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Democracy falls short for people around the world – survey

In the US 40% of Americans do not believe the country is democratic.

Summer driving in the US gets pricier start as refinery burns

Pump prices are likely to rise as the surge in futures filters down to retail stations.

Global population could peak sooner than we think

Two billion people will be added to the current world population of 7.7bn by 2050 - UN.

A vegan Shake Shack burger? Company not sold on the trend just yet

Shake Shack is first waiting to see if the vegan buzz is here to stay.

Gasoline surges as fire rips through Philadelphia refinery

The Philadelphia oil refinery is the main supplier to the local gasoline market.

Investors flock to world’s happiest nation in search of deals

Companies in Finland are offering attractive deals.

Rain-hit cricket World Cup may cost insurers millions, industry sources say

Four cricket matches were called off due to rain in England.

Women are missing out on the biggest job boom in America

Solar installer and wind-turbine technician are the two fastest-growing professions in the US, currently.

World’s top bicycle maker says the era of ‘Made in China’ is over

Giant Manufacturing is part of a growing number of global firms pivoting production out of China in response to growing trade tensions.

China stands by Hong Kong leader after days of street protests

Political crisis over extradition law enters second week.

Thirty of the world’s best chief executives in 2019

Facebook ’s Mark Zuckerberg and Alphabet ’s Larry Page are on the annual list of top 30 CEOs compiled by Barron’s.

Hong Kong’s financial elite grow uneasy as China tensions rise

Some worry that Hong Kong could become a much less predictable place as political tensions escalate.

HSBC women in UK are paid bonuses 70% below male staff

This is however an improvement from the 85% gender pay gap reported in 2018.

Naspers’s PayU expands its global reach

Expects online payments to grow twice as fast in emerging markets than in mature markets.
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