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Nestle will trim stake in L’Oreal to 20% with share sale

8 Dec 2021 /  Jonathan Roeder and Angelina Rascouet, Bloomberg  
Scaling back a more than four-decade link between two of Europe’s biggest consumer-goods companies.

Evergrande’s epic restructuring puts onus on Xi to limit fallout

7 Dec 2021 /  Bloomberg News  
The company and Beijing have made it clear that billionaire Hui Ka Han’s property giant is headed for one of China’s largest-ever debt restructurings.

Credit world’s top 2022 play is ‘stock picking’ as risks rev up

7 Dec 2021 /  Alice Gledhill and Tatiana Darie, Bloomberg  
Credit investors are going to be picky about what they buy in Europe’s expensive debt markets next year.

Global finance system partly to blame for inequality – World Bank’s Malpass

7 Dec 2021 /  Andrea Shalal, Reuters  
Fiscal and monetary policies were operating in 'uncharted territory' since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and may be contributing to a sharp rise in global inequality and poverty.

World Bank says its funding helped deliver 100m Covid-19 vaccine doses

7 Dec 2021 /  Andrea Shalal, Reuters  
And it would reach the 150-million mark by the end of the month, if doses arrive as expected.

Oil CEOs warn that high prices jeopardise energy transition

7 Dec 2021 /  Kevin Crowley and David Wethe, Bloomberg  
A prolonged period of elevated prices for fuels such as natural gas 'might jeopardise the development' of alternatives.

The ugly, expensive plan to bring green power to China’s megacities

7 Dec 2021 /  Bloomberg News   1
Bringing all that green power to densely populated commercial centers requires something else: Thousands of kilometers of ultra-high voltage power lines, audibly buzzing with electricity.

Omicron’s rapid spread shreds budding recovery in air travel

6 Dec 2021 /  Angus Whitley, Bloomberg  
The emerging coronavirus wave has put airlines under even more pressure.

China cuts reserve requirement ratio as economy slows

6 Dec 2021 /  Bloomberg News  
Acting to counter the country’s economic slowdown in a move that puts the central bank on a different policy path than many of its peers.

UK pushes US to remove Trump-era steel, aluminum tariffs

6 Dec 2021 /  Kitty Donaldson and Alex Morales, Bloomberg  
After the US struck a deal with the European Union in October to remove their levies.

Evergrande moves toward restructuring as debt deadlines loom

6 Dec 2021 /  Bloomberg News  
Posing a fresh test for Xi Jinping’s government as it tries to rein in the country’s financial excesses without derailing economic growth.

Soon, 1 out of every 15 points of light in the sky will be a satellite

5 Dec 2021 /  Samantha Lawler  
The future is too, too bright.

The hot new trend for hedge funds is — finally — female founders

5 Dec 2021 /  Katherine Burton, Nishant Kumar and Hema Parmar, Bloomberg   1
There has never been such a large launch by a woman-led firm, never mind two in the same year.

Drought has gripped every inch of California for almost 7 months

5 Dec 2021 /  Brian K Sullivan, Bloomberg  
Which has strained water resources and added to ongoing wildfire risks.

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