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Battered Apple poised to lead FAANGs in 2019, Munster says

Apple will be rewarded in the coming year as investors focus more on revenue and earnings growth rather than iPhone unit sales.

Lose fat and tighten your abs, just by lying there

In the future, machines like the EMSculpt may do your exercise for you. And frankly, they'll be better at it

Ranked: The 10 best games of 2018

A handful of games started to bring the potential of virtual reality to life.

Millennial’s cereal-box satellites help China shrink space race

Spacety, builds microsatellites and then has them shot into orbit, offering to provide Wi-Fi service on airplanes.

SA ranked fourth worldwide for spam calls

Truecaller has identified and blocked 297m spam calls in South Africa.

Uber’s ride-hailing rival grab gets $150m from Yamaha

Grab and Yamaha will collaborate on motorcycle-ride services in Southeast Asia with a focus on Indonesia.

Door shut for now on virtual garage sales of used digital music

Court rules that digital music cannot be resold.

‘What is bitcoin?’ topped Google’s 2018 what asked trending list

‘How to buy ripple’ was the fourth most-asked how to question.

Apple’s ‘Netflix for magazines’ is said to rankle publishers

The tech giant is preparing to relaunch Texture, an app it agreed to buy in March that offers unlimited access to about 200 magazines.

Almost everyone involved in facial recognition sees problems

'Facial recognition software breeds bias, risks fuelling mass surveillance and should be regulated.'

Trouble for Huawei spells opportunity for Samsung as 5G nears

Huawei's market position is under threat as one country after another blocks the use of its 5G products.

Winklevoss twins ignore crypto ‘Winter,’ looking toward 2019

Gemini Trust co-founders are trying to woo individual investors through a new app that allows users to purchase virtual currencies on their exchange.

Tencent music guides pricing around midpoint in $1.2bn IPO

The final price hasn’t been set yet and the pricing level is subject to change.

Retailers test Facebook-style shopper profiles to battle Amazon

By incorporating different software systems, retailers are trying to give consumers a different online shopping experience.

Here are the momentum tech stocks that defied market’s sell-off

Netflix and Amazon leading the gains.



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