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LATEST Advisor Questions  

Which platform offers a living annuity that can be optimised for offshore exposure?

19 Jan 2022 /  Jesse Morgans
Unfortunately, many of the larger investment platforms have reached their offshore asset capacity on their life licences.

Should I sell shares I’ve inherited and invest the funds in a worldwide index tracker fund?

18 Jan 2022 /  Elke Brink
First, do an analysis on these equities as some of them may be good investments you may want to keep in place.

Can I transfer my RA offshore?

14 Jan 2022 /  Michael Haldane
No – but you can get offshore exposure.

Can I cancel my provident preserver policy and withdraw everything?

10 Jan 2022 /  Michael Haldane
Your options depend on whether you are younger or older than 55.

ICYMI: Moneyweb’s best of 2021

31 Dec 2021 /  Moneyweb
A round-up of our top articles, podcasts, reader questions and advisor views.

My husband got a preservation fund after I signed divorce papers. Should I sue him?

15 Dec 2021 /  Eric Jordaan
Legal remedies are available, but will require an amended divorce order to include the division of your ex-husband’s pension interest.

I’m moving to Singapore for work. Will I be taxed there and exempt from SA tax?

14 Dec 2021 /  Gareth Collier
South Africa and Singapore have a valid double taxation agreement in place. Here's what it means ...

Can you take out insurance on someone else for the purpose of buying items from the estate?

8 Dec 2021 /  Craig Torr
You will need to first establish if an insurable interest exists between yourself and the life assured.

Which investment is best for siblings saving to assist their dad in his old age?

7 Dec 2021 /  Devon Card
What happens to the share of one sibling should they pass or to the investment in regards to their estate?

At 35, would a five- or 10-year RSA Retail Bond be a good investment?

2 Dec 2021 /  Marius Fenwick
Retail bonds are good solutions for retired individuals who need the income and who receive additional tax rebates.

I have had to take early retirement: what are my options?

1 Dec 2021 /  Stephen Katzenellenbogen
Should I focus on investing disposable income in retirement products that reduce my tax profile, or should I invest in growth assets to get back forgone capital then draw an income from there?

Should I cash in my preservation fund to buy a rental property to supplement my income?

30 Nov 2021 /  Marius Fenwick
Advantages and disadvantages of taking this approach.

What is the maximum exposure to residential property you should have?

25 Nov 2021 /  Rick Briers-Danks
Would properties in the UK or US represent a diversification of a residential property-focused portfolio?

Should I invest R500k in a living annuity to supplement my monthly pension?

24 Nov 2021 /  Elke Brink
And which Shariah-compliant fund is safest and has the highest growth?

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