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LATEST Advisor Questions  

What should I consider when purchasing an annuity?

7 Apr 2021 /  Devon Card   4
And what costs should I expect to pay?

How can I buy Tesla shares?

6 Apr 2021 /  Craig Turton   15
There are affordable ways for those in South Africa to get exposure to this stock.

How much do I need to invest for a monthly income below the tax threshold?

25 Mar 2021 /  Alwyn Smit and Elke Brink   13
Two advisors tackle this reader's question.

Which of my three properties should I pay off first?

24 Mar 2021 /  Craig Turton   4
The sooner you pay off the bond on your primary residence the better.

Is it wise to invest in property before emigrating?

18 Mar 2021 /  Craig Torr   12
It is not advisable to tie your capital into South African property as you will need as much liquid capital as possible when emigrating.

What’s the most tax-efficient way to build wealth through property?

17 Mar 2021 /  Gareth Collier   6
Personal ownership, a trust, or company: there are certain advantages and disadvantages in how you structure your portfolio.

What can I invest R158k in to receive R5k income monthly?

16 Mar 2021 /  Stephen Katzenellenbogen   23
Of three options on what to do with your RA funds, a life annuity would give you the highest probability of income certainty – but not at the required level.

What are tax implications of an offshore ETF portfolio held in a wrapper?

11 Mar 2021 /  Alwyn Smit   12
Policy owners are not responsible for the personal tax administration of the insurance policy.

Will I be declared insolvent if my late partner’s estate is declared insolvent?

10 Mar 2021 /  Eric Jordaan  
As you were married in community of property, you and your spouse are jointly liable for each other’s debt.

Should I keep my insufficient income protection cover?

9 Mar 2021 /  Devon Card    1
If you have emergency funding that will be sufficient to cover your monthly expenses for at least six months, you may consider cancelling the cover.

If married in COP, is my partner’s pension at risk due to my business debt?

4 Mar 2021 /  Rick Briers-Danks   2
How can I avoid such danger before they resign?

Can South Africans contribute to an offshore annuity?

3 Mar 2021 /  Michael Haldene   2
Reader asks what options are available.

Can I borrow against my paid-up home?

2 Mar 2021 /  Craig Torr   2
While you are able to apply to borrow against your property, there are dangers in doing so.

Bank or insurance company: Which is best to preserve your provident fund?

25 Feb 2021 /  Toy Meyer   7
The company is not as important as the financial planner who is going to manage your funds for you.

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