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Warren Buffett is bad for your health

26 Mar 2015 /  Kyle Stock, Bloomberg   2
Everything bad for your waistline is good for Berkshire Hathaway.

Facebook expands Messenger service

26 Mar 2015 /  Reuters  
Opened up its Messenger service for developers to create apps and for shoppers to communicate directly with retailers.

The place where China began its one-child policy is dying

26 Mar 2015 /  Bloomberg News  
The nation’s pool of workers between age 15 and 59 is expected to shrink by 61 million by 2030.

Nigeria turns to technology to battle legacy of electoral fraud

26 Mar 2015 /  Yinka Ibukun, Bloomberg  
Will use biometric voter-card readers in general elections starting March 28.

NASA picks an asteroid rock to pave the road to Mars

26 Mar 2015 /  Reuters  
A NASA robot ship will pluck a large boulder off an asteroid and sling it around the moon.

3G Capital, Berkshire to buy Kraft, merge it with Heinz

25 Mar 2015 /  Craig Giammona and Matthew Boyle, Bloomberg  
Deal will create the world’s fifth-largest food company with revenue of about $28bn.

China’s influence set to climb

25 Mar 2015 /  Bloomberg News  
New world order.

The 15 biggest losers in global trade

25 Mar 2015 /    
Commodity-busted Brazil, oil-sick Angola and 'land of sheep' New Zealand make the list.

Google looks to Wall Street for CFO as costs, cash grow

24 Mar 2015 /  Brian Womack and Michael J. Moore, Bloomberg  
Ruth Porat, 57, will leave Morgan Stanley in April after more than 25 years there.

German Airbus crashes in French Alps with 150 dead, black box found

24 Mar 2015 /  Jean-Francois Rosnoblet, Reuters  
Airliner did not issue distress call.

Online platform ‘Open Humans’ launches to share DNA, other data

24 Mar 2015 /  Reuters  
For people eager to share personal information beyond what's on their Facebook profile.

Analyst predicts Apple will hit a $1 trillion market cap

24 Mar 2015 /  Bloomberg News  
That's one big apple.

Beijing to close all major coal power plants

24 Mar 2015 /  Bloomberg News  
Curbing pollution.

Fed’s Fischer says rate rise probably warranted by end-2015

23 Mar 2015 /  Jeff Kearns and Christopher Condon, Bloomberg  
Says subsequent increases probably won’t be uniform or predictable.

Cameron says he won’t seek third term as UK Prime Minister

23 Mar 2015 /  Bloomberg News   1
Says “fresh leadership would be good.”

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