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Huawei breaks price ceiling with $2 600 folding 5G smartphone

Huawei Mate X will have two back-to-back screens which unfold to become an eight-inch tablet display.

Samsung Galaxy S10 versus iPhone Xs Max: How they measure up

Buying either is to buy one of the best phones on the planet.

Yoco disrupts payments, now eyeing small business finance

New kid on the payment-devices block set to disrupt the credit business.

Apple is said to target combining iPhone, iPad, Mac apps by 2021

Each new app is another revenue opportunity for Apple as it takes a cut of many app-related purchases and subscriptions.

EOH, buffeted by an anonymous tip, starts whistle-blower app

The irony of the timing won’t be lost on staff.

Huawei crackdown exposes Europe as laggard in global 5G race

The UK is among European nations weighing restrictions on Huawei which phone carriers say could delay 5G mobile networks.

Vumatel to blanket Joburg in CCTV cameras

The company plans to spend R500m covering Johannesburg with CCTV systems.

Huawei to build data centres in South Africa

The developments are part of plans to expand cloud services across Africa.

Alibaba says China’s slowdown isn’t hurting it all that much

Alibaba says its business is 'delinked' from the Chinese economy because of its e-commerce and digital position.

Google, Amazon want smart devices to mine even more of your data

The tech giants are expanding the amount of data they gather about customers who use their voice software to control other gadgets.

Google’s venture firm taps biotech veteran in life-sciences push

GV, the venture-capital arm of Alphabet, is signalling its growing ambition in health care.

The new Picasso? Meet Ai-Da the robot artist

Ai-Da will have a 'RoboThespian body with expressive movements and will talk and answer questions.

Ramaphosa’s remarkably tech-focused Sona: what he said about ICT

Ramaphosa touched on digitisation for both business incubation and development in townships as well as within schools.

Silicon Valley duo ride cybersecurity to become billionaires

Cybersecurity has unlocked riches for Ken and Michael Xie.

Alphabet’s experimental health unit takes on the opiod epidemic

Taking on the opioid epidemic may be the company’s most ambitious undertaking yet.



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