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Big problem for fund managers: liking Apple too much

16 Mar 2015 /  Reuters  
"It's still a cheap stock based on earnings and revenue

Over 1 million Brazilians protest Rousseff, economy, corruption

15 Mar 2015 /  Reuters  
Also called for the impeachment of the leftist President.

Hedge funds exit gold at fastest pace in 18 weeks on Fed outlook

15 Mar 2015 /  Joe Deaux, Bloomberg  
Investors sold 18.9 metric tons of bullion held through exchange-traded products last week, the biggest reduction since November.

Beware the $300bn shift into treasuries coming from Japan

15 Mar 2015 /  Wes Goodman, Bloomberg  
“The BOJ is crowding out private investors, they have to find alternatives.”

The trillion-dollar platinum coin is back

15 Mar 2015 /  Bloomberg   1
On the list of potential outcomes for the US's debt ceiling fight.

Blackberry launches new secure tablet

15 Mar 2015 /  Reuters  
Seeking to extend its range of secure mobile devices.

How the dollar took everyone by surprise

15 Mar 2015 /  Joseph Weisenthal, Bloomberg  
The currency's surge has serious ramifications.

Weak euro to help European companies

15 Mar 2015 /  Reuters  
Forcing US rivals to adapt their businesses or risk losing market share.

Has the Fed’s “patience” been exhausted?

15 Mar 2015 /  Reuters  
A look at the global economy week ahead.

Buffett sticks to $100,000 salary

14 Mar 2015 /  Doni Bloomfield and Noah Buhayar, Bloomberg   1
Says the next CEO needs to avoid being greedy.

Spare a thought for Bank of Zambia’s chief

13 Mar 2015 /  Matthew Hill, Bloomberg  
After just a month in the hot seat, he's had to deal with the kwacha at an all-time low.

UK to join China-backed Asian development bank

13 Mar 2015 /  Reuters  
US concerned about AIIB having high enough governance, environmental and social safeguards standards.

Greece files complaint against Germany’s Finance Minister

12 Mar 2015 /  Rainer Buergin and Eleni Chrepa, Bloomberg  
Greece renewed demands for war reparations.

It’s back: Your guide to the $18trn debt ceiling

12 Mar 2015 /  Jeanna Smialek, Bloomberg  
Bigger than US GDP, the debt limit returns with plenty at stake.

Earnings support European shares near seven-year highs

12 Mar 2015 /  Reuters  
Sabadell slumps after bid for TSB.

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