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Big coal wants consumers to pay for fixing its pollution problem

The CCS technology siphons pollution away from the chimneys of industrial plants and injects it permanently underground.

BP, Shell to face new shareholder challenge over climate in 2019

A Dutch group filed its first resolution against BP and another resolution against Shell for 2019.

Overhaul of vacation club and timeshare industry on the cards

But it won’t happen overnight.

Buffett-backed BYD plans battery IPO amid electric-car boom

Battery-maker BYD is in the process of spinning off its vehicle-battery operations into a separate company before listing.

World’s first honey bee vaccine seeks to save dying pollinators

The edible vaccine could help bees build immunity against infections.

Carbon emissions from rich nations set to rise in 2018-IEA

A higher use in oil and natural gas is pushing up carbon emissions.

What to watch in commodities: Truce, OPEC+, Alberta, iron, Tesla

Major decisions by leaders at the G-20 in Argentina alongside a rally in the oil market is creating changes in commodities.

Unsexy actuaries are 97.28892% certain they need stronger brand

New actuaries with the highest credentials, or fellows, typically earn $125 000 to $175 000, plus bonus.

Almost half coal power plants seen unprofitable to operate

About 42% of the world’s coal generation capacity is losing money.

Nasa’s latest Mars craft nears landing for unprecedented seismic mission

InSight will spend 24 months using seismic monitoring and underground temperature readings to unlock mysteries about Mars and the origins of the earth.

Organic wine market growing fast but to remain niche – study

Environmentally-conscious consumers are increasingly favouring pesticide-free wines.

SA to invest $1bn in South Sudan’s oil sector

The investment includes the construction of a refinery.

Cancer breakthroughs are set to elude world’s poor, study says

Results come amid focus on making cancer medicines available to more than just wealthy citizens.

Jar wars: the Italian plot to weaken Nutella

Pasta maker, Barilla, is to challenging Nutella with a new chocolate spread.
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