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SA to raise 2019 maize output forecast marginally – poll

Weather conditions remain favourable and yields remain unaffected by frost damage.

Oil climbs to a three-week high as US-Iran tensions simmer

President Donald Trump announces plans for further sanctions against Iran.

The fossil fuel industry is quietly undermining global climate talks

Some fossil fuel companies are undermining scientific consensus and slowing policy progress at climate talks, report finds.

Soybeans may be next market to surge as US showers drag on

Soybeans prices could get a boost if yields and estimates for the commodity's acreage is reduced.

Farmers cut back on multi-peril crop insurance

Facing profitability threats, SA's maize farmers cut back on insurance.

The world will get half its power from wind and solar by 2050

The costs of wind, solar and battery storage continue to plummet.

First pot, then magic mushrooms? Decriminalisation is spreading

Advocates say mushrooms have untapped medical potential that could be as big as cannabis.

The potential unintended consequences of prescribed assets

Impacts could be far-reaching.

Former Goldman banker gets three months for insider trading

Woojae Jung used material nonpublic information from his investment bank employer to net nearly $130 000.

Here’s how many branches banks have shut in the last decade

Big banks have closed nearly 700 branches since the peak. Only Capitec is still adding to its footprint.

Dying from the heat can be reduced by dialling down emissions

The risks posed by 'extreme high temperatures' can be lowered by reducing temperature rises by only a half a degree - study.

Coffee beans, potatoes and opportunity

Drones, sensors, solar panels, smartphones … farming is becoming an exciting sector for the young and enterprising.

SA’s 2019 maize crop down 13% from previous season

Dry conditions delayed plantings in key maize growing areas.

SA’s 2018/2019 maize crop seen down 14% from previous season – poll

Drought delayed plantings.



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