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How can I invest R500k to get a monthly income of R5k?

26 May 2022
A well-diversified portfolio consisting of cash and bonds for income, and property and equities for growth would be an option.

Would it be wise to invest in real estate while renting a place to live in?

25 May 2022
There isn’t an easy answer to your question, but there is a way that could decrease your risk.

How can I invest in crypto baskets for my kids?

24 May 2022
Most exchanges require the investor to be over the age of 18, but a parent or guardian can invest in a crypto basket on behalf of minor children if they submit some extra documentation.

At 70, what is the best investment one can make with R500k?

19 May 2022
Should one consider high dividend-yielding ETFs like the Satrix Divi?

Why am I not allowed to withdraw money from my RA?

18 May 2022
Because of the tax benefits you get from government in return for saving for your own retirement – but you will have the option of taking up to a third out in cash at age 55.

How best to invest house sale funds to get capital growth and income?

17 May 2022
It would be advisable to invest in equities as well as local income and balanced funds.

Should I switch out of my Coronation living annuity?

11 May 2022
This decision should be led by your view of China’s potential growth.

Does a beneficiary nomination take precedence over the last registered will?

10 May 2022
Where the deceased has nominated a beneficiary on their policy, the proceeds of that policy will be paid out directly to that person.

Can I make a second withdrawal from my preservation fund?

4 May 2022
It depends on your age – you may only make one withdrawal from your preservation fund prior to the age of 55.

How should I go about finding a good financial advisor?

28 Apr 2022
I've met with three, with unsatisfactory outcomes.

How can I invest offshore and locally in a cost-effective manner?

26 Apr 2022
I would like to consolidate and invest while reducing fees.

Can a non-resident withdraw their full RA at 55?

13 Apr 2022
And will it be treated as a withdrawal benefit or a retirement benefit?

Can I borrow funds from my RA to renovate an unbonded property?

12 Apr 2022
The only time you can access these funds before reaching age 55 is in the case of ill-health or financial emigration.

Can I get a percentage of my husband’s preservation fund in our divorce settlement?

5 Apr 2022
If so, how much? We were married in community of property.

I have offshore funds in a foreign bank. How can I invest these offshore?

31 Mar 2022   /  3 answered
Three advisors answer this reader's question.

At 23, what level of emergency funding should I have?

29 Mar 2022
And where is an appropriate place to store these funds?

Can I invest in another RA at 60?

23 Mar 2022   /  2 answered
Two advisors answer this reader's question.

Can I sue a broker for poor management of funds?

9 Mar 2022
You would need to be able to prove they had breached their fiduciary duties.

Should I pay my R10k available monthly into my bond or use it elsewhere?

8 Mar 2022
It depends on your overall current financial position.

Under the new pension regulations, can you borrow money from your provident fund?

15 Apr 2021
You can borrow funds to buy a property, renovate a property, pay off a housing loan, or to guarantee a housing loan. You cannot use the funds for any other purpose.

How much do I need to invest to receive a monthly income of R10k over 10 years?

21 Sep 2021
After 10 years, the initial amount should still be available.

What’s the most tax-efficient way to build wealth through property?

17 Mar 2021
Personal ownership, a trust, or company: there are certain advantages and disadvantages in how you structure your portfolio.

What can I invest R158k in to receive R5k income monthly?

16 Mar 2021
Of three options on what to do with your RA funds, a life annuity would give you the highest probability of income certainty – but not at the required level.

Should I pay my R10k available monthly into my bond or use it elsewhere?

8 Mar 2022
It depends on your overall current financial position.

What can I invest R500k in to get R5k a month and still keep my investment as is?

18 Aug 2021
In the current environment, the best match with your requirements would be either a ‘variable income’ or a ‘multi-asset income’ unit trust fund.

Will I be able to draw all the cash from my pension preservation fund after March 2021?

17 Nov 2020
The scheduled tax legislation change relates specifically to provident preservation funds.

How do I invest for a R20 000 monthly income?

20 Mar 2018
Three of the biggest risks someone close to, or at retirement faces: longevity, inflation, and the underlying investment assets.

Should I take up government’s early retirement offer?

30 Aug 2019
A major concern when considering an annuity income relates to the growth rate assumptions.

Should I keep my life savings in my bond?

4 Feb 2020
The question of paying off debt or contributing to retirement savings is something many South Africans wonder about.

How does UIF work?

17 Aug 2017
My husband has been employed by Portnet for about 30 years. He wants to retire early - will he qualify for UIF?

Can I transfer my GEPF pension fund into a private living annuity at retirement?

14 Apr 2021
If so, are there any tax consequences to consider?

Where is it best to invest R3m?

13 Sep 2019
Several things need to be considered; staying focused on your long-term objective – retirement – is important.

How do I invest for a R38 000 pm income?

21 Feb 2018
I will have R7.2 million in a pension fund when I retire in April 2019.

How can I repay my home loan more quickly?

4 Jun 2020
Settling your other debt could free additional cash flow, which can then go towards your home loan.

I’m 52 and haven’t saved enough for retirement. Is it too late?

12 Feb 2020
Asset allocation will play a big role in your investment/retirement outcome.

How should I invest R1.2m for a monthly income at retirement?

13 Jul 2018
I cannot take a lot of risk, as this is all the money I have.

Is the Easy Equities platform best?

13 Oct 2020
And what other platforms encourage investors to invest in a cheaper way?

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