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Where are the women money managers?

It's a global question.

Philip Morris says it doesn’t want you to buy its cigarettes

Instead, it’s ramping up focus on its IQOS heat-not-burn device, already sold in about 44 countries.

Malaria vaccine took 30 years and it’s still a work in progress

Development of the vaccine cost nearly $1bn.

The $18bn electric-car bubble at risk of bursting in China

There are now 486 EV manufacturers registered in China.

Activists push SA pension funds to tally climate costs

Just Share and ClientEarth write to more than 50 SA funds about their duty to savers.

World’s biggest winemakers rebound to bottle biggest vintage in 15 years

Italy kept its spot as the world’s biggest producer in 2018, with volume surging 29%.

Cannabis futures contracts may be headed to an exchange near you

New Leaf Data Services is finding ways to enable traders an opportunity to speculate on cannabis.

Start-up Robolite offers traffic signals to beat load shedding car jams

Blackout-busting traffic lights with tamper-proof batteries and a lower price-tag set to go into production soon.

SA reports farm outbreak of African swine fever – OIE

The outbreak killed 32 out of a herd of 36 pigs on a farm in the North West - remaining animals were slaughtered - report.

Should South Africa explore the cannabis market?

Underutilised land close to the size of the Kruger National Park could be put into full production.

Jaguar Land Rover begins Brexit-linked UK plant shutdowns

At least half the country's car production to be left off-line, ahead of what could be a pivotal week for Brexit.

SA’s UK trade agreement ‘will continue’ despite chaotic Brexit talks

Government believes it will still have unfettered access to the UK once it leaves the EU.

From molecules to electrons; can Big Oil become Big Power?

Electric power demand growth expected to outdo that for oil.

VW joins BMW in testing self-driving cars on German city streets

Hamburg is also in the works of developing a new testing ground complete with intelligent traffic lights.



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