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Mining, Engineering, Industry, Factory production

Logistics sector will drive entry of electric trucks

UD Trucks to embrace new technologies and artificial intelligence for the SA market.

Cement imports accelerate

As local producers scurry to finalise application for tariff protection.

It may be time to liberate auditors from the accounting profession

New report says auditors need to go beyond scepticism and become suspicious of clients.

Grindrod to invest R175m in AutoPort in KwaZulu-Natal

In line with its strategy to develop and provide logistical solutions on various corridors.

Construction sector improvement depends on government action – Mace

Consultancy firm forecasts that GDP growth this year should support construction activity.

Mahindra SA set to enter a new growth phase

Subsidiary of Indian conglomerate to deliver on its localisation promise this year.

The road ahead for SA’s slowing automotive sector

Export market is key as low economic growth continues to bite at home.

Not all cars are created equal when it comes to resale value

Evaluator analysis reveals the top ten vehicles that hold their value.

With copper stocks tapped out, banks see a 2020 price spike

Copper's price could make a good case for the global economy.

How the oil market learned to live with a Middle East in flames

A trading pattern has emerged to absorb most shock disruptions.

What to watch for in commodities in 2020

The list covers oil, gold, copper, iron ore, pork and more.

Digging up the dirt – could soil contain the answer to food shortages?

Healthy soil can boost yields but erosion is taking away the potential.

How to drink your way around the new proposed wine tariffs

A list on lookalikes for wines already subject to tariffs and for Champagne, which may be affected next month. 

How a decade of drinking changed the future of booze

Six significant changes to the alcohol culture may have a stronger impact on what, and how, we drink.



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