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Should my mom purchase a retirement property using a trust?

12 Mar 2020
The decision will have to take into account various factors particular to both the individual and the larger family.

Can I switch unit trusts without incurring CGT?

10 Mar 2020
It is important to differentiate between a compulsory unit trust investment and a discretionary unit trust investment.

Can I claim back for tax on my RA payout?

6 Mar 2020
No contributions to any tax-deductible investment product can result in you receiving tax back from Sars.

Does the asset allocation in my investment portfolio make sense?

4 Mar 2020
Understanding your investment objectives is the first step.

What’s the best low-risk, income-generating investment for a retiree?

14 Feb 2020
Structuring a retirement income product is one of the most important investment decisions you'll make.

I’m 52 and haven’t saved enough for retirement. Is it too late?

12 Feb 2020
Asset allocation will play a big role in your investment/retirement outcome.

I have R500k in the bank. What should I invest in?

10 Feb 2020
Various available investment options will outperform cash over time.

Can I use an RA to reduce my tax liability in retirement?

7 Feb 2020
Few people realise that there is no age limit to continue to place capital into a retirement annuity.

What should I consider before investing in shares?

5 Feb 2020
The first step is to determine what your investment objective is.

Should I keep my life savings in my bond?

4 Feb 2020
The question of paying off debt or contributing to retirement savings is something many South Africans wonder about.

What low-risk, high-return investment vehicle can boost savings?

7 Jan 2020
Higher returns require taking on more volatility and riding out market cycles.

How do I invest in property outside SA?

11 Oct 2019
Buying property offshore might be quite rewarding, but there are some risks to be aware of.

Can value loss in pre-retirement investments normalise after upswings?

23 Sep 2019
The optimal solution is a well-thought-out balancing act.

Can I get tax benefits from contributing to my kids’ RAs?

19 Sep 2019
Considerations when contributing toward retirement annuities and other long-term investments for your children.

Where is it best to invest R3m?

13 Sep 2019
Several things need to be considered; staying focused on your long-term objective – retirement – is important.

Is there a tax-saving route to financial emigration?

9 Sep 2019
If I proceed with financial emigration to Mauritius, will I still be personally liable for capital gains tax on the shares I hold in a company?

Will I be taxed for contributions to a new business?

6 Sep 2019
Tax implications will depend on the nature of the business and how you structure the investment.

How do I choose the best living annuity, return-wise?

5 Sep 2019
Avoid picking funds purely on performance – simply going for last year’s winners or losers isn't a fund-selection process.

Trusts: do I have funds due to me as a beneficiary?

2 Sep 2019
Sign a letter of authority and send it to all investment providers to ascertain if there are any investments in your name.

Should I take up government’s early retirement offer?

30 Aug 2019
A major concern when considering an annuity income relates to the growth rate assumptions.

Was the tax calculation on my pension withdrawal correct?

21 May 2020
You need to determine whether you've made any previous withdrawals that would have impacted how you've been taxed.

What would the executor’s fee be on a loan to my children?

22 Jul 2018
I want to give each of my children R500 000 to pay me a set monthly income.

Should I take a bond on paid-up rental property to invest offshore?

8 Apr 2020
It wouldn't be wise to put yourself in debt to fund an offshore investment.

Is it wise to invest all my retirement savings offshore?

21 Apr 2020
Not if you are planning to retire in South Africa.

Is a tax-free fixed deposit the best way to use my tax-free allowance?

28 Jul 2020
Or should I invest in a unit trust or ETF portfolio?

I’m 50: Is it too late to start saving for retirement?

27 Jun 2017   /  2 answered
I have never had the luxury to save for my retirement. I want to contribute to a fund now: is this possible?

How do I invest for more income?

8 Feb 2019
And what is a safe amount to draw each month?

Do the default regulations allow me to transfer my pension fund?

24 Jul 2019
Yes – but consider investment fees, fund performance, risk tolerance and investment horizon.

The best place to park your cash

23 May 2017
What are the best places to park cash (and perhaps in what currency) for an investment return?

On retiring, can I pay my provident fund into an existing preservation fund?

9 Jul 2020
Can I later make lump sum withdrawals from the preservation fund, pay withdrawal tax and leave the remainder in the fund?

How will I be taxed on unit trust withdrawals?

7 Aug 2019
Local unit trusts generally attract dividend and interest taxes and possibly capital gains tax on withdrawal.

How do I construct a portfolio to live off?

25 May 2017
I’m 25 years old, have a long-term investment horizon, looking for adequate returns and gains on capital. I have the following investments...

Independent advisors vs ‘tied’ financial organisations

21 Feb 2017
'Independence allows me the space to find the appropriate solution for a client' - Craig Gradidge, Gradidge-Mahura Investments.

I’m emigrating, what happens to my provident fund?

22 Jun 2017
I can't decide if I should invest it here in SA, or overseas, and I don't know what the tax implications are….

How should I tackle divorce debt on my pension fund?

12 May 2020
It is important to have a holistic view of your entire balance sheet before making a decision.

Should I file a complaint against my wealth manager with the FSCA?

23 Jul 2020
Steps to take before approaching the regulator.

Should my mom purchase a retirement property using a trust?

12 Mar 2020
The decision will have to take into account various factors particular to both the individual and the larger family.

Where do I invest my R150 000 lump sum?

16 May 2017
I have R 150 000 that I'd like to invest into a compound interest account and then contribute R4 000 monthly to it. What would be the best option for me, that would also allow access to my money when I need it?

What is the tax impact of a loan to my daughter?

30 Apr 2018
I want to loan my daughter money to build a property, with a contract in place on how interest and capital will be repaid.

How should I invest my R1.5m for retirement?

28 Sep 2017
What kind of investment would you recommend with the lowest costs possible, maximum returns and minimum tax implications?



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