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LATEST Advisor Questions  

Are my financial advisor’s fees justified?

26 Feb 2018 /  Peter Nurcombe-Thorne   21
Am I under an obligation to give 1% of my funds to the broker who I originally took the investment out with every time I make a deposit?

Would it be crazy to sell my house and take the proceeds overseas?

22 Feb 2018 /  Lisa Hudson-Peacock   15
I'm thinking of selling my house and depositing the proceeds overseas as an insurance policy against further political upheaval.

How do I invest for a R38 000 pm income?

21 Feb 2018 /  Melony Jacoby   17
I will have R7.2 million in a pension fund when I retire in April 2019.

Should I switch my living annuity fund?

16 Feb 2018 /  Angélique Visser   15
My investment lost money recently - should I switch into a safe money market fund as soon as possible?

Offshore transaction: does the money have to come back to SA?

14 Feb 2018 /  Brian Butchart   3
I have an offer for my share of my business, made by my UK partner, in pounds. Do I have to bring the money back into SA?

Financial emigration: Should I withdraw my retirement savings?

29 Jan 2018 /  Magnus Heystek Jr   22
If I emigrate, I’m considering cashing out my pension as part of the discretionary R1 million allowance.

Would withdrawing my retirement lump sum save tax?

25 Jan 2018 /  Martin de Kock   3
I've not yet cashed provident or pension funds and assume Sars will increase and adapt the current tax structure.

Can I retire from just one RA?

22 Jan 2018 /  Jesse Morgans   13
Reporting on this RA is poor and I would like to retire early and turn it into a living annuity, or preserve it.

What access do you have to your retirement money?

12 Jan 2018 /  Mike Lombard   3
Can you access more than one third of your pension fund and do you have to buy into a retirement annuity?

Investing where safety comes first

22 Nov 2017 /  Dirk Groeneveld  
I'm looking to invest R100 000 for returns of around 10%-12%, in a safe environment where I don't lose the money I originally invested.

What is the most tax-efficient way to sell a property in a trust?

2 Nov 2017 /  Natasja Hart  
... and where do I invest the proceeds if I'm planning to retire in 5-10 years?

How do I find a missing policy in my name?

31 Oct 2017 /  Magnus Heystek Junior  
My late father took out a policy/investment/trust fund in my name several years ago. Is there anyway I can find out if there is actually something in my name?

What are the tax implications of a cash gift?

26 Oct 2017 /  Cheryl van Rooyen   
I've received large sum of money from a friend in the US as a graduation gift. I don't receive enough income to pay tax currently.

How can I buy my first car in cash?

24 Oct 2017 /  Anthony Toker  
I want to buy my first car in cash by investing R4 000 a month for three to five years. Which investment product is best to achieve this?

Post-resignation, what’s the best option for retirement funds?

17 Oct 2017 /  Dez Tswaile  
Reader wants to ensure a safe retirement and to pay the lowest tax possible.

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