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LATEST Advisor Questions  

What are the tax implications of transferring a farm into a company?

4 Aug 2020 /  Eric Jordaan  
The first consideration is how the transfer will be effected.

Is the value of a living annuity included in the calculation of executors’ fees?

30 Jul 2020 /  Gareth Collier  
The only instance where such fees may be charged is where no beneficiary is nominated to the living annuity.

Is it wise to invest R1m of my pension in fixed assets for five years?

29 Jul 2020 /  Jesse Morgans  
Investing in fixed income instruments over a long period could lead to higher longevity risk for retired investors.

Is a tax-free fixed deposit the best way to use my tax-free allowance?

28 Jul 2020 /  Elke Brink  
Or should I invest in a unit trust or ETF portfolio?

Should I file a complaint against my wealth manager with the FSCA?

23 Jul 2020 /  Mauro Forlin  
Steps to take before approaching the regulator.

Are provident fund transfers restricted when changing jobs?

22 Jul 2020 /  Craig Torr  
You may move your provident fund but it's important to understand all the options available before making any decisions.

For tax purposes, can I set up a shelf company to buy property?

21 Jul 2020 /  Gareth Collier   
Should the shelf company generate an income from the investment property, it will be deemed an active trading company.

What is the most effective way to move a company into a trust?

15 Jul 2020 /  Trent Hodges  
There are various options, and many factors to consider when dealing with the transfer of assets.

Should I cash out my policies to pay my business’ debt?

14 Jul 2020 /  Trent Hodges  
The using of debt to fund a business is a useful tool if kept under control.

On retiring, can I pay my provident fund into an existing preservation fund?

9 Jul 2020 /  Richus Nel  
Can I later make lump sum withdrawals from the preservation fund, pay withdrawal tax and leave the remainder in the fund?

Can I use the annual CGT exemption to lower tax at the end of my investment term?

8 Jul 2020 /  Gareth Collier   
Using your annual capital gain exclusion should be done within the context of your investment horizon and your personal income tax liability.

Where can a blue-collar worker find a suitable financial planner?

7 Jul 2020 /  Elke Brink  
It seems companies tend to cater to higher-income families, individuals or entities.

Are the fees charged by testamentary trustees legislated?

2 Jul 2020 /  Eric Jordaan   
And what constitutes a dereliction of duty by these trustees?

What is the maximum I can increase my monthly pension payout to?

1 Jul 2020 /  Craig Torr  
The living annuity drawdown rules have been temporarily relaxed, allowing annuitants to adjust their drawdown rates to between 0.5% and 20% until September 30.

Are RSA retail bonds an option for a pensioner requiring monthly income?

30 Jun 2020 /  Trevor Lee  
And what are the risks?

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