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Vodafone says complete UK ban on Huawei would cost it millions of pounds

The ban would also slow down the deployment of new technology, Vodafone says.

Samsung is said to be preparing more foldable smartphone models

Seeking to seize an early lead in new market segment.

Angry Birds maker seeks backers for ‘Netflix of Games’ service

Rovio Entertainment Oyj is seeking investors to take a stake in its subsidiary, Hatch to showcase its high-speed 5G technology.

The AI cameras that can spot shoplifters even before they steal

It’s watching, and knows a crime is about to take place before it happens.

How technology is easing the dreaded Fica process

TymeBank CEO explains how data analytics can be used to verify customer details.

Tesla’s new crossover stirs worry it will crimp Model 3 demand

Tesla's new Model Y, which will be unveiled on March 14, will cost more and have a slightly less battery range than the Model 3, CEO says.

Amazon gives AI to Harvard hospital in tech’s latest health push

Amazon is testing how AI can be used to simplify medical care.

Crypto companies complain they’re being shunned by most banks

While top-tier banks are getting more crypto-curious most see the growing number of companies in the industry as ticking regulatory time bombs.

Robot workers can’t go on strike but they can go up in flames

The march of automation has a sting in the tail.

Cell C had a net loss of R634m over six months

Blue Label, which owns 45% of Cell C, said its share of the net loss amounted to R285m.

Vodacom backs down on data rollover fees – but there’s a catch

SA operators are required to offer data rollover, transfers under new Icasa regulations.

Apple is said to plan sleep tracking feature for future watch

If the functionality is successful in the testing stages, the company plans to add it to the Apple Watch by 2020 - sources.

You’ll get 5G services at the office before you do on your phone

Companies are demanding faster speeds in order to connect things from machines in factories to cars and entire hospitals.

Startup gets ready for factory robots working alongside humans

Veo Robotics is almost ready to roll out its robotic product in May.

Helios to build 1 000 towers in 5G networks push

Helios is seeking to capitalise on rapid growth in mobile services and shape up for an initial public offering.



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