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Where can a blue-collar worker find a suitable financial planner?

7 Jul 2020
It seems companies tend to cater to higher-income families, individuals or entities.

Are the fees charged by testamentary trustees legislated?

2 Jul 2020
And what constitutes a dereliction of duty by these trustees?

What is the maximum I can increase my monthly pension payout to?

1 Jul 2020
The living annuity drawdown rules have been temporarily relaxed, allowing annuitants to adjust their drawdown rates to between 0.5% and 20% until September 30.

How is tax calculated when you sell foreign ETFs?

25 Jun 2020
There have been no major changes to the Income Tax Act since 2015, except for amendments to include rates and exemption levels of certain taxes.

How can I get a better return when investing R100k?

24 Jun 2020
Your investment term will determine your investment options and potential return.

I’m 75 with no pension. How can I invest R750k to generate income?

23 Jun 2020
Investment plans have to be carefully customised to each investor’s specific requirements.

Was it in my best interest to sign a Category II mandate?

11 Jun 2020
A discretionary mandate is used by an investor and a financial services provider to assist in the ongoing positioning of a portfolio as circumstances change.

I have a six-month investment term. What should I invest in?

10 Jun 2020
There is no perfect solution, but here are a few ideas to think about.

How does a recent court ruling affect living annuities in divorce?

9 Jun 2020
The SCA ruled that the right to receive annuity payments is an asset in the annuitant’s estate and can be taken into account for the determination of accrual.

How can I repay my home loan more quickly?

4 Jun 2020
Settling your other debt could free additional cash flow, which can then go towards your home loan.

Should I withdraw my investments to invest in RSA retail savings bonds?

3 Jun 2020
You may find that your asset allocation in your current unit trust is appropriate to support your long-term needs.

How do I finance a property I technically own?

2 Jun 2020
A secured loan may be the option for you.

Can you buy shares in a listed company that wants to delist?

28 May 2020
And what happens to those shares if the company does delist?

Will a rand- and dollar-denominated ETF have the same returns?

27 May 2020
The simple answer is yes, but a number of other factors will affect returns.

What options are available for ethical investing?

26 May 2020
Shariah-compliant funds and ESG investment products are among the choices available to you.

Was the tax calculation on my pension withdrawal correct?

21 May 2020
You need to determine whether you've made any previous withdrawals that would have impacted how you've been taxed.

Is rental property still a good investment?

20 May 2020
There are several high-level considerations when deciding whether or not a rental property is a good investment.

How can I incentivise clients without affecting cash flow?

19 May 2020
While rewarding clients who are keeping your business afloat is great, you should not commit to negative cash flows in the future.

Why are loan requirements for commercial property so onerous?

14 May 2020
And where can I find other solutions to gear my commercial property?

Two investment options for your child’s future

3 Oct 2017
I'm not completely convinced that the education policy route is the best way to go. I’ve reached an impasse.

I’m about to reach 65 – do I resign or retire?

11 Jul 2017
I have two options, namely retirement or resignation from government service.

Can I offset my R1.5m assessed capital loss with Sars?

19 Apr 2018
What can I do to maximise the utilisation of this tax vehicle?

Should I continue with my home purchase after lockdown?

22 Apr 2020
In the current environment you may find that it comes within the price range of more buyers, but there are a number of factors to consider.

What would the executor’s fee be on a loan to my children?

22 Jul 2018
I want to give each of my children R500 000 to pay me a set monthly income.

Is a tax-free fixed deposit the best way to use my tax-free allowance?

28 Jul 2020
Or should I invest in a unit trust or ETF portfolio?

I’m 50: Is it too late to start saving for retirement?

27 Jun 2017   /  2 answered
I have never had the luxury to save for my retirement. I want to contribute to a fund now: is this possible?

Should I take a bond on paid-up rental property to invest offshore?

8 Apr 2020
It wouldn't be wise to put yourself in debt to fund an offshore investment.

On retiring, can I pay my provident fund into an existing preservation fund?

9 Jul 2020
Can I later make lump sum withdrawals from the preservation fund, pay withdrawal tax and leave the remainder in the fund?

Is it wise to invest all my retirement savings offshore?

21 Apr 2020
Not if you are planning to retire in South Africa.

How do I invest for more income?

8 Feb 2019
And what is a safe amount to draw each month?

Do the default regulations allow me to transfer my pension fund?

24 Jul 2019
Yes – but consider investment fees, fund performance, risk tolerance and investment horizon.

What is the tax impact of a loan to my daughter?

30 Apr 2018
I want to loan my daughter money to build a property, with a contract in place on how interest and capital will be repaid.

Buy additional years of pensionable service, or put money into an RA?

23 Feb 2021
And what are the pros and cons of both?

I have more than R5m to invest. How can I double it?

20 Apr 2021
If you want to enjoy higher returns in any investment, you will need to have equity exposure.

The best place to park your cash

23 May 2017
What are the best places to park cash (and perhaps in what currency) for an investment return?

How will I be taxed on unit trust withdrawals?

7 Aug 2019
Local unit trusts generally attract dividend and interest taxes and possibly capital gains tax on withdrawal.

How do I construct a portfolio to live off?

25 May 2017
I’m 25 years old, have a long-term investment horizon, looking for adequate returns and gains on capital. I have the following investments...

Can South Africans contribute to an offshore annuity?

3 Mar 2021
Reader asks what options are available.

Independent advisors vs ‘tied’ financial organisations

21 Feb 2017
'Independence allows me the space to find the appropriate solution for a client' - Craig Gradidge, Gradidge-Mahura Investments.

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