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Discovery brings AI to healthcare

Launches app to connect and facilitate easy interaction between patients and medical professionals.

Google buys HTC talent for $1.1bn to spur devices push

Tech giant taking on about 2 000 employees with experience working on its signature Pixel devices.

Thanks to Apple, 50-year-old facial recognition goes mainstream

Start-ups in nascent field say demand will boom with iPhone X.

RMI’s AlphaCode invests in bitcoin

South African bitcoin company, Luno announces expansion into new markets, and raises R120 million in funding.

MTN, IBM to combat rhino poaching with collars for prey animals

Collars detect heat, motion, and link to a mobile application.

Bitcoin now accepted at Pick n Pay

Retailer says customers can checkout by scanning a QR code using a bitcoin wallet app on the customer’s smartphone.

The way we get electricity is about to change forever

Superior batteries are on the way, and they could disrupt power markets within the next decade.

Disruptive insurtech start-up Pineapple looks to fix ‘broken’ insurance sector

Co-founders share how the company came about and how peer-to-peer insurance could go a long way to solving sector’s problems.

Daily flights to space are coming

A new breed of rocket scientists has arrived and space flights will be launching every day.

FAANG performance exposes cluster risk blind spot for portfolios

Correlated groups of stocks not always captured by risk models.
Moneyweb Investor

An educated revolution

Technology promises to change education as we know it. Are there opportunities for investors?

What analysts are saying about Apple’s new products

Expectations were high ahead of iPhone X introduction.

Apple unveils iPhone X in major product launch

As it faces fierce competition from Samsung, Google and a host of Chinese smartphone makers.

Tuition-free, online university gives students a second chance

University of the People is the first tuition-free, fully accredited online university, with 400 SA students already enrolled.



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