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After the TerraUSD debacle, we need to rethink the design of stablecoins

29 May 2022 /  Wiehann Olivier
Not all stablecoins are equally transparent, nor are their risks well understood.

The Big Five charts investors should be paying attention to

24 May 2022 /  Izak Odendaal
There is so much happening in the world at the moment and markets have been so volatile that stepping back and looking at the big picture can be useful.

Manufacturing sales hit all-time record

23 May 2022 /  Dr Roelof Botha
Other exceptionally good news on the economics front is the new all-time record for the country’s exports.

Was SA’s state capture commission worth it?

21 May 2022 /  Dirk Kotze
Commission nears its end after four years.

Thrifty tricks to lower your energy bill

15 May 2022 /  Carla Oberholzer
And help you survive load shedding.

Does tax residency status impact your ability to receive an SA inheritance?

15 May 2022 /  Victoria Lancefield and Martin Bezuidenhout
Expatriates will need to show proof of their non-tax residency and compliancy status.

How much personal tax is too much tax to pay?

13 May 2022 /  Bryden Morton and Chris Blair
The tax-paying citizen is not an endless supply of funding.

Mining is key to the energy transition, but it’s still unloved

11 May 2022 /  Clyde Russell, Reuters
The world needs convincing that raw materials are the building blocks of the move from fossil fuels to clean energy.

The time has come for businesses to revisit their internal controls

11 May 2022 /  Marc Edelberg
Theft often starts off slowly and in a petty form ... before long, through its lax controls, a business has cultivated a fraudster within its ranks.

Operation Vulindlela opening the path to growth – Ramaphosa

9 May 2022 /  Cyril Ramaphosa
Today, we are releasing an update report on the work of Operation Vulindlela for the first quarter of 2022.

Motlanthe predicts the end of the ANC

5 May 2022 /  Roger Southall
History is on his side.

The folly of forecasting

5 May 2022 /  Victoria Reuvers
Let’s start with the economy – are we sinking or swimming?

Investment perspectives – Key themes shaping this quarter

2 May 2022 /  Reza Hendrickse
SA is dependent on the global economy, and would not be insulated from any pronounced global economic weakness.

Russia’s war on Ukraine is shifting the investment landscape

27 Apr 2022 /  Philip Saunders
A look at the dramatic policy shift towards defence and energy spending in Europe, and why the conflict may mark a turning point in the world’s reliance on the US currency.

Democracy loses its glow for South Africans amid persistent inequality

27 Apr 2022 /  Joleen Steyn Kotze
There is a sense of disempowerment among especially young South Africans.

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