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How do I invest my pension when I retire?

18 Mar 2019
Two important questions to consider: will you take the allowable cash portion, and what annuity type is most suitable?

How do I invest for more income?

8 Feb 2019
And what is a safe amount to draw each month?

How do I start a share portfolio?

6 Feb 2019
What is a good balanced portfolio to start with for someone in their 20s?

How can I access part of my annuity?

28 Jan 2019
I was retrenched in August 2015 and need to buy a property with some money left in my RA.

Can I use tracker funds as part of a living annuity portfolio?

17 Jan 2019
A combination of offshore index trackers, active funds and income funds can be a winning long-term strategy in a living annuity.

What’s better: investing in a 30-day notice account or unit trusts?

18 Dec 2018
A combination of income funds run by respected asset managers may be one of the safest forms of investment, other than cash.

How do I get started with my financial planning?

13 Dec 2018
Is it advisable to join the company's prescribed medical aid and retirement plans?

How do I get my pension to last?

12 Dec 2018
My pension resides on a Lisp via a living annuity. How do I achieve 5-8% growth, net of costs?

My unit trust fund investment hasn’t accrued in value

23 Aug 2018
What should I do to ensure I get some income from this investment?

How do I prepare financially for my child’s education?

22 Aug 2018
How much on average should you put away each month? 

I want to use some of my pension on debt and a deposit on a house

10 Aug 2018
Where can I transfer the remaining funds without incurring too much tax?

What happens when I default on my RA payments?

8 Aug 2018
I've been contributing for 10 years, but haven't been able to pay the last three months.

How should a 23-year-old invest their money?

31 Jul 2018
Is a retirement annuity, unit trust, or tax-free savings account the way to go?

What is the best way to save/invest for an engagement ring?

26 Jul 2018
Should I save a monthly amount in a bank account or invest it?

How can I pursue a career as an investment advisor?

25 Jul 2018
My true passion is investments and I would like to start at entry level.

What would the executor’s fee be on a loan to my children?

22 Jul 2018
I want to give each of my children R500 000 to pay me a set monthly income.

How can we apply our stokvel to property development?

18 Jul 2018
How can we invest in the short term for high interest returns to achieve this over the next two years?

How should I invest R1.2m for a monthly income at retirement?

13 Jul 2018
I cannot take a lot of risk, as this is all the money I have.

How should I use a lump sum for monthly income?

9 Jul 2018
I can either invest it, or I can buy a property to rent out.

Can I invest offshore without a broker?

4 Jul 2018
Are there any platforms that cut out the middle man?

Do we have recourse against Ecsponent-punting brokers?

2 Oct 2020
There are several possible steps: lodge a complaint with the brokers. If the outcome's unsatisfactory, approach the ombud. If the loss exceeds R800 000, consider instituting a civil claim.

How can I reduce the costs of my living annuities?

27 Mar 2019
I have three living annuities and their performance has been dismal due to the state of the economy.

Can I get tax benefits from contributing to my kids’ RAs?

19 Sep 2019
Considerations when contributing toward retirement annuities and other long-term investments for your children.

How do I invest R4m for future education expenses?

14 May 2018
Remember to set up an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses.

Where can I earn the most interest on my capital when saving for a house?

5 Nov 2020
The term of your investment will play a big role in which products are suitable for your circumstances.

Can I use the annual CGT exemption to lower tax at the end of my investment term?

8 Jul 2020
Using your annual capital gain exclusion should be done within the context of your investment horizon and your personal income tax liability.

How do I choose the best living annuity, return-wise?

5 Sep 2019
Avoid picking funds purely on performance – simply going for last year’s winners or losers isn't a fund-selection process.

Do I invest my money or store it under the mattress?

15 Jun 2017
The R400 000 I invested is now worth R383 000 a year later. We are 50 years old, and don’t have a lot of time left to contribute towards our pension….

DIY: Financial ‘self-help’ plans

6 Mar 2018
I want to start a share portfolio but don’t want to rush. What do you make of my share picks?

Tax on share portfolios versus unit trusts

30 May 2017
Are share portfolios becoming tax dinosaurs when, with collective investment schemes, you get the same thing but pay far less tax?

Investing for escalating education expenses

4 May 2017
What is the best investment strategy to save for our children’s future education expenses (nursery to high school) from birth and, if you’re starting to invest late, for those already in school?

How can I buy my first car in cash?

24 Oct 2017
I want to buy my first car in cash by investing R4 000 a month for three to five years. Which investment product is best to achieve this?

Should I invest in overseas feeder funds or overseas rental property?

8 Sep 2020
The two differ significantly in terms of risk, possible returns and diversification opportunities.

When I die, will stocks held in a US stock exchange through a UK bank be regarded as US or UK assets?

12 Aug 2020
The location of the asset, not the stockbroking account, is what counts.

How do I become debt-free?

19 Jul 2019
If the interest rate on your car loan is higher than that of your home loan, consider using your access bond to pay off your vehicle in full.

Investing in shares: How do I minimise fees, tax?

4 Jul 2017
I'd like to invest in shares on the JSE, across all sectors, monthly. How do I minimise fees and what are the tax implications?

Would withdrawing my retirement lump sum save tax?

25 Jan 2018
I've not yet cashed provident or pension funds and assume Sars will increase and adapt the current tax structure.

Should I contribute more to my bonds or invest offshore?

3 Nov 2020
Comparing the return of your portfolio to the rate you are paying would be the first step to calculate what is best.

Would it be crazy to sell my house and take the proceeds overseas?

22 Feb 2018
I'm thinking of selling my house and depositing the proceeds overseas as an insurance policy against further political upheaval.

How can I save to live independently?

10 Apr 2020
Use the opportunity of not paying rent at this time to be able to save for the shorter term.

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