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Pfizer raised prices on 133 drugs this year

6 Oct 2015 /  Cynthia Koons , Bloomberg  
And it's not alone.

Global extreme poverty poised to hit record low, World Bank says

6 Oct 2015 /  Andrew Mayeda, Bloomberg  
The proportion of the global population living on less than $1.90 per day will fall to 9.6% this year.

Nestle in advanced talks with R&R on ice cream joint venture

6 Oct 2015 /  Corinne Gretler, Bloomberg  
A move that analysts said could presage an eventual exit.

Govt seeks extension to respond to ICC’s al-Bashir request

5 Oct 2015 /  Gordon Bell, Bloomberg  
Citing complex and conflicting legal principles as reason for missing October 5 deadline.

IMF says China can manage slowdown, needs to communicate policy

5 Oct 2015 /  David Chance, Reuters  
This will require, in particular, hardened budget constraints for both state-owned and private firms, the Fund said.

UK plans $3bn Lloyds share sale

5 Oct 2015 /    
Targets return to full private ownership in coming months.

Legal troubles, market realities threaten Uber’s global push

5 Oct 2015 /  Leila Abboud and Jeremy Wagstaff, Reuters  
Recent troubles raise the question of whether its drive for global market share is a prudent strategy.

iPhone screens made this hidden entrepreneur $7bn

5 Oct 2015 /  Sterling Wong, Bloomberg  
Every time you’ve swiped the screen on a new iPhone or entered keystrokes on your Galaxy, you may have helped make Yeung Kin-man very rich.

Smart ring forged by contactless payment innovator

4 Oct 2015 /  Olivia Solon, Bloomberg  
If your wallet weighs you down, you might want to try a smart ring.

Bye bye Google, hello Alphabet

4 Oct 2015 /  Reuters  
After US markets closed on Friday, Alphabet replaced Google as the publicly traded company.

New chairman sees emissions scandal as threat to VW’s viability

4 Oct 2015 /  Reuters  
Described the situation as an "existence-threatening crisis for the company"

US job growth stumbles

2 Oct 2015 /  Jason Lange, Reuters  
Raising doubts on economy.

Gunman opens fire at Oregon college, 10 killed

2 Oct 2015 /  Reuters  
The suspect was a 20-year-old man who was slain in an exchange of gunfire with police.

Children of the yuan percent: Everyone hates China’s rich kids

1 Oct 2015 /  Christopher Beam, Bloomberg  
The fuerdai, China’s second-generation rich kids, are the most loathed group in the country. They’re also its future.

Euro-area labour ministers to meet

1 Oct 2015 /  Stephanie Bodoni, Bloomberg  
On the currency union’s future.

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