash to get out of Fed’s way

15 Jun 2022 /  Lu Wang, Bloomberg 
Volatility elevated across assets ahead of Fed day.

Corporate ‘self-sanctioning’ of Russia has US fearing economic blowback

15 Jun 2022 /  Bloomberg News
Collateral damage from the sanctions has been wider than expected.

SA business confidence index hits lowest since September 2020

14 Jun 2022 /  Bhargav Acharya, Reuters
Due to factors including lower trade volumes, higher financing costs and load shedding.

Austria offers 1 000 euro handouts to quash inflation discontent

14 Jun 2022 /  Bloomberg News
'We’re giving people back the money that inflation took away.'

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