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Netflix’s next big market is already crowded with cheaper rivals

Netflix is targeting the Indian market next.

Google attacked over limits on internet company liability

Google is being accused of manipulating YouTube and its search results to censor conservatives.

EOH rocked by top-level resignations

Former CEO levels group.

How Facebook fought fake news about Facebook

Since 2016, Facebook employees have used Stormchaser to track viral posts.

US tech firms cozy up to China despite trade turmoil

What trade war?

How digital technologies can help Africa’s smallholder farmers

The continent’s digital agriculture industry is growing.

Spotify offers ‘lite’ app for slower phones in emerging markets

In bid to promote growth in more markets.

Wall Street hasn’t been this pessimistic on Apple in decades

Caution is largely driven by uncertainty surrounding demand for Apple’s critical iPhone line.

Amazon workers plan Prime Day strike at a Minnesota warehouse

Workers at Amazon are calling on the company to protect them and provide safe and reliable jobs.

Bitmain crypto-billionaire launches new startup as bitcoin rises

The start-up called Matrixport is a one-stop platform for over-the-counter trading, lending and custody for digital assets.

Cash this cheque, and sign away your right to sue

Car-sharing service, Getaround, is a case blurring the lines within the gig economy.

How cryptocurrency scams work

Both traditional and new technological tactics are used to swindle crypto investors.

SA’s tech sector: Not what it used to be

It used to outperform the Top 40, but risky share structures and dodgy projects brought that to an end.

EOH to reveal findings of corruption probe

Tech company advises shareholders to exercise caution.



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