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Is it possible for a 36-year-old to invest in a living annuity?

15 Jun 2022 /  Eric Jordaan
Discretionary funds cannot be used to purchase a living annuity, but there are other options.

How can a 55-year-old go about investing offshore?

14 Jun 2022 /  Michael Haldane
You have the option of investing directly or indirectly depending on your preference and circumstances.

When can I withdraw R500k from my provident fund tax-free?

9 Jun 2022 /  Suzean Haumann and Devon Card
Two advisors answer this reader's question.

How can I invest R1.5m for income and capital growth?

8 Jun 2022 /  Francois le Clus
A bucket approach where income and growth assets are split into various sections may be an option.

Is it possible to switch to an international endowment without incurring costs?

7 Jun 2022 /  Mauro Forlin
Unfortunately it is not, but it could be wise to make the switch anyway.

Should I put R100k in my mortgage or leave it for my retirement?

31 May 2022 /  Elke Brink
You need to consider the interest rate environment compared with the return you can expect from your investment portfolio.

How can I invest R500k to get a monthly income of R5k?

26 May 2022 /  Elke Brink
A well-diversified portfolio consisting of cash and bonds for income, and property and equities for growth would be an option.

Would it be wise to invest in real estate while renting a place to live in?

25 May 2022 /  Francois le Clus
There isn’t an easy answer to your question, but there is a way that could decrease your risk.

How can I invest in crypto baskets for my kids?

24 May 2022 /  Michael Haldane
Most exchanges require the investor to be over the age of 18, but a parent or guardian can invest in a crypto basket on behalf of minor children if they submit some extra documentation.

At 70, what is the best investment one can make with R500k?

19 May 2022 /  Michael Haldane
Should one consider high dividend-yielding ETFs like the Satrix Divi?

Why am I not allowed to withdraw money from my RA?

18 May 2022 /  Eric Jordaan
Because of the tax benefits you get from government in return for saving for your own retirement – but you will have the option of taking up to a third out in cash at age 55.

How best to invest house sale funds to get capital growth and income?

17 May 2022 /  Suzean Haumann
It would be advisable to invest in equities as well as local income and balanced funds.

Can I invest in an offshore account, then after some years withdraw all the capital?

12 May 2022 /  Franske Neiteler and Gareth Collier
Two advisors answer this reader's question.

Should I switch out of my Coronation living annuity?

11 May 2022 /  Marius Fenwick
This decision should be led by your view of China’s potential growth.

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