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Facebook partners with Liquid to extend Africa fibre network

6 Jul 2021 /  Loni Prinsloo, Bloomberg   3
Laying 2 000km of fibre in the DRC.

Branson plans first space trip days before Bezos blasts off

2 Jul 2021 /    
Branson’s suborbital flight would fulfill a longtime goal for the UK billionaire and Virgin Galactic, which he founded in 2004.

RMB, Investec in talks with Cell C over funds

1 Jul 2021 /  Loni Prinsloo and Roxanne Henderson, Bloomberg    4
As the mobile operator continues to struggle under its debt burden.

Elon Musk’s starlink to deliver internet nearly worldwide within weeks

30 Jun 2021 /  Thomas Seal, Bloomberg   7
SpaceX aims to offer broadband to as much as 5% of the world’s population where conventional fiber and wireless networks can’t reach.

Civil suits a ‘significant milestone’ in cleaning up EOH rot

29 Jun 2021 /  Duncan McLeod   3
'And holding those responsible for the governance failings that took place accountable'.

Tesla rallies so much that this year’s loss is set to disappear

25 Jun 2021 /  Esha Dey, Bloomberg  
Tesla shares are back in vogue.

Google delays phaseout of advertising cookies until 2023

24 Jun 2021 /  Mark Bergen, Bloomberg   1
Pushing out a timeline that the $378 billion digital advertising industry is watching closely.

John McAfee, antivirus software pioneer, found dead in prison

24 Jun 2021 /  Monica Greig and Kartikay Mehrotra, Bloomberg  
He was 75.

Facebook’s Instagram adds shopping via images, virtual try-on

23 Jun 2021 /  Naomi Nix, Bloomberg  
When users click on the images they see on Instagram, Facebook will direct them to similar-looking products for sale.

Airlines count on Zoom fatigue to revive business travel

23 Jun 2021 /  Siddharth Philip and Layan Odeh, Bloomberg  
'People don’t like to just sit in front of a screen and conduct business,' Al Baker said.

Microsoft rises to join Apple in exclusive $2 trillion club

23 Jun 2021 /  Ryan Vlastelica and Dina Bass, Bloomberg  
Buoyed by bets its dominance in cloud computing and enterprise software will expand further in a post-coronavirus world.

Popia and social media posts

20 Jun 2021 /  Zamathiyane Mthiyane    1
The implications of Popia on natural persons taking into account the processing of personal information on social media platforms.

23andMe DNA-testing company goes public following Branson deal

19 Jun 2021 /  Kristen V. Brown, Bloomberg  
Began publicly trading on Nasdaq Thursday under the ticker 'ME'.

Office workers don’t want to return

19 Jun 2021 /  Dina Bass, Bloomberg  
Microsoft has software for that.

Alibaba victim of huge data leak as China tightens security

17 Jun 2021 /  Coco Liu, Bloomberg  
None of the customer data was sold and Alibaba’s users didn’t incur financial losses from the episode.

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