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LATEST Advisor Questions  

What options are available for ethical investing?

26 May 2020 /  Elke Brink  
Shariah-compliant funds and ESG investment products are among the choices available to you.

Was the tax calculation on my pension withdrawal correct?

21 May 2020 /  Craig Torr  
You need to determine whether you've made any previous withdrawals that would have impacted how you've been taxed.

Is rental property still a good investment?

20 May 2020 /  Eric Jordaan   
There are several high-level considerations when deciding whether or not a rental property is a good investment.

How can I incentivise clients without affecting cash flow?

19 May 2020 /  Devon Card  
While rewarding clients who are keeping your business afloat is great, you should not commit to negative cash flows in the future.

Why are loan requirements for commercial property so onerous?

14 May 2020 /  Gareth Collier  
And where can I find other solutions to gear my commercial property?

Does the low Brent crude price make oil stocks a buy?

13 May 2020 /  Jesse Morgans  
And how do you go about obtaining oil shares?

How should I tackle divorce debt on my pension fund?

12 May 2020 /  Craig Torr  
It is important to have a holistic view of your entire balance sheet before making a decision.

Should I invest or pay off debt?

7 May 2020 /  Thulisile Nkomo  
Paying off debt will mean that you have more money to invest in the future.

Is it a good time to exchange dollars to rand to pay off debt?

6 May 2020 /  Trevor Lee  
Or would it be better to invest the dollars offshore longer term?

Could I lose my pension during this coronavirus crisis?

5 May 2020 /  Stephen Katzenellenbogen  
And would it be better to cash out or preserve it?

Which loan is best for home renovations?

30 Apr 2020 /  Craig Torr  
The choice will be driven by several factors.

My investment has lost R250k. How can I avoid more losses?

29 Apr 2020 /  Devon Card  
Your decision to withdraw from your RA should not be based solely on the drop in your investment value or the returns promised by a fixed deposit.

Can I capitalise on the bear market by doing an RA/LA swop?

23 Apr 2020 /  Eric Jordaan  
Retirement annuities, living annuities – any investment decision should be considered within the requirements of a financial plan.

Should I continue with my home purchase after lockdown?

22 Apr 2020 /  Gareth Collier  
In the current environment you may find that it comes within the price range of more buyers, but there are a number of factors to consider.

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