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Threat of cobalt shock is a top risk for electric vehicles

Recycling could theoretically help address supply concerns by providing 100 000 metric tons of cobalt a year by 2030.

Model 3 price hype helps Tesla shares bounce

The company placed a $78 000 price tag on the Model 3 sedan.

Google could face $4.3bn claim in UK iPhone privacy case

The group representing iPhone users suggested that each individual could receive 750 pounds if the case is successful.

How to turn your mom’s savings into $1bn? Ask this guy

Steven Yang left Google in 2011 for a Chinese startup hub.

Sleepy pupils in the picture at high-tech Chinese school

Cameras using artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology can identify expressions of students in class, to make sure they pay attention.

Zara concept store greets shoppers with robots and holograms

Robot arms get garments into shoppers' hands at online-order collection points and iPad-wielding assistants help customers in store.

Sports tech will win some, lose some after ruling: fully charged

The US Supreme Court struck down the federal law that blocked states from legalising gambling on sports.

BMW has some production tips as E-car rivalry with Musk ramps up

Unlike Tesla's EV model, BMW assembles battery-powered vehicles alongside its conventional vehicles.

You can now get an FNB account by taking a selfie

Selfies are 'biometrically verified' with the Department of Home Affairs - FNB.

Microsoft is said to plan low-cost tablet line to rival iPad

Tablets priced about $400 prepped for second half of 2018.

Tencent beats estimates as WeChat, mobile games drive growth

Analyst says first quarter is a good season for growth as users spend more time on their devices during the holidays.

Bitcoin mining gear maker files for $1bn IPO

Firm seeks first Hong Kong IPO from cryptocurrency industry.

Facebook removed 583m fake accounts, enforcing standards

Facebook is also using artificial intelligence to identify items that violate its rules, this including spam, hate-speech and nudity.

IBM helps issue a digital coin for first time

IBM partners with Veridium Labs to transform carbon credits into digital coins for trade.



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