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Can I afford to retire early?

24 Aug 2017
Will I be OK to retire next year at 61, take R500 000 tax free and invest the balance with 4% monthly as an income?

Giving advice when scepticism is the norm

18 Aug 2017
Sibonelo Ngema, of Masthead Financial Planning, on investing in times of uncertainty, understanding implications of excessive drawdowns, and risk planning.

How does UIF work?

17 Aug 2017
My husband has been employed by Portnet for about 30 years. He wants to retire early - will he qualify for UIF?

‘Buy low but stay conservative’

16 Aug 2017
Esmerie Pienaar of Brenthurst shares advice for the investing public and navigating funds as a boutique asset manager.

Grandparent’s funds: A tax- and cost-efficient strategy

15 Aug 2017
I have an ailing grandparent with R20 million, who requires a small monthly income and wants beneficiaries to inherit directly....

What endurance sport can teach about giving financial advice

10 Aug 2017
Kyle O’Haher, founder of Comprehensive Wealth, on bringing sport discipline into business, client relationships, a fixed-income investment product and more.

What do we do with our old Fundisa savings?

8 Aug 2017
Fundisa has been changed to target families earning under R180 000 per annum.

Can I use my pension to buy a house and business?

3 Aug 2017
I'm thinking of resigning and buying two taxis and a mobile salon for my wife. Is this wise?

I’ve sold my house: How do I invest the proceeds?

1 Aug 2017
I want to use the proceeds for my daughter’s studies, or else as a deposit in two years’ time.

Is Regulation 28 detrimental to young people?

27 Jul 2017
Siba Njoba, Masthead financial planner, on constructing a RA for someone in their 30s.

Can I safely invest with FedGroup?

27 Jul 2017
Update: FedGroup responds. 'I’m a pensioner with R1.5 million to invest – would it be safe with FedGroup’s bond participation scheme?'

How can I build an ‘extra fund’ to retire early?

25 Jul 2017
I’m 22 and would like an ‘extra fund’ to use to retire early, buy an investment property, travel or start a business.

Is a low-risk investment for you?

20 Jul 2017
I'm looking for the highest returns on low-risk investments in South Africa....

GEPF employee: Do I retire or resign?

18 Jul 2017
I am due to retire from the GEPF in three years’ time at 65. Which would be the best: to retire, or resign and invest my lump sum in forex and offshore?

We high-five when we save one basis point for our clients

13 Jul 2017
Stephen Katzenellenbogen on asset allocation, building a balanced portfolio, NFB's fee structure and making cost savings for clients.

Inheritance: Do we opt for a trust for minors?

13 Jul 2017
Our parents passed away and left us R875 000 each, to be used for our children's studies. Should we consider a trust?

I’m about to reach 65 – do I resign or retire?

11 Jul 2017
I have two options, namely retirement or resignation from government service.

Financial services’ trust deficit hinders acquisition of black middle class customers

6 Jul 2017
Dez Tswaile of Masthead on its core services offered, fee structure, investment philosophy and gaining the trust of clients.

What happens to a pension payout on dismissal?

6 Jul 2017
Does the pension payout include both employee’s and employer’s pension contribution?

Average living annuity drawdown is 7.8%

4 Jul 2017
Wouter Fourie of Ascor on trends in living and life annuities and the right question to ask when sitting down with your financial planner.

Should I invest R1m in a balanced unit trust for medical expenses?

5 Aug 2020
If I go through with this, I would then cancel my medical aid.

Post-downgrade strategies for investors

26 Apr 2017
Those who are geared towards income can beef up interest-carrying instruments - Richus Nel.

How best to invest rental income

14 Nov 2016
Moneyweb reader’s question answered.

Double taxation: did Sars tax me correctly?

28 Feb 2018
I have been a tax resident offshore since 1981. Sars taxed my lump-sum payout from my matured SA annuity policy on the full amount before payment was made into my account.

Do I still pay my RA advisor’s fees if he’s no longer practising?

29 Jul 2019
The fee would not automatically stop, but you do have options.

What is the Sars rate for future capital gains?

21 Jun 2018
I'm still in the process of legalising my offshore investments, including unit trusts in the UK.

GEPF employee: Do I retire or resign?

18 Jul 2017
I am due to retire from the GEPF in three years’ time at 65. Which would be the best: to retire, or resign and invest my lump sum in forex and offshore?

Offshore transaction: does the money have to come back to SA?

14 Feb 2018
I have an offer for my share of my business, made by my UK partner, in pounds. Do I have to bring the money back into SA?

Why are loan requirements for commercial property so onerous?

14 May 2020
And where can I find other solutions to gear my commercial property?

Is my life policy ‘chosen lump sum’ what I think it is?

8 Jun 2017
Is my 'chosen lump sum' the R1 million cover listed in my policy? Will my wife get this if I die in 41 years’ time?

Are the fees charged by testamentary trustees legislated?

2 Jul 2020
And what constitutes a dereliction of duty by these trustees?

My husband’s preservation fund interest is low. What are the alternatives?

6 Aug 2020
The first step is to determine whether the current asset allocation is appropriate.

We’ve moved to a more conservative strategy, less aggressive

22 Sep 2017
Long-term investing: ‘We tell clients if you stay invested, you will actually work through those losses and get your gains again’ - Suzean Haumann, financial advisor at Brenthurst Wealth.

The investing journey doesn’t stop when times are hard

2 Oct 2017
People are happy to buy things on special at the shops, but not when it comes to investing: Thulisile Nkomo, private wealth manager at NFB Financial Services.

Will a rand- and dollar-denominated ETF have the same returns?

27 May 2020
The simple answer is yes, but a number of other factors will affect returns.

What is the best way forward with my Sasol pension?

3 Jul 2018
I have many options, but I'm not sure which one will benefit me the most.

How best do I invest R915k for tertiary education?

3 May 2018
What is the best vehicle to use?

Should I take my Flexi pension and invest in a business?

7 Jun 2018
Self-employed and old pension won't be able to sustain retirement.

Is it worth getting a loan in order to invest?

26 Jun 2019
A preferable solution would be to invest a monthly amount into a unit trust portfolio or your retirement fund.

I’m 62: what do I do with my RA?

1 Jun 2017
I'm considering early retirement when I turn 62 next year. How do I deal with my retirement annuities?

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