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Dollar retreats; Asian stocks slip on low volume: markets wrap

21 Sep 2020 /  Adam Haigh and Gregor Stuart Hunter, Bloomberg  
The offshore yuan edged higher.

Boeing whistle-blower says proposed 737 Max fixes aren’t enough

21 Sep 2020 /  Alan Levin, Bloomberg  
Urging aviation regulators to add additional protections to the grounded 737 Max.

Goldman says value, not cyclicals, would rally most on vaccine

21 Sep 2020 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg  
Value shares beat their growth counterparts by more than 3 percentage points over the August 22 to September 8 period.

Gold investors take aim at miners with returns falling short

21 Sep 2020 /  Steven Frank, Bloomberg  
Urging changes at miners as performance “continues to fall short” in some areas even as prices rise.

The pandemic should be WeWork’s moment

20 Sep 2020 /  Conor Sen, Bloomberg   1
As future-of-work discussions shift from theoretical to practical

How to be happy during a pandemic

20 Sep 2020 /  Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg   1
Humans are often creatures of habit, slow to adjust to new circumstances, so which changes should we make?

Brazil is running out of space to store its coffee

20 Sep 2020 /  Fabiana Batista, Manisha Jha and Marvin G Perez, Bloomberg  
'We are very close to our maximum capacity.'

Around the world, the 2020 wine harvest may be most troubled ever

19 Sep 2020 /  Elin McCoy, Bloomberg   3
How is this trouble-plagued harvest going to turn out?

Shopping is moving online

19 Sep 2020 /  Katharine Gemmell and Thomas Pfeiffer, Bloomberg  
Esports are going the other way.

Advertising campaigns: what you don’t see

19 Sep 2020 /  Raeesah Chohan  
Global advertising spend is forecasted to fall by 9.1% by 2021.

Countries need to invest $55trn to reach emissions target

19 Sep 2020 /  Rajesh Kumar Singh, Bloomberg   14
And contain warming of the planet.

Six giant Tesla batteries keep British lights on for first time

18 Sep 2020 /  Rachel Morison, Bloomberg   3
To help balance supply and demand in Britain’s electricity market.

Oil set for best week since June

18 Sep 2020 /  Sharon Cho and James Thornhill, Bloomberg  
With Saudis defending recovery.

Qantas CEO pay sinks 83% to $1.2m as Covid axes bonus

18 Sep 2020 /  Angus Whitley, Bloomberg  
Total executive pay at the airline for the year ended June dropped 69%, the company said.

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