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Powerships: Consumers will carry the risk

13 Apr 2021 /  Moneyweb   17
Tariff will change according to fluctuations in LNG price.

High-end coffee beans are surging as ‘serious’ deficit looms

10 Apr 2021 /  Marvin G Perez, Bloomberg   4
The world will be short 7.5m bags for this season’s crop cycle.

SA’s manufacturing output down year on year in February

8 Apr 2021 /  Mfuneko Toyana, Reuters  
After shrinking in January.

Construction industry to bounce back in 2021

6 Apr 2021 /  Roy Cokayne   12
After being the economy's worst-performing sector last year.

Equal gender pay set back a generation by pandemic, WEF says

4 Apr 2021 /  Lizzy Burden, Bloomberg   7
Making women wait a years longer to earn the same as men.

A premium coffee shortfall is getting worse, lifting Latte costs

3 Apr 2021 /  Marvin G. Perez, Bloomberg   1
The market for higher-end coffee just can’t catch a break.

PPC’s planned equity raise under review, pushed out six months

1 Apr 2021 /  Roy Cokayne  
Follows the group resolving its $175m DRC debt exposure and reducing the debt on its SA balance sheet.

The state of infrastructure investment in SA

29 Mar 2021 /  Busi Mavuso   14
It is not the spending itself that matters, but the economic and social impact of the spending.

The world is facing a coffee deficit in supply chain ‘nightmare’

27 Mar 2021 /  Marvin G. Perez, Fabiana Batista and Manisha Jha, Bloomberg   2
Coffee stockpiles have sunk to a six-year low in the US even with Brazil’s record crop.

SA vehicle manufacturers want Automotive Masterplan reviewed

24 Mar 2021 /  Roy Cokayne   7
Before it is implemented – because 'the world has changed' since it was developed.

Building and construction sector activity levels continue to recover

17 Mar 2021 /  Roy Cokayne   3
But the recovery is expected to stall in the first quarter.

Construction industry shows movement towards pre-pandemic levels – index

16 Mar 2021 /  Nompu Siziba    1
‘It is shocking, the level of incompetence, bureaucratic incompetence that is hampering construction’: Dr Roelof Botha – economist.

Cabinet inaction delays merger of three state energy subsidiaries

5 Mar 2021 /  Jan-Jan Joubert   4
Parliament’s portfolio committee on mineral resources and energy heard this week.

Oil rallies toward $65

5 Mar 2021 /  Saket Sundria, Bloomberg  
Goldman Sachs sees Brent at $80 in the third quarter.

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