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Apple Watch finally goes on sale

In low-key launch.

Apple iOS hacked

Apple software bug lets hackers crash iPhones, researchers say

Grey area deals helped bitcoin take off – chief scientist

'If you look at a lot of technologies, they start in the shadows ... and eventually become mainstream' - Gavin Andresen.

New mobile virtual network operator to launch in SA

Set to make its debut in early May.

Vodafone to work with MTN

On mobile-money transfers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Perfect storm hits Altron

Earnings plummet amid tough trading conditions and a failed product launch.

BCX shows robust growth

Headline earnings rose by 23,6% on the back of revenue growth of 16%.

Music’s digital revolution is worth billions

As physical sales plummet and smartphone penetration soars. to challenge TV policy in court

SA’s digital migration project could be set for further delays.

How not to be a jerk while wearing the Apple watch

If you're not careful, the Apple Watch could make you insufferable

SpaceX rocket poised for launch – and a landing

VP put the odds of a successful landing at 75 or 80%.

Billionaires work on cheap cargo trips to Earth orbit

Paul Allen and Richard Branson's ideas are closer to home than those of Elon Musk.

Tencent hits $200bn market cap

The tech giant's shares have rocketed 52% from the beginning of this year.

The world’s top software stock is surging 1,300% in Kuala Lumpur

Forget Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Bangalore.

Apple is about to change computing – analyst

And how we interact with the world.



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