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Amazon’s push for one-day delivery dents profits

Costs up 21%.

Tesla slumps on profit doubts, co-founder’s surprise retreat

Tesla loses $1.12 a share, higher than analyst projections.

Facebook’s business keeps rolling despite regulatory scrutiny

Social media giant tops revenue estimates; FTC opens antitrust probe.

EBay is planning new shipping service to challenge rival Amazon

EBay plans to roll out its 'Managed Delivery' service in 2020.

Facebook to pay $100m to settle SEC charges

Charges relate to Facebook's misuse of account holders’ data.

Big tech hit with broad US anti-trust probe as scrutiny mounts

US Department of Justice opens probe of online platforms over competition.

Lyft making driverless data public in bid to speed development

Lyft is seeking to accelerate the development of robotic cars.

Huawei rewards staff for accelerating revenue despite a US ban

Huawei's revenue increases 30% during the first half the year.

Homegrown e-hailing app hopes to take on Uber, Bolt

Taxi Live Africa was recently launched in Durban.

Tencent teams up with Nintendo-backed Pokemon to create games

Tencent is seeking growth beyond the Chinese market.

Cellphones a flight danger? Could be on some Boeing jets

Some models of Boeing 737 and 777 airplanes reportedly at risk.

Netflix’s next big market is already crowded with cheaper rivals

Netflix is targeting the Indian market next.

Google attacked over limits on internet company liability

Google is being accused of manipulating YouTube and its search results to censor conservatives.

EOH rocked by top-level resignations

Former CEO levels group.

How Facebook fought fake news about Facebook

Since 2016, Facebook employees have used Stormchaser to track viral posts.



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