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Huawei’s troubles are a big opportunity for Ericsson and Nokia

With Huawei at the centre of a US-China trade war, the tide is turning in favour of Nokia and Ericsson.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency ambitions face privacy concerns, political backlash

Facebook unveils plans for digital coin called Libra.

Facebook warns it can’t fully solve toxic content problem

Says the platforms are a reflection of some of the 'bad parts of humanity'.

VW steps up software push with own ‘vw.os’ operating system

The vw.os development comes as VW CEO maps out a 'massive expansion' in software and digital investments.

Facebook wants its cryptocurrency to one day rival the greenback

Facebook's new cryptocurrency, libra, will launch as soon as next year.

Tech tool aims to predict global water conflicts before they happen

Artificial intelligence can predict where conflicts over scarce water will break out up to a year in advance, researchers say.

Saving earth with electric cars means wrecking a fragile desert

Mining for lithium has increased as the element is indispensable to the production of electric vehicles.

In race to digitise, skills gap a drag on SA’s big banks

The four major banks are addressing computer skills shortage by changing their hiring strategies, for example.

Slack listing likely to value it at up to $17bn

The workplace chat platform will be listing its shares publicly on the NYSE next week.

US tech giant IBM starts camps for African quantum computing

IBM is trying to get a grip on commercial quantum coding opportunities in Africa.

Musk tells Tesla shareholders consumer demand not a problem

Tesla previously said it expects to deliver 90 000 to 100 000 cars in the second quarter.

Google speeds up shift of hardware production away from China

Google is trying to avoid punitive US tariffs and the increasingly hostile Beijing government.

Five things to watch at Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting

CEO, Elon Musk is likely to try to soothe unease about Tesla’s fortunes.

Apple has capacity to make all iPhones for US outside of China

Apple's manufacturing partner, Hon Hai says it will support Apple if it needs to adjust its production.

Africa’s technology hub rises in a congested Lagos neighbourhood

Nigeria's tech industry is booming.



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