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Is SA heading toward life without a construction sector?

21 May 2020 /  Roy Cokayne   22
Esor follows Group Five in confirming its impending JSE delisting, while Basil Read’s listing future is uncertain.

ACSA seeks state guarantees for $594m in new debt

18 May 2020 /  Wendell Roelf, Reuters   1
African airlines could lose $6 billion in passenger revenue in 2020, the International Air Transport Association said last month.

‘Government on the path to resetting its relationship with citizens’

18 May 2020 /  Busi Mavuso   19
BLSA CEO Busi Mavuso shares her thoughts and is hopeful the ANC's accepting the world as it is – not how it wants it to be.

Zimbabwe tenders for 500MW solar power plants in renewable energy drive

18 May 2020 /  MacDonald Dzirutwe, Reuters   1
Supplies have improved since the country entered a coronavirus lockdown at the end of March, forcing industry to close.

SA’s automotive industry achieves record trade surplus

13 May 2020 /  Roy Cokayne   9
And expects to improve trade balance further in 2020, subject to the global impact of Covid-19.

Let’s make a deal with our robot overlords

10 May 2020 /  Cathy O'Neil, Bloomberg   11
Robots run by algorithms will do a lot of jobs, replacing the human workers who in many cases will have trained them.

SA’s auto industry ambitions threatened by coronavirus

6 May 2020 /  Emma Rumney, Reuters   3
Plans to boost output 'completely out of the window'.

Considerations for companies in distress

6 May 2020 /  Amanda Visser   9
‘Massive increase’ in the number of crisis business sales seen as inevitable.

Horse-racing collapse takes Phumelela to the brink

5 May 2020 /  Janice Kew and Loni Prinsloo, Bloomberg    1
Lockdown restrictions bite.

World’s longest flights put on hold as virus upends plans

5 May 2020 /  Angus Whitley, Bloomberg   
Ultra-long-haul services were planned to start in 2023.

Covid-19 impact on construction sector will be ‘catastrophic’

5 May 2020 /  Roy Cokayne   20
Industry Insight estimates that up to 140 000 formal jobs could be lost as activity levels nosedive.

SA tobacco ban revives minister’s two-decade crusade

30 Apr 2020 /  Rene Vollgraaff, Bloomberg   9
The government received more than 2 000 submissions about the proposal to end the moratorium.

Eskom shuts power plant after warning ash dam may collapse

30 Apr 2020 /  Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg   23
The 1 600-megawatt power plant will be closed for up to three months.

Zimbabwe reopens tobacco auctions after coronavirus delay

29 Apr 2020 /  MacDonald Dzirutwe, Reuters   1
Tobacco is the second biggest earner of foreign exchange after gold.

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