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Huawei said to debut 3D camera phone

The technology, developed by Sony, has the ability to generate 3D models of people and the environment in real-time.

Apple is said to reassign marketing staff to boost iPhone sales

Apple has embarked on a series of aggressive trade-in offers that have reduced the cost of some of its latest iPhones.

This Zuckerberg has ‘complicated’ history with Silicon Valley

Social media mogul's sister give tips for women in tech.

Sygnia launches niche funds to capitalise on ‘the future’

Sygnia's Fourth Industrial Revolution and FAANG funds are fast-growing but is it sustainable?

Data is money for fintech that helped Coke put names on bottles

Big data can generate big money.

MTN pillories ‘draconian and irrational’ telecoms bill

Government's telecommunications bill could have a 'devastating effect' on the ICT sector, says MTN.

FNB brings tap functionality to ATMs

Customers will enjoy further protection against card-skimming devices.

Beijing to judge every resident based on behaviour by end of 2020

Beijing set to adopt a lifelong points programme that assigns personalised ratings for each resident.

Tencent music is said to mull launching US IPO early December

Tencent Music tentatively plans to start taking investor orders on December 4 for its planned US IPO.

Robots are coming to one of Southeast Asia’s largest malls

The talking bots will provide mall directions and information on promotions and events.

Taxify expands to the Garden Route

Taxify's services will be launched in the Garden Route towns later this month.

Robots are coming for Europe’s jobs, with the East most exposed

With the use of industrial robots rising globally, the average worker in Slovakia, faces a 62% median probability that their job will be automated 'in the near future'.

Tempted to expense a strip club as a work dinner? AI is watching

Bogus expenses, which occurred at major US companies, were exposed by AI algorithms that can sniff out fraudulent claims and forged receipts within seconds.

Your next Uber ride may have a minifridge stocked with snacks

Uber’s millennial users are the prime audience for in-car commerce provider, Cargo Systems to test out its products.

Google plans high-flying balloons to provide internet in Africa

Loon joins a long line of ambitious projects aimed at helping underserved Africans.



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